DIARY | A month full of…
EVENT | Intel Digital Showdown
EVENT | GG Revolution at SM Megamall
DIARY | First week of work
NEWS | PlayStation Network “Welcome Back” is UP!
NEWS | PlayStation Network’s comeback
Couple or Trouble – Episode 3 Recap
NEWS | IM YOONA and SONEs are the trend!
Couple or Trouble – Episode 2 Recap
Couple or Trouble – Episode 1 Recap
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
UPDATE | My favorite RTS games
Girls’ Generation X My Princess – Hoot
XMB | Park Bom – You and I
XMB | Girls’ Generation – Intel Visual Dreams
NEWS | Free Full PlayStation 3 Games for Loyal Gamers.
XMB | T-ARA – YaYaYa
NEWS | Play On – PSN Restoration Begins Now
DIARY | Paper craps or Not?
DIARY | Thank you, AMA Fairview Family.
XMB | T-ARA – Cartoonized
[MCsubs][110319] WGM – KhunToria – EP38
NEWS | PSN Outage Update: A Letter from Howard Stringer
Busiest Day Record #3 – 2,937
NEWS | PlayStation 3 mandatory update 3.61
Busiest Day Record #2 – 925
40,000 Hits!!!
NEWS | 2 Days to go for PSN, 1 month free PS+…!
NEWS | PlayStation Network to go back online on May 3rd (Updated)
NEWS | PlayStation Network still globally down
Mr. Taxi full Music Video released!!
Parokya ni Edgar’s Chito Miranda: A Girls’ Generation fan?
Mr. Taxi Music Video (Dance Version) released!
Recommended Holy Week playlist
Mr. Jeepney!
Mr. Taxi teaser photo revealed!
…with Good Charlotte
Girls’ Generation Into the New World The 1st Asia Tour Live Album Launching
[D-Day] Good Charlotte: Live in Manila
Good Charlotte: Live in Manila
Violet and Blue for Violent People
Goodbye Sweet Potatoes…
What’s your 2011 April Fool’s Day joke?
James Bond 007: Blood Stone
[101226] Sugarfree – Drive (Live @ Duty Free Philippines)
PlayStation® Home [March 28, 2011]
Here comes Firefox 4!!!
In This Moment X Forbidden Love – Just Drive
[MV] Forbidden Love OST – 닮은 사랑 (Trance Pop Version) – 서진영 (Seo Jin Young)
[K-DRAMA] Forbidden Love
[P3T] Forbidden Love (PlayStation 3 XMB Theme)
[OST] My Princess (Disc 2)
[OST] My Princess (Disc 1)
[OST] Forbidden Love / Nine Tailed Fox / Gumiho Wehjun
Call of Duty Black Ops – Single Player Review
Google passing on the Tsunami Alert
Girls’ Generation X The Restless – I Love You
In Flames X The Restless – Disconnected
WordPress Surprise #2
WordPress Surprise #1
[K-MOVIE] The Restless
– Dethklok Music Videos:
—– [MV] Dethklok – Deththeme (Extended Version)
—– [MV] Dethklok – Briefcase Full of Guts
—– [MV] Dethklok – Birthday Dethday
—– [MV] Dethklok – Awaken
—– [MV] Dethklok – Bloodrocuted
—– [MV] Dethklok – Duncan Hills Coffee Jingle
—– [MV] Dethklok – Dethharmonic
—– [MV] Dethklok – Castratikron
—– [MV] Dethklok – Go Forth and Die
—– [MV] Dethklok – Hatredcopter
—– [MV] Dethklok – Murmaider
—– [MV] Dethklok – Thunderhorse
—– [MV] Dethklok – Go into the Water
—– [MV] Dethklok – Fansong
[P3T] The Restless (PlayStation 3 XMB Theme)
Do you think, I need some time to think? or I need to see a Doctor?
[P3T] My Princess (PlayStation 3 XMB Theme)
[P3T] Girls’ Generation – Gee ver.B (PlayStation 3 XMB Theme)
[P3T] Girls’ Generation – Gee ver.A (PlayStation 3 XMB Theme)
Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton (2006)
—– Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton – Her Voice Resides
—– Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton – 4 Words (To Choke Upon)
—– Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton – Suffocating Under Words of Sorrow
—– Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton – All These Things I Hate (Revolves Around Me)
—– Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton – The Poison
—– Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton – Spit You Out
—– Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton – Cries in Vain
—– Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton – Just Another Star
—– Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton – Tears Don’t Fall
—– Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton – No Control
—– Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton – Hand of Blood
—– Bullet For My Valentine – The Poison: Live at Brixton – The End
The 2011 Grammy Award winner for Best Metal Performance is…
R.I.P.: Guitar Hero – 2005-2011
2011 is Year of the Rabbit
M is for Matthew, M is for Metalcore
– Vacations ’11: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3
The Big 4 Update!
2011 Grammy Nominees for Best Metal Performance
D&G: The perfect gift for couples for the Hearts’ Day
Jenpoo is back!
The Lion and the Shirt…
Polo shirts are the best thing for this year.
A proof of SNSD’s stardom
Show me your 2011 Calendar!!
How did you end your 2010?
Great Tribal and Anti-Fit goodies for the holiday…


Spend your holiday at Duty Free Phils.!
Fridge, Aircon, Wall Fans…
Finish off Mafia II with Joe’s Adventures
Girls’ Generation and BEAST album launching @ SM North EDSA
[2009] Slapshock – Cariño Brutal
[2007] Slapshock – Recollection
Fry up your GPU with Metro 2033…
Create your own LBP wallie!!!
Shopping with Baby Zaf…
SAW, the next Silent Hill
Grab your PS3 and start playing with Alodia
The Pinoy Rig Show Vol.3
Happy 300th page TPC GeeGeeGee Boys!!
This article doesn’t need a title, I swear…
What does “GOW” stand for?!
– Monday visit at PlayStation®Home Part 1 | Part 2
Medal of Honor – A brief Review
The Pinoy Rig Show Vol.2
[2010] Bon Jovi – Greatest Hits – Ultimate Collection
[2002] Queens of the Stone Age – Songs for the Deaf
Thank God It’s Thursday!!
The Pinoy Rig Show Vol.1
The Pinoy Rig Show
Park Min Young admits to plastic surgery
Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
– Happy Birthday to my dearest Mom
Last day of October 2010
Bayonetta, the new Dante…
[2010] Girls’ Generation – Hoot (009)
[OST] Bayonetta
Jack Sparrow-based PlayStation 3 in a Mall?!
R.I.P.: HEC Cougar 700CM – May 2009-October 2010
A visit at PlayStation Home
Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp
My 19th Birthday Message Boards
Rhythm Zone
Finished Amnesia – The Dark Descent? Check this out…
Amnesia – The Dark Descent
Jimmy’s Vendetta – Game Completed
13,000 Hits!!!
I am a… Herbivorous Guy. What about you?
Busiest Day?
Goodbye PS3 Jailbreak. Hello firmware 3.42
R.I.P.: Jenpoo – 2009-2010
MAFIA II just killed my GTA boredom
Last Day @ ACI
How to install Daemon Tools
Give me 10 more years…
…just another weak guy
To a friend who’s always there for us…
Resident Evil 5?
Rush Hour! Rush Hour!
Dear Dad…
A day full of surprises
OJT’s about Eating
God is just… so great
Weekend game time!
Start Exploring the 9 Circles of Hell with Dante’s Inferno
PlayStation 3 Slim Vertical Stand alternative for you
CoolPals’ Day
It’s just sad…
…and suddenly
DualShock 3 silicon glove
Oh no! My Samsung F480′s no more a Virgin!
Band Master: Get ready to Rock in a cheap way
Dito ko talaga gustong kumain ee…
Thesis Final Defense—> DONE!
Bahay ni Kuya fighting!
Nokia 5530/5800 XpressMusic HQ Videos
Explore Italy with Assassin’s Creed II
How To Convert Videos For Nokia XpressMusic 5530
From Antec 300 To AeroCool PGS VS-9: An Upgrade or a Downgrade?
How to format External USB Harddrives to FAT32 in Windows 7 for PS3
Lesson 2: Ethics in IT
Lesson 1: Introduction to Ethics
A COMELEC-branded Pen, Anyone?
Code of Ethics of the Filipino IT Professionals
If You Hang Out With Friends, Make Sure You Hang Out Like This…
[2010] Bullet for My Valentine – Fever
[2010] Girls’ Generation – Vol. 2 Oh!
[2009] Girls’ Generation – Gee
and year 2010 has just begun…


and the 2009 Christmas Day had passed…
[121609] “MARCO” – Bloopers
[121609] “MARCO” – Music Break
[121609] “MARCO” – The Movie
The Best PlayStation 3 Game Ever…
the day this girl came…
What Should A True Gamer Look Like When It’s Friday The 13th???
It’s Slim, It’s Beauty, and a Beast!!!
[2009] Girls’ Generation – Chocolate Love
[2009] f(x) – Chocolate Love
My 18th Birthday Message Boards
My first K-Pop CD
Super Juniors’s Sorry, Sorry
1st Trimester… Done…!
It’s 1 Year of Hardcore S♥NE…!
Start Shredding With Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock!
[INFO] 2009 Seoul Dream Concert
Get Addicted to [prototype] or just Die!!!
[2009] Girls’ Generation – Genie
[2009] Lamb of God – Wrath
Girls’ Generation is Back!!!
HEC Cougar 700CM
Intel Extreme DX58SO Desktop Board
Intel Core i7 920
PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!
Girls’ Generation HaHaHa Widget
Black SONE
Samsung F480 – A Quick Review
Valentines Day…
Happy New Year…!


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My 2008 Christmas Wishlist
2008 Section CS XMAS Party Videos
CSCI06 – Final Exam: Compilation of Machine Problems
[2008] Good Charlotte – The Greatest Remixes
How Are Things?
Yoona, 2nd Upcoming Rising Star of the Small Screen
Whip. Endorsed by Ryan Guettler. Made extremely by Vans.
My 17th Birthday Gift List
My 17th Birthday Message Boards
Cute SNSD Yoona Pics
[2008] Girls’ Generation – Beethoven Virus OST
How To Download Videos From MegaVideo
[2008] SHINee – SHINee World
Do I Look Nervous? Or Excited?