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DIARY | …and suddenly

Today’s monday, and i’m back in training @ACI again. Last night was fun, with my classmate Carlo. We finally made some steps for our jerky-to-be performance on wednesday. I hope it won’t turn bad. I’m a bit tired, but I still did some surfing on the internet ’til 1am, ’til I get so sleepy. I left my download (Tekken 720P) and music turned on while sleeping. I woke up around quarter to 7am and did that and this. Then finally, got my ride @ around 7:50am. As usual, it’s an early monday ride so I won’t expect any seat for me. I didn’t even notice the “Harvey’s” in Puregold in Tandang Sora. I was serious while fighting to stay awake when suddenly, I’ve got my seat. After passing the Elliptical Rd. the bus continued to Timog Ave.. I was sleeping back then, when all of a sudden, I heard some guy shouting like hell. I opened my eyes and noticed that the other passengers looked shocked and were also looking at the front area of the bus. I began to sit out and see what’s happening. It was the bus’ driver and another person who happen to drive another car. I found out, there was an accident. The bus hit the other private car. But my theory is that, it was the other car that should be blamed. Well, I don’t know the other details.

Anyway, today’s training was fun. I have learned the uses and how to use validators and validations in ASP.Net. All thanks to the internet, and some advices from my seniors. I also gave them some copies of Visual Studio 2010 and Office 2010 (be quiet to Microsoft huh). ~sigh~ no pictures today… Oh, and don’t forget Kuya Joseph’s Coffee incident and the non-stop Sir Reyn-Mam Maricel tandemn ^_^

Greetings to all!
Finally finished downloading Tekken Movie (HD 720P; 3.9GB)

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Nokia 5530/5800 XpressMusic HQ Videos

Note: These MP4 files are mostly decoded with 640×360 resolution; 1500kbps bitrate; 29.97fps framerate; 16:9; Dual-channel audio with 128kbps bitrate. Meaning, these files are compatible with both the Nokia 5530 and 5800 phones, and maybe other mobile phones with the same specifications of the two.

Music Videos:

After School – Because of You
f(x) – CHU
f(x) – NU ABO
Girls’ Generation – Gee
Girls’ Generation – Gee (Japanese)
Girls’ Generation – Genie (Japanese)
Girls’ Generation – Into The New World
Girls’ Generation [JeTiHyun] – It’s Fantastic! (Mabinogi)
Girls’ Generation – Oh!
Girls’ Generation + Super Junior – SEOUL Song
Girls’ Generation – Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)
Girls’ Generation – Run Devil Run
SHINee – Lucifer
SHINee – Ring Ding Dong
Super Junior – Sorry Sorry (The Answer)
T-Ara – Bo Peep Bo Peep (Dance Version)
T-Ara – I Go Crazy Because of You
T-Ara + Supernova – TTL (Time To Love)
T-Ara + Supernova – TTL (Time To Love) Listen 2
TVXQ! – Purple Line


[100502][SBS Inkigayo] Girls’ Generation – Oh! + Run Devil Run
[100710][MBC Music Core] ZEA – Level Up!

Will be adding more soon ^^


– All files are uploaded by “Me” through MediaFire under the account name “dead_executive05”.
– All files do have MediaFire password “kenafford“, to avoid search engines and hotlinks.
– I do not accept request. I’m uploading these files for personal reasons.
– Please do not take out these links, or else…
– Please feel free to leave a comment.
– Broken links, password bug, please report immediately.

Don’t know how to convert videos in HQ for your Nokia 5530/5800? Click Me!

How To Convert Videos For Nokia XpressMusic 5530

Ok, first of all, this topic concerns my little sister that’s why I need to post it in a very nice way. For everyone’s information, the Nokia 5530 XpressMusic phone does inherited some existing features of the older but more superb 5800. They both have touch resistive screens, capable of displaying 16.7million colors with maximum resolution of 640×360 (not HD, but enough to be HQ in your palm). As for video capturing, it can capture 3gp videos in 30fps (yes, 30fps ^^).

So now, i’m gonna show you how to convert HD/HQ videos to your 5530 handset.

What you need:
A fully-working video converter (For this tutorial, we’ll be using Koyotesoft’s Free Video Converter)
– USB data cable
– Nokia 5530 handset
– Computer with Internet Access

Setting up the converter:
1. Download Free Video Converter HERE
2. Install it afterwards. (Note: during installation, uncheck the following with labels “Set Yahoo! as the default webpage” and “I agree to the terms of use and wish to install Dealio Toolbar”… They’re some sort of advertisement and adware, I think)
3. Run Free Video Converter (Start > All Programs > Free Video Converter)
4. Choose English as Default language when prompted
5. You’re now on the main page of the converter, and somehow may look like this

6. Click the “Add Files” on the upper left corner to add video files you wish to convert. You can also just drag n’ drop the files to the app.

7. Highlight the video file you wish to convert and configure the output file with these settings:

Output Format: Mp4
Codec: MPEG-4
Size: 640×360 (Note: you need to click the icon beside the drop-down list box; Uncheck the “Lock Height to match Aspect”; Input the following: Width: “640” Height” “360” and click OK)
Aspect: 16:9 (4:3 is for SDTV; 5:4 is for SDTV also; 16:9 is for Widescreen)
Fps: 29.97 (This concerns the rate of motion of the video. The lower, the laggy-er. We used 29.97 because the source file’s framerate is 29.97fps. So, if your source file is 30fps, change it to 30fps. Same goes to 15fps and 23fps)
Bitrate: We’ll be using 1500kbps here (Note that the higher the bitrate, the larger the file and the better the quality)

Codec: AAC
Frequency: 44100khz
Channel: 2
Bitrate: 128 (I suggest to use any bitrate higher than 96kbps. 128kbps is CD quality; 64kbps is Radio quality;)

8. Click the Output file Tab and click browse. Here you’ll be assigning which folder path you want the output file to be saved to. In this tutorial, we’ll be using the default desktop path “C:\Users\kenokenopi\Desktop”, meaning, once the conversion is finished, you can find the .mp4 file in the Desktop.

9. Now it’s time to convert. Click the “Convert Video” from the upper portion of the app. This will take minutes, depending on the performance of your processor. Mine’s Intel Core i7 920, and it took about a minute or two.
Important Note: If you want to convert the video faster, uncheck the “preview video during conversion” box. It’ll be a help.

10. Once the video conversion is finished, close/minimize Free Video Converter and navigate windows to your desktop, find the output file and play it using VLC player or anything that can play it.

Now we’re done. If you’re not satisfied with the quality of the video, you can mind changing the bitrate higher.
I also uploaded the file in mediafire:

[PERF][100502][SBS Inkigayo] Girls’ Generation – Oh! + Run Devil Run.mp4 —> uploaded by me

More HQ Videos Here

Credits: (for the 5530 official picture)
Thanks a bunch for viewing ^_^

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PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!

hello everyone! just happen to show you 20% fragment of Black-Honey. It’s just one factor how my Black-Honey became a super wild beast, a next-gen gametop (just combined game + desktop LoL). well, i have the PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!

So, why did i chose the HD4850 Play! by PowerColor???

-i guess it’s cheaper (LoL), i bought @ PHP6500.00 ($130) in PCHub altogether with the rest of Black-Honey’s fragments…
-i’ve given the chance to choose from the PCS+ and Play! edtion. the PCS+ edition offers 1GB GDDR3 while Play! only offers 512MB GDDR3 (that’s why it’s cheaper)… PCS+’s Fan is colored metallic-red, while Play! is colored Black (and i like it!)
-i heard from various reliable sites (such as that this GPU is an OC version (overclocked) so that means, it’s better than other HD4850 GPUs there (man, i really wanted the Toxic version of Sapphire)
-my last card is a Sapphire Radeon 9250, so before, i really wanted that toxic version, but i realize i should try other brand names just like PowerColor (PowerColor is an American Company, subsidiary of FoxConn (Taiwan))

And yeah, Black-Honey is already built, and the Pros are:

-silent and stale GPU
-design is very cool, i like the Black Fan…
-it wasn’t that big
-it performs so well, running so much apps
-my max. resolution (based on my Samsung SyncMaster 943snx) is 1360×768… the GPU i think has higher max. resolution…
-performs so well in 3dsmax 2009
-i can play GTA IV, Red Alert 3, Burnout Paradise, Crysis Warhead, etc. without having any issues…all smooth!!!

-in terms of performance, i guess…none
-but in the package… a lot!
-no CrossFireX cable included
-the Manual is a crap (just a piece of white paper)
-driver is not reliable…damn
-but still… it’s cool!

Full Specifications:

Graphics Engine:     RADEON HD4850
Video Memory:       512MB GDDR3
Engine Clock:            635MHz
Memory Clock:        993MHz x 2
Memory Interface  256bit
DirectX Support:     10.1
Bus Standard:           PCIE 2.0

Video Input:

VGA Output:             Yes, By DVI to VGA converter
HDTV Output:          Yes, By HDTV Cable
TV Output:                Yes, By TV-OUT Bracket
DVI Output:              DVI-I x 1 + Display Port x 1
Dual-link DVI:          Yes
HDMI Support:        Yes, on board
HDCP Support:        Yes

Pictures (Official):

PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!

PowerColor ATI Radeon HD4850 Play!

Pictures (with Black-Honey):

Top View

Rear View [DVI-I, HDMI, DisplayPort]Front View [Transistors, Batteries, Fan, structure]Side View [Connected to my Intel X58 Extreme Board]Fan Side View [Connected via PCI-Express 2. x16]Fan View [PowerColor Logo]GPU-Z:

GPU-Z Main Tab

GPU-Z Main Tab

GPU-Z Advanced Tab

GPU-Z Advanced Tab


Useful Links:

PowerColor Official Website – Official 4850HD Play! Product Page
PhotoBucket – Pictures of My 4850HD Play!
PCHub – PowerColor HD4850 Play! Profile

Perfromance: 9.8/10 [play GTA IV smoothly]
Value: 10/10 [it’s worthy to place PHP6500.00 to this cool GPU
Design: 9.5/10 [i prefer the red fan od PCS+ edition]
Accesories: 8/10 [no CrossFire X bracket, manual is a crap]

Overall Rating: 9.3/10

My Comment: i’ve given it a 9.3 out of 10 rating since, the included accesories are craps… but still the perfromance did so well…

Black SONE

Recently, my Mom managed to buy me the computer set I’ve been dreaming of, for Gaming, Multimedia, Programming and other things I can use it to in school. Overall, it’s worth 60,000PHP. A bit pricey just because it has almost all the latest in the market, specially the processor which is an Intel Core i7, a recently released powerful quad-core processor.

– Black Honey –


CPU: Intel Core i7 920 2.66GHz
MOBO: Intel Bulk DX58SO
RAM: 6GB Tri-Channel Corsair XMS3
GPU: PowerColor Ati Radeon HD4850 Play!
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 500GB S-ATA
PSU: Hec Cougar Series 700CM 700Watts
ODD: LG GH22 Super Multi DVD RW
CASE: Antec 300 Versatile Midtower Gaming Case
LCD: Samsung SyncMaster 943snx 18.5″
MOUSE & KEYBOARD: Logitech EX-100


OS: Microsft Windows Vista Eternity 2009 x64 (modded by Rockers Team International)



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