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Girls’ Generation is Back!!!

They’re back again this 2009 for the second time, and still holding the name G or GE, coz’ they’re back with GENIE (applause everyone). I heard it from miica, so nice of her (I brought my pc to my repair shop, the mobo failed. I did a hiatus for 3 weeks)

OK, I guess this new album will show how the girls changed from cute ones to mature ones. So please standby.

They will be back with  the mp3 realease of Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) on 22, and 25 is the release date of the mini album. Can you wait? coz’ I can’t!

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Samsung F480 – A Quick Review

Hi all..! Today I’m gonna let you join me unboxing and checking out my newest mobile phone, the Samsung SGH-F480.
Basically, this is considered one out of many iPhone killers in the market, and of course, if we say “killer”, that means there’s some killer features this phone has.

First announced on February 2008 and better known by many as the Tocco, this phone kicks off the market with a 5-megapixel camera and touchscreen interface. The 5-megapixel camera can do almost anything as a typical camera has nowadays, such as smile shot, panorama shot, etc. Also, it can record 15fps videos in QVGA resolution, enough for daily uses specially if you’re a blogger. There’s a service called ShoZu wherein you can easily write posts and attach images and videos to your blog straight from your phone.

Although it lacks Wi-Fi, you can still make fast web connection via its HSDPA function which runs at a maximum 7.2mbps bandwidth rate, fast enough to download new multimedia goodies from the Samsung Fun club service. This phone is equipped with HAPTIC TFT touchscreen display, that can render 256 thousand colors, plus a vibration feedback, so you’ll have to use your thumb instead of stylus, and feel the vibration feature.

The F480 uses a propriety software called TouchWiz. It is designed specifically for touchscreen phones so all you have to do is to get used to it. Video-call is there and a second front VGA camera is present, but does not allow you to take photos from it. The Audio player is built well enough. It can arrange your music catalog from Artists, Genres, Albums, Year, and so on, so make sure to always check your tags. The audio player can read MP3s and AACs, at a maximum storage of 16GB, aside from its built-in 226mb phone memory, via its MicroSD slot hidden to the left side of the phone.

The phone is as thick as a AA battery and resembles a lot like a credit/ATM card. This chic design is targeted mostly for female and feminine-like guys. Because of its small size, you can easily slip it in your pocket, just like a wallet. The F480 is generally considered as a younger brother of the SGH-i900 Omnia, as they share the same interface and most features, while the Omnia has a lot more such as Windows Mobile and a larger screen.

It came up with a free 2008 Beijing Olympics backpack. Unboxing the phone will give you a lot more included accessories such as an extra leather case and some more typical accessories such as the PC Suite, stereo earphones, USB data cable, etc.

After all, it depends on you’re everyday use. The TouchWiz has surely something it can show off, but to my experience, it is in fact as easy as what I’ve expected. Everything is user-friendly. The screen response is so great, but if you aren’t satified, you can always modify it via its system option. Although the lack of QWERTY keyboard is a downside, the built-in keyboard is still understandable. It fails occasionally but you can always cope up with it. Sending text messages can surely take you a few more seconds slower than a regular cellphone with a physical keypad. Well, that’s how touchscreen phones does. But at least it is responsive enough. Video playback can be best enjoyed to video files with a file extension of .mp4 and is decoded in Xvid (MPEG-4), with a resolution of 320×240, 400~1000 kbps bitrate, 44100 sample frequency and 192Kbps audio. Of course, there are some other alternatives such as the low-quality 3GP video files. However, the mentioned settings of MP4 video files is still my best advice, specially when watching movies.

The bulit-in web browser, NetFront, can do its thing well. It wasn’t flexible enough. And if you’re not satisfied then you can always download a version of Opera and Opera Mini, which is comercially free. The only installed game is Photo Puzzle, where you can also load your own photo from your memory with a resolution not higher than VGA. If you’re bored then you can try to download games via its internet browser.

What else is there? Bluetooth 2.0, yes. InfraRed? no. But if you want the real goodies, then just plug in your phone to your computer and start copying your favorite MP3 files, as well as good wallpapers and even movies.

The life cycle of this phone can be predicted to 10 years, well atleast for me. The hardware quality is good enough. The silver glossy finish looks so classy, but soon enough, like half a year, it will start detaching and will definitely make this phone ugly. But the time all of those glossy finish detached, soon this phone will completely be colored black, and it’s fine in my opinion. The screen can endure so much that it can resist some scratches and the constant tapping. The overall case is made of stainless steel. The battery which is Li-lon 1000 mAh can let you talk 250 hours until getting drained.

Overall, this phone surely is an iPhone Killer, atleast for now.

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Yoona, 2nd Upcoming Rising Star of the Small Screen

Moon Chaewon and Yoona were selected as the rising stars of the small screen.

Moon Chaewon, who is currently starring in the SBS drama, “Court painter of wind,” as JungHyang collected 47.9% (5859) of the votes for the poll on the portal site Daum, “Who will be the big star of the small screen?” beating
SoNyuhShiDae’s Yoona, starring in KBS1’s “You are My Destiny,” who collected 43.4% (5312) of the votes.

Moon Chaewon drew the viewer’s attention with a lesbian scene with Moon Keunyoung who played the role of, Shin Yoonbok, a cross-dressing woman.
Moon Chaewon also had an increase in her popularity due to her distinctly oriental yet elegant look which fit well with the role of JungHyang who is a dancer girl who maintains a haughty character.

Following behind was Yoona 43.4% (5312), Shin DaEun came in third with with 6.85% *838). In fourth with 1.82% (222) was Han DaMin.

Although Moon Chaewon is a new actress and this is her first attempt at a traditional drama, Netizens believe that she has a lot of potential in the future because she was able to create as much interest as main actors Moon KeunYoung and Park ShinYang.

Moon Chaewon stated that, “I know that as a beginner I am lacking a lot and have a lot to learn, but I think that people like me because the character of JungHyang is so alluring. I will continue to work hard to become an actress who can impress the viewers, so please keep on supporting me.”

Following that statement she said, “When I watch how I came out on screen, how the viewers would be seeing me, that is the time that I am critical on myself. I kept on working so I could hear people say that my acting got better from the first half to the second half,” and showed her drive as somone up and coming.

On the other hand, in “Court painter of wind,” as the mystery surrounding the “SaDoSaeJa” murder involving Kim HongDo (Park ShinYang), Shin YoonBok (Moon KeunYoung), and JungJo (Bae Soobin), is slowly being unveiled, and a thrilling plot is expected.

Credit: aseo @ soshified forums
posted on: snsdkorean

My Comment: Woah!! Good work Yoona. I am very pleased that you made it this far. Please continue working hard =)

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Cute SNSD Yoona Pics

I’m thoroughly exploring until I came up with this pics…

Isn’t she too cute? My Yoona noona really is!

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[2008] Girls’ Generation – Beethoven Virus OST

taeyeonSoshi’s one and only Kid Leader, Tae Yeon, has just released another Digital Single for another drama. Yes, it’s a hit single!!!

Release Date: 25th September 2008

7. Can You Hear Me… – TaeYeon
13. Love Rides On A Melody (Day By Day) – Girls’ Generation

Download Link: FileSend

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