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Couple or Trouble – Episode 3 Recap

Here I go again for the recap of the 3rd episode of Couple or Trouble. First of all, I would like to fully credit WithS2 for subbing the series, and take note that screenshots I’m posting this time contains WithS2 materials, so full credits to them.

Episode 2 ended when Sang-shil remembered the time when she slipped once and Chulsoo catches her, thus, making her believe that Chulsoo is indeed her lover. Sang-shil tried kissing Chulsoo, that is, in front of Yu Kyeong, making Yu Kyeong feel a bit awkward. Chulsoo got angry as Yu Kyeong left, but the guy followed her immediately. Yu Kyeong congratulated Chulsoo for having new girlfriend after her. Back at home, Chulsoo tried scolding Sangshil but she told Chulsoo some requests, including clothes.

Billy came to his senses. He feels positive that Anna in not around anymore. This makes him comfortable now, as he can do anything he can’t do when Anna is around. Chulsoo borrowed clothes from his buddy’s sister, which are extraordinarily unfashionable. Sangshil seems to hate the clothes. On the other hand, Billy decided to give away all Anna’s fashionable clothes, and keep her things in the storage, also he found out that Anna bought an island aside from all her assets. While organizing Anna’s things, they found two shirts which are related to Chulsoo. They can be useful to find out Anna’s disappearance.

Back in Chulsoo’s place, Chulsoo gave Sangshil a daily routine plan so that she can remember her memories, but obviously it was just a way to make Sangshil do household choirs. However, even if Sangshil doesn’t like it, she still tried doing so. Later on, it looks like she broke the washing machine after putting all of the clothes inside. Everything was made in the wrong way, while Billy, her husband is currently doing her funeral.

After washing the clothes, Sangshil got hungry and toy around with the dog, while the boys, Chulsoo’s nephews came back home from school, each with their own snack. She asked them where did they bought the snacks, and also asked them for money so she can buy.

Billy decided to sell the yacht and while in conversation with Mr. Gong, he took his wedding ring out from his finger but lost it, which is reminiscent to how Anna lost her own. Later, Billy was in the driveway when they got passed on Anna/Sangshil’s sight, whose in her way to buy snack. However, both did not saw each other. Sangshil made her way to buy snack and met Kang Ja, a girl who lives in the neighborhood who is known for having mental disease. She gave Sangshil ice cream, but it was actually stolen from a store nearby. Without a choice, both run away, but coincidentally, Billy saw her running (to his senses, he thought he was getting haunted again by Anna). Later, they were both caught by the store ajhumma.

Chulsoo paid the store ajhumma for what Sangshil did. Sangshil went home with Chulsoo and started a quarrel. But Sangshil still feels hungry, thus Chulsoo decided to make her black bean noodles. While she is eating, Chulsoo went in and checked the house. He found out that everything was made in the wrong way, including the broken washing machine. Mr. Gong received a speeding case report of Anna, along with another calling card of Chulsoo. Back at home, Chulsoo scolded Sangshil again, about the choirs, however Sangshil start getting suspicious about everything Chulsoo said regarding her past memories.

Mr. Gong collected all the possible evidences useful for solving Anna’s disappearance, including Chulsoo’s calling card. Even though some things became clear, things like Anna is dating Chulsoo came out as the resuly of Mr. Gong’s analysis, making things more complicated. On the other hand, Chulsoo explains his relationship with Sangshil before, which is fake. Still, Sangshil doesn’t want to believe it, while Billy got angry for founding out that he was fooled by Anna.

Chulsoo went out to meet Yu Kyeong and then let go of their past relationship, including the watch Chulsoo gave to Yu Kyeong before. When he get back, he saw Sangshil in a painful nightmare. It turns to be that Sangshil was tired in that day. Chulsoo decided to take care of Sangshil that night. Sangshil ordered him to buy her black bean noodles, however he refused and slept.

On the other hand, Billy went to the address written in Chulsoo’s calling card, which is the construction office. They were asked by Chulsoo’s buddy to wait inside the office. Coincidentally, Sangshil called the office because she was told to use the insecticide by Chulsoo, but she doesn’t know how to use it. Because of that, Billy heard her voice. He almost pick up the phone but Chulsoo got it. Billy then assumed that he was really Chulsoo who is dating Anna that time, then went home.

Billy and Mr. Gong went to Chulsoo’s place. Sangshil was busy trying to figure out how to use the insecticide, but instead, suffocated herself inside.

That’s all. Once again, thanks to WithS2 subbing squad.

|> Agnostic Front – For My Family

Couple or Trouble – Episode 2 Recap

Ok first of all, sorry for making the first episode’s recap a bit lengthy so my plan is to make this one shorter.

The 1st episode ended when Chulsoo catched Anna. Anna found Chulsoo looking at her chest, which has a very unique mole on it LOL. Chulsoo explained that he was the one hired to repair the bathroom in the yacht but Anna refused to pay him and because of that, Chulsoo got angry and told Anna the worst-est words in the world. In the deck of the yacht, he told Anna that she was the most devilish person he met, making Anna angry and pushed him out to the sea. The yacht soon boarded and left Chulsoo drowning together with his work tools.

Because Anna got really frustrated of Chulsoo’s words, she decided to come back to the hotel and look for her husband, who is right now, having a goodbye party from the hotel and the hotel employees because the couple will be leaving for US again. The chamber maids of the hotel plans to take revenged from Anna so they put Diarrhea medicine in one of the drinks. However, Anna became suspicious and cause a fuss in the party. Billy, her husband, decided to drink it and forget everything that happened while the party is being ended.

Back at their room, Billy finally told Anna his feelings, that he is suffering since the day they married each other and that he wants divorce. Anna was surprised and get angry, leading her to throw the glass of wine coincidentally hitting Solomon, the pet fish Billy cherishes the most. Anna told Billy that never will their be a divorce even if she dies.

On the other hand, Chulsoo, frustrated that he lost his tools plans to find them all in the sea. Yoo Kyung, his ex-lover, suddenly paid him a visit, gave her number and told him that she’s going to US to get married.

Anna stayed in the yacht for that night and get drunk. Because of her frustration, she threw her wedding ring, but later finds it. However, as the yacht goes on, the ring keeps on moving, later leading her to fall to the water and drown.

The next day, Chulsoo was rushed to the town’s hospital because he drowned for finding all the tools in the sea. In the hospital, he saw Anna, in a very different and unpleasant fashion. He later found out that the woman is suffering from an amnesia and the hospital doesn’t know what to do since she doesn’t remember anything and there’s no one to contact. Chulsoo, to get revenge, decided to take Anna.

Chulsoo’s plan is to make Anna their housemaid, take care of the kids and make food. Since Anna doesn’t know anything, she cannot do what he is asking him to do. Anna believes that everything is just a dream, however, finding out that she can suffer from pain, she’s taken aback.

Billy, suffering from diarrhea because he drunk the medicine the hotel maids put in the drink, is also mentally suffering because his conscience as well as Anna, was haunting him from his dreams.

Morning came and Chulsoo saw Anna still sleeping and not doing anything. Because of that, he threw her down to water. They kept of fighting while a few steps away, Yoo Kyung is coming to visit Chulsoo again. Anna, named Sang-shil by Chulsoo, threw the soap to Chulsoo but later slipped on it and Chulsoo catched her immediately. Coincidentally, Anna remembers that she has slipped before, in her memories, proving that Chulsoo is indeed his lover, but Yoo Kyung was laready there when Anna told Chulsoo that he was her lover.

That’s all. Stay tuned for the next episode!

|> Trivium – The Deceived

Girls’ Generation X My Princess – Hoot

Audio Details:

Title: Hoot
Artist: Girls’ Generation
Album: Hoot EP (2010)
Genre: K-Pop, Dance-Pop, Electro-Pop

Video Details:

Clips from MBC My Princess’ first episodes and a performance video of Girls’ Generation in SBS Inkigayo with Hoot. This is my first creating a video using Sony Vegas Pro 10. First, I made the My Princess clip in Windows Movie Maker 6.0 together with the Hoot mp3. And then I re-timed and finalized the video (including the video movement of the 2nd video) in Vegas Pro 10. I hope you guys enjoyed, and please leave a comment or hit the “Like” button if you’re satisfied with it. 🙂 I will provide a download link of the source file in HD 720P soon.

|> Vanessa Carlton – Ordinary Day

In This Moment X Forbidden Love – Just Drive

Audio Details:

Title: Just Drive
Artist: In This Moment
Album: A Star-Crossed Wasteland (2010)
Genre: Metalcore, Melodic Metalcore, Alternative Metal

Video Details:

Clips from the 2004 South-Korean action-packed romance TV drama, Forbidden Love.

More Information about Forbidden Love can be found here.

|> Metallica – Phantom Lord

[MV] Forbidden Love OST – 닮은 사랑 (Trance Pop Version) – 서진영 (Seo Jin Young)

Audio Details:

Title: 닮은 사랑 (Trance Pop Version)
Artist: 서진영 (Seo Jin Young)
Album: Forbidden Love OST (2004)
Genre: Trance, Pop, K-Pop

Video Details:

Taken from the ending and credits of the 2004 South-Korean action/drama, Forbidden Love.

More Information about Forbidden Love can be found here.

|> Metallica – (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth

2004 | Forbidden Love

Drama Information:

Original Title: 구미호 외전 (九미호 外傳) / Gumiho Wehjun
Other Title: Forbidden Love (KBS Global) / Fox with Nine Tails / Gumiho
Genre: Horror, Drama, Romance
Episodes: 16
Broadcast network: KBS2
Broadcast period: 2004-Jul-19 to 2004-Sep-07
Air time: Monday & Tuesday 21:50

Storyline (Spoiler Warning):

Forbidden Love is a South-Korean TV series by KBS on 2004. Starring a huge cast of characters, Kim Tae Hee (Love Story in Harvard), Jo Hyun Jae, Jun Jin (from the K-Pop group Shinhwa), Uhm Tae Wong and Han Ye Seul. This KBS drama is based on the korean legend about the Nine Tailed Fox, or more commonly known as Gumiho. The drama is about the love story between childhood lovers Shi-yeon (Kim Tae Hee) and Min-woo (Jo Hyun Jae). During a family celebration, Shi-yeon and Min-woo’s parent were killed by assassins and Shi-yeon was taken by them. It was a secret cult made up of Nine Tailed Fox who took her and later on, trained her to become a responsible Gumiho warrior. These warriors’ duty is to protect their identity by killing other foxes from their race who disobey their rules (those who eat fresh human livers). The elite warriors consists of Shi-yeon, Moo-young (Jun Jin), Chae-yi (Han Ye Seul), Rang (Park Joon Suk), and Sa-joon (uhm Tae Wong). On top of them are 4 respected elders. Shi-yeon was indeed a Nine Tailed Fox, however, her family wants to stay away from the secret organization and live happily together with the humans.

Min-woo grew up and became a cop. He is also taking care of his younger sister Min-joo. During a mission, he discovered something related to these fox race and eventually, he was recruited together with his buddy, Inspector Moon, to a private investigative organization whose aim is to terminate and take revenge of the fox race. Shi-yeon, aside from being a gumiho warrior during nighttime, she also works as a full-time employee in a national history museum, also owned by the chief elder of the fox race. Min-woo and Shi-yeon met for the first time until they both fell in love with each other. Considering her real identity, Shi-yeon later on tried to stay away from Min-woo, however, after knowing that he is the guy from her pendant, her childhood lover, she cannot do anything but to fight for it. Later in the story, Min-woo will find out that Shi-yeon is really a Nine Tailed Fox. Because of his grudge that his parents as well as his friend’s parents were all killed by these fox race, he turned into a state of confusion. However, things changed and made it more complicated. After he saw Shi-yeon’s pendant, he saw himself and made everything in conflict. As both found out that they were the ones on each other’s pendants, all they can do is fight for it, even though it is hard. Unfortunately, two secrets were revealed in the story. One, Shi-yeon is the 1000th year old Nine Tailed Fox. Being the 1000th year old Nine Tailed Fox means she can finally end the curse of their race and they can live like humans do after sacrificing herself. Two, a specific sword can be used to defeat the entire fox race but can only be manipulated by the person whose born at the same day as the 1000th year old Nine Tailed Fox. Eventually, that person turned to be Kang Min-woo.

To make it worse, Moo-young’s mother, Chief Elder Shin, the elder with the highest position, have hidden motives. A secret regarding the 1000th year old Nine Tailed Fox was revealed. It was that the person who eats the liver of the 1000th year old Nine Tailed Fox will posses an eternal life. After knowing that, Moo-young, as a lover of Shi-yeon since the day she came in the fox race, his only option is to save both Min-woo and Shi-yeon.

During the ending, Shi-yeon chose to sacrifice herself rather than to give unlimited power to Chief Elder Shin. Kang Min-woo was left, alone, crying, after killing all o the fox race and being left by his only love, Shi-yeon.

Main Cast of Characters:

Kim Tae Hee as Yoon Shi-yeon
Jo Hyun Jae as Kang Min-woo
Jun Jin as Shin Moo-young
Han Ye Seul as Chae-yi
Park Joon Suk as Rang
Uhm Tae Wong as Sa-joon
Kim Ji Woo as Min-joo

Most Appreciated Line in the Story:

Then the next time we meet… Let us love each other… To death…” – Shi-yeon/Hae-in (Kim Tae Hee)

Drama Snapshots:

Recommended Goodies:

[P3T] Forbidden Love (PlayStation 3 XMB Theme)
Forbidden Love Original Sountrack
[MV] Forbidden Love OST – 닮은 사랑 (Trance Pop Version) – 서진영 (Seo Jin Young)
In This Moment X Forbidden Love – Just Drive

Last Thoughts:

Yes, it is indeed an action-packed drama/romance TV series. All the cast and their respective roles did their very best, and the outcome is great. Honestly, the first time I saw this drama and the time it was broadcasted locally in my country through ABS-CBN, I always though that it was trying so hard and will definitely disappoint me because in my own point-of-view, dramas and action scenes cannot go on together. And that was just my first impression. I regret it now, and I would like to praise KBS for creating an epic-ly tragic drama like this. It is indeed a success, and now considered as a benchmark of later action-packed TV dramas like IRIS and its sequels. I enjoyed watching it. It made me laugh a bit because of Inspector Moon’s humorous role, cry because of that tragic love story of Shi-yeon and Min-woo, and excited because of those epic fight scenes. Even though it’s a 2004 drama already, I still recommend it to those looking for unique K-Dramas.

Credits: + (for some ideas so I can create my own words very well)

|> Metallica – Hit the Lights

XMB | Forbidden Love

[P3T] Forbidden Love (PlayStation 3 XMB Theme)

I’m Ken Dayapan from PH.This is my 5th PS3 XMB Theme. This is Forbidden Love aka Nine Tailed Fox aka Gumiho Wehjun from KBS, starring Kim Tae Hee, Jo Hyun Jae, JunJin, Eom Tae Wong, Han Ye Seul

Main Features:

– 10 HD backgrounds
– 1 SD background
– Poster-like icons
– Sub-icons extracted from Dark PS3 Theme and fully credited to KarbonBlood of DeviantArt

Video Preview:


– Most Wallpapers and images are official ones, removed the logos and Re-HD by me.
– Sub-icons, as you can see, are extracted from Dark PS3 Theme, originally by KarbonBlood of DeviantArt.


– Recommended only for Legit Non-Jailbroken PlayStation 3 systems.
– Copy and Paste the .p3t file to a USB flashdrive, inside the directory G:/PS3/THEME/ (where “G” is the drive letter of the USB flashdrive, depending to your system).
– Turn On your PlayStation 3 System, insert the Flashdrive through one of the System’s USB ports.
– Navigate XMB to Settings -> Theme Settings -> Change Theme -> Install
– When prompted where to find your theme, choose your USB flashdrive.
– Find the theme and choose “Install”.
– Once installation completed, find the installed theme in the themes list, also in Theme Settings.
– For Themes with multiple backgrounds, just apply the theme many times.

Important Notes:

– Please do not modify/extract anything from this theme.
– This theme is not for sale. It is free. Please do report anyone selling my theme.
– Please leave a comment before/after downloading. I appreciate comments very much.
– Do not take out the link.

Additional Notes:

– Check out some more PlayStation 3 XMB themes here.
– Email me:
– Follow me:
– PSN ID: kenokenopi

Download Instructions:

– Click and download the file from MediaFire (link below).
– If MediaFire asked for a password, input “mistercomputer” and continue downloading the file.
– After downloading, extract the .rar file using WinRaR. If asked for a password, input “” and continue extracting.
– Passwords are also noted below.

Download Link:

Download: Mediafire | Password: mistercomputer | WinRaR Password:

|> 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation) – 별별별 (☆★☆)

[OST] My Princess (Disc 2)

Artist: Various Artists
Album Title: MBC 마이 프린세스 / My Princess OST (Disc 2)

Album Type: Original Soundtrack Album
Release Date: February 15, 2011
Publisher: Pony Canyon
Promotional Single(s): N/A
Genre(s): K-Pop; Power Pop; Ballad; RnB;
Quality: MP3 | 320kbps | 44khz | 16-bit


1. 그 사람을 아껴요/Cherish That Person – 양요섭(Yoseob/BEAST)
2. 곰인형 (Bears) – 옥상달빛 (Dalmoon)
3. 오아시스(Oasis) – 전지윤(Jeon Jiyoon) 포미닛(4minute)
4. U.F.O – Ok Yo Han (피아)
5. Young Princess – 문성남(Moon Sung Nam), Carl Kanowsky
6. 마음 心 - 에브리싱글데이(Every Single Day)
7. Falling (Original Ver.) – 에브리싱글데이(Every Single Day)

The follow-up OST of my current favorite korean drama. Just like the first part, this one is also packed with good songs. One important song titled Cherish That Person by BEAST’s Yoseob, is one of the tracks being played everytime dramatic scenes of Lee Seol (Kim Tae Hee) and Park Hae Young (Song Seung Hun) came up. All tracks are also listenable. Some are just instrumental tracks. Enjoy listening, and if you haven’t watched My Princess, then you’re missing 1% of your life.

Download: MediaFire | Password: mistercomputer | WinRaR Password:

Note: Please do not take out links. Re-direct them here in my blog instead. Don’t forget to give credits and leave a comment. Thanks.

|> Bullet For My Valentine – Waking the Demon

[OST] My Princess (Disc 1)

Artist: Various Artists
Album Title: MBC 마이 프린세스 / My Princess OST (Disc 1)

Album Type: Original Soundtrack Album
Release Date: January 13, 2011
Publisher: Pony Canyon
Promotional Single(s): N/A
Genre(s): K-Pop; Power Pop; Ballad; RnB;
Quality: MP3 | 320kbps | 44khz | 16-bit


1. Falling – 이상은 (Lee Sang Eun)
2. 너 때문인걸 / Because of You – 비스트(Beast)
3. 바람 불어라 / Wind Blow – 허가윤/ Heo Gayun(4minute)
4. 노을 / Sunset – 에브리 싱글 데이(Every Single Day)
5. Change – 에브리 싱글 데이(Every Single Day)
6. Kasio – 타루(Taru)
7. 마지막 노래 / The Last Song – 루싸이트 토끼(Lucite Tokki)

If you already watched the Drama itself, then you will love this OST very much. Believe me. Since the drama ended, I still can’t get enough of it, can’t sleep while thinking about those romantic scenes. And to make it worst, I listen to the OST. 🙂 All the tracks are listenable and highly recommended. Very good combination of songs, from Pop Rock to RnB to Ballad. Taru’s voice is very admirable. The track Falling by Lee Sang Eun is the drama’s title song.

Download: MediaFire | Password: mistercomputer | WinRaR Password:

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|> Bullet For My Valentine – Scream Aim Fire

[OST] Forbidden Love / Nine Tailed Fox / Gumiho Wehjun

Artist: Various Artists
Album Title: KBS 구미호외전 Original Sound Track
Other Title: KBS Nine Tailed Fox OST / KBS Forbidden Love OST / KBS Gumiho Wehjun OST

Album Type: Original Soundtrack Album
Release Date: July 28, 2004
Publisher: Yedang Entertainment Company
Promotional Single(s): N/A
Genre(s): Trance; Ballad; Instrumental
Quality: MP3 | 128kbps | 44khz | 16-bit


1. Main Title – Instrumental
2. 닮은 사랑 (Trance Pop Version) – 서진영 (Seo Jin Young)
3. Always – 하동균 (Ha Dong Gyoon of Wanted)
4. 달빛처럼 – 서진영 (Seo Jin Young)
5. 닮은 사랑 (Ballad Version) – 서진영 (Seo Jin Young)
6. Bounce – Jed (Of D.Bace)
7. Come, Let Us Worship (Verpers, Op.37) by Rachmaninov – Instrumental
8. Liza’s Aria by Tchaikovsky – Instrumental
9. 닮은 사랑 (Trance Pop Version Instrumental)
10. Always (Instrumental)Always (Instrumental)
11. 달빛처럼 (Instrumental)
12. 닮은 사랑 (Orgel Version)
13. 구미호 출현 – Instrumental
14. 닮은 사랑 (Ballad Version Instrumental)

Great OST. The second and third track is my personal favorites. Both are being played over and over again in the drama itself. The rest are mostly instrumental tracks and some other are ballad versions of the 2nd and 3rd track. Seo Jin Young’s (ex-member of S#arp) vocals is truly powerful.

Download: MediaFire | Password: mistercomputer | WinRaR Password:

Note: Please do not take out links. Re-direct them here in my blog instead. Don’t forget to give credits and leave a comment. Thanks.

|> In Flames – Vacuum