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A visit at PlayStation Home

After PLAT-ing three games (Dante’s Inferno, Tekken 6, Resident Evil 5) consecutively in a week of October, I decided to visit PlayStation Home and check out if there are some new things going on there. Of course, I cannot forget my new items in my wardrobe, thanks to the games I have PLAT-ed. Upon my visit, I tried rearranging my studio to give visitors a new look.

[Hi! My PSN ID is kenokenopi!]

So far, I have acquired these Tekken 6 Arcade Cabinets:

These Resident Evil 5 action figures (with Galaga mascot):

Resident Evil 5 treasure Chest:

Some Tekken 6 Health Bottle:

Those Namco Museum Cabinet you can see out there:

I feel so happy that my own studio looked very pleasing now, as compared before. I even changed the wallpaper and re-arranged the couches and sofas, but next time, I hope Sony will add more and more items and options. Nevertheless, I praise Sony for doing something like this. Take a closer look at it:

And we shouldn’t forget daydreaming in the PlayStation Home world ^^

I never tried going out of my own studio cause I am doing something regarding PSN and my older brother’s Facebook. Anyway, my visit in my PlayStation Home character feels like a vacation just before my birthday. For now, I have to wait for another game to buy. While waiting, I should finish Fatal Frame 4 on my PC (emulated using Dolphin) and the reboot of Medal of Honor. I also can’t wait for Joe’s Adventures. XOXO

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