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What does “GOW” stand for?!

A few days ago, I’ve been to a thread in TipidPC wherein you post anything related to games, whether it’s for PS3, and Xbox 360, a Wii, PC or even your very old collection of SNES games. Saw this pic there and members started to talk and argue about it:

This photoshopped picture shows Kratos, from the PlayStation 3-exclusive game and very well-known trend-setter hack n’ slash game series God of War, breaking the head of a character most notable to the Xbox 360 game and Microsoft’s very own First-person shooting game Gears of War.

For your information, in the world of PlayStation, PlayStation fanboys usually use the term “GOW” or “GoW” as a short reference to God of War, mostly being mentioned in blogs, forums and other game-related sites. Kratos is notable for being one of several mascots of the PlayStation brand, being developed by Sony itself and always uses the full-potentials of consoles Sony created. God of War was first seen in the PlayStation 2, and… took over the world by storm.

Whilst God of War is Sony’s bet, we have Gears of War for the Microsoft brand. Gears of War wasn’t usually coined as “GoW” or “GOW“, instead, “Gears“. If you didn’t know, Gears of War is one out of few exclusive games catered by the Microsoft company, and is also made by them. Actually, the first game of the series had a PC version. However, the second one seems to be an impossible thing and will only be a console game.

Seems like netizens are playing with the names of the games lately.
–To the guy who made this picture and to all the netizens, whether you’re a PlayStation bias or an Xbox bias, here’s the deal: Why don’t you consider listening to the band GWAR???

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