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XMB | Girls’ Generation – Gee ver.A

[P3T] Girls’ Generation – Gee ver.A (PlayStation 3 XMB Theme)

This is my very first theme created using the PS3 XMB Theme Builder 4.00 with Xcross Media Simulator.

Main Features:

– Custom Girls’ Generation-like XMB icons
– 1 HD wallpaper
– 1 SD wallpaper

Video Preview:


– Recommended only for Legit Non-Jailbroken PlayStation 3 systems.
– Copy and Paste the .p3t file to a USB flashdrive, inside the directory G:/PS3/THEME/ (where “G” is the drive letter of the USB flashdrive, depending to your system).
– Turn On your PlayStation 3 System, insert the Flashdrive through one of the System’s USB ports.
– Navigate XMB to Settings -> Theme Settings -> Change Theme -> Install
– When prompted where to find your theme, choose your USB flashdrive.
– Find the theme and choose “Install”.
– Once installation completed, find the installed theme in the themes list, also in Theme Settings.
– For Themes with multiple backgrounds, just apply the theme many times.

Important Notes:

– Please do not modify/extract anything from this theme.
– Recommended only for Legit Non-Jailbroken PlayStation 3 systems.
– This theme is not for sale. It is free. Please do report anyone selling my theme.
– Please leave a comment before/after downloading. I appreciate comments very much.
– Do not take out the link.

Additional Notes:

– Check out some more PlayStation 3 XMB themes here.
– Email me:
– Follow me:
– PSN ID: kenokenopi

Download Instructions:

– Click and download the file from MediaFire (link below).
– If MediaFire asked for a password, input “mistercomputer” and continue downloading the file.
– After downloading, extract the .rar file using WinRaR. If asked for a password, input “” and continue extracting.
– Passwords are also noted below.

Download Link:

Download: Mediafire | Password: mistercomputer | WinRaR Password:

|> Katy Perry – I Kissed A Girl

The Best PlayStation 3 Game Ever…

Girls' Generation Game

yeah, i’m thinking if Girls’ Generation will have their own game (not Guitar Hero, not Rock Band, not any Fake Plastic Rock Game, not Dota, or Tekken), what will be it’s concept? is it a game like Barbie? like Mario??? absolutely NOOO!!! first off, think about the fans… The fact that most SoNEs are men (but half of SoNEs are women), the game should be more manly, more matured but fun (is there a game that’s matured and fun?xD), and moreover, SNSD-centralized… Not an online game, but the game i’m thinking might have an online play and an offline play of course. and since the platform is PlayStation 3, then this will have the best High Definition elements GWAR!!!… It’s not going to be God of War, but GODESSES OF WAR! awkward~~ how about, TEQQEN 9, “the queens of iron fists tournament 9” hahaha… and Xiaoyu will be Taeyeon (Xiao-yeon). or try Modern Warfare 2, with the girls on their marine girls clothes (imagine how they bring up their guns and weapons). or a Tony Hawk or SKATE game, but Smackdown vs RAW will be totally funny hahaha…

But what i thought that will be cool, is psychological horror, or japanese-type horror game like Fatal Frame or Silent Hill or ObsCure… this will be totally cool. maybe game developers should make a game version of “the ring” or “the grudge” or “SAW” (as i have played all that horror games, including resident evil) with the girls as the primary cast of victims.

The company that should make this true will be, Konami (coz’ they’re good in making horror games such as Silent Hill series and the new SAW game i’m playing right now), with some help from Activision (for the best HD graphics) and SM Entertainment for licensing xD we shouldn’t forget about SME or else.

The Game will be totally PlayStation 3 – exclusive. But after a year, it will be available on Windows too, and not XBOX360… (sorry xbox guys, just xbox your faces, you guys are so xbox!). It will be in blu-ray disc, and lots of lots of DLC will be available, like episodes just like Siren.

So, are you ready for the next best PlaySTation 3 game ever??? well, i’m always ready… GG on the way… =)