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DualShock 3 silicon glove

Yesterday, I came home a bit too early. We had a 9AM class, and ends at exactly 10AM. My friends, Jay, Jed, Kuya Jes, Earl, Carlo, Erolin, Jef, Darren, including me, immediately went to SM Fairview after the class. Jed told me a favor which concerns me. He’s going to buy a stick of 2GB DDR2 memory. And since i’m a well-known member of PCHub, he wants me to be the one registered. So we came straight up on the CyberZone floor, and there, we bought what he wants. It’s a Kingston 2GB DDR2 PC800 @ PHP1,8xx. That was quick, and everyone’s so happy talking like hell. After that, we find our ways to go eat @KFC. All of us ate and everyone’s so full like we spent about an hour just for chitchatting. There we talked about funny-personal things that guys usually talk about, like girls, games, girls, and games. Of course, I kept my mouth shut as much as I can coz’ i’m not really a person who’s fond of talking. They asked me to bring some more of my games collection the next day. After that long-hour conversation, we continued our way to the Annex area and then played games @ Gamer’s Site, the shop we always played at. Too bad, their Rock Band / Guitar Hero corner was still not working, so i’m forced to just play Tekken 6, while Kuya Darren also went for a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare then a Fight Night Round 4 later on. Everyone’s enjoying the free taste xD It was just an hour but i’m so happy. Then later, everyone’s wants to go home already, but I stayed for a while and told them to wait for me. I just bought the DualShock 3 silicon glove for PHP250.00. After that, we all got our ways to the terminal. Some go home, but me and Jef stayed at school to visit the girls who are scheduled for their defense that moment.

Unopened Box:

fits perfectly on my DualShock 3


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What Should A True Gamer Look Like When It’s Friday The 13th???

What should a true gamer look like when getting obsessed??? yeah, getting obsessed to my new PlayStation 3, we rule!!! scary fuckin’ face…


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