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NEWS | IM YOONA and SONEs are the trend!

Yesterday, we saw a lot of hollywood singers and artists names together with their respective fanclubs trending in The list includes Justin & Beliebers at #3, Taylor & Swifties at #4, Gaga & Monsters at #5, Demi and Lovatics at #6, and more.

Some K-Pop fanatics became really frustrated (including me) bacause the the day after that night is Girls’ Generation Yoona’s birthday, and of course, it’s a must to make Yoona up in the trends list. I did not sleep early because of this, trying to help other SONEs and non-SONEs. However, as I’ve checked right now, I can see IM YOONA in the 5th spot.

Surprisingly, SONEs is also trending. This is a very good news for K-Pop fans. I hope IM YOONA can make it to the number 1 spot. On the other hand, let us greet Yoona a happy birthday. 🙂

BTW, here are some of my posts last night:

That’s all, and please keep Yoona noona in the top trends.

|> Trivium – Throes of Perdition

[2010] Girls’ Generation – Hoot (009)

Artist: Girls’ Generation / 소녀시대 / So Nyuh Shi Dae
Album Title: The 3rd Mini Album – Hoot (009)

Release Type: Mini Album
Release Date: October 27, 2010
Record Label: SM Entertainment
Promotional Single(s): 훗 (Hoot)
Genre(s): K-Pop, Teen-Pop, Dance-Pop, Ballad, Pop Rock, Bubblegum Pop, RnB


1. 훗 (Hoot)
2. 일어나 (Wake Up)
3. 단짝 (My Best Friend)
4. 내 잘못이죠 (Mistake)
5. 첫눈에 (Snowy Wish)

Finally! The girls are back in South Korea to dominate the charts again. And with this, their new EP titled Hoot, I’m sure fangirls and fanboys will be excited again. Released just 22 days after my birthday, they are also currently number 1 in the J-Pop market with their recent J-Pop single -slash- remake of Gee! I’m looking forward to their comeback stages for Music Bank this friday on KBS2, Inkigayo on SBS and Music Core on MBC. Anyway, I’m giving the links to you now, just click every song above or download the full album below, through MediaFire. Remember to buy the album once you’re able to. SNSD Fighting! Remember to leave a comment ^^

EDIT: If you want to listen to the title song Hoot, don’t bother and check the video below. I made it just now (101028) with PS3 game Bayonetta clips and using the new Windows Live Movie Maker 2011:

or watch it directly in YouTube.

My Rating: 9.5/10 – Very good new comeback from the girls.

|> In This Moment – Prayers

2010 | Rhythm Zone

Are you disappointed with Bandmaster? Looking for another simple music/rhythm video game for you computer? Now try Rhythm Zone. I have tried playing this game for a while and believe me, you’ll get addicted to it in your first tries. It wasn’t that great but atleast it has a decent Online capabilities. It does have a great interface and graphics effects but for for this game, forget the crappy online community/tambayan that you’ve seen in Band Master. Honestly, that feature doesn’t have sense in anyway, you just can see your character to show of with the other players, apart from it, non anymore.

The biggest thing of Rhythm Zone is the ability to load your own songs, yes, your own songs, your own mp3 collection. You can also have a song library categorized by artists, albums or genres. That’s it but there’s more. The songs you load can actually be detected automatically by the online radio Last.FM. However, not all songs can be discovered, but atleast, almost all songs, so thanks for that feature. Upon playing the game, I did tried K-Pop songs, SNSD Yoona’s latest single “Innisfree Day” in particular. It was cool. I love how the visualization works. I can see some similarities of the game engine of Rhythm Zone and another music/rhythm game I’ve been playing last few months called “AudioSurf”. Still, there is some large differences between the two. Controls are just one thing. You just have to watch out for 4 color-coded speaker-looking thing-y that is similar to RockBand’s 4-piece-drum-notes. Beats are what the game is about, similar to the ever-popular iPhone game Tap Tap Revenge, so follow the beat, hit the notes and you’re all set.

The Online capability of the game is to upload your score for a certain song and compare it to the other players worldwide through the leaderboards. One more thing is that, it does not take a lot of your harddrive space and is playable with almost all computers that can play videos. Other than that, this game is simple. If you’re curious on how the game looks like, check out this videos and screenshots I uploaded so far.

BoA – Hurricane Venus

4MINUTE – I My Me Mine

f(x) – NU ABO

Girls’ Generation – Oh!

T-ARA – I Go Crazy Because of You

Yoona – Innisfree Day (Eco Song)

T-ARA – Bo Peep Bo Peep

All videos credits to my YouTube channel: joaquinangelito

…out of 10s:

Gameplay: 8 (The game is fun at first, but just like BandMaster, Tap Tap Revenge, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, AudioSurf, you’ll get bored after a month or two. Atleast in this game, you have lots of songs to play to!)
Sound: 9.5 (The game’s sound effects is somewhat almost perfect, however, I found a bug just before you start any song…)
Graphics: 10 (I’m giving it a perfect score because it has a very appealing textures and background animations that weren’t present in some games and in my opinion, can be very attractive to girls. Also, it does not require a lot of your videocard’s resources, even your old notebook’s Intel GMA 950 can run this game flawlessly)

Overall: 9.16

~End of Story~

|> Foo Fighter – Learn to Fly

My first K-Pop CD

It’s true… I now have my copy of Girls’ Generation’s Genie, and it is definitely my very first K-Pop CD. For the price of P350.00, you get the CD, plus a mini poster. Thanks to Universal Records and GGPH. I’m also wanting to buy SHINee’s Romeo, but I told myself, “Maybe Next Time”. I thought I won’t be able to grab a copy, since everyone is so busy and it’s a hustle to go out outside (because of the super typhoon, ondoy). October 2, 2009, I told ate jho, if we can both go to Gateway, just to buy 2 copies. That’s it, with some little obstacle on the way, finally I did it!!!

|> The Clash – London Calling

DIARY | 1 Year of being a S♥NE…!

This week is my school’s celebration for the Linggo ng Wika, me and my classmates thought that it would be boring for us to go to school and just watch those freshmen and sophies participate in the program, and besides, there’s no classes. Tomorrow and friday, we also have no classes. We’re wondering if we’ll go to school on thursday, it’s laboratory day. Thinking of those things made me bored a lot. I’m tired of playing Grand Theft Auto IV. I told myself, I wanna try something new…. 2nd Anniversary of Girls’ Generation already passed, and I thought to myself, Isn’t it today? my 1st annivesary of being a S♥NE?.. That’s it!!! I have to do something… and this is what I did…

“It’s 1 year already. It’s so fast.”

I remember myself, very addicted to Girls’ Generation when i first saw them… They’re all so pretty

March – June 2008

I was a real K-Drama Addict before and ’til the present time, and everyone knows that. Since the Philippine TV Premiere of the Endless Love series, me and my family enjoy these dramas a lot. There’s a cable channel I also love to watch, it’s KBS World. They do broadcast encore dramas, as well as current shows. During that time, I recently broke up with my girl, and decided to try something new to move on. I love to watch Likeable or Not every 7PM, and I’m watching it like a year already. I was curious why this drama is too long. But even if it’s that long, it’s one of the greatest drama i have watched. Some days, I missed some episodes. And one day, I told myself, “Where’s Baekho now?” and “Did they cut it? or is it finished already?”. Dammit! I haven’t had the opportunity to watch atleast the last episode. But strange, I can’t keep my eyes off our big-junky 34″ Philips SDTV. They are currently airing this new drama called You Are My Destiny. I told myself, “Hmmm… seems interesting. Well, let’s try this, since it’s new, maybe it’s better and the fact that it’s the first episode“. Since then I got addicted to that drama, more addicting than Likeable or Not. I always go home earlier, like before 7PM, only to watch the drama. A week later, now I could say, I’m really addicted to Saebyuk already. One time, I got home early. It’s friday, and got an opportunity to watch the 5PM sitcom in KBS World, it’s Unstoppable Wedding. I really love to watch this sitcom since the other guy was also the character in the well-known drama Coffee Prince. There’s these 2 school girls (later on, I found out, they’re actually Sooyoung and Yuri) who loves to tease this guy, as in always. And @ 6PM, it was Music Bank. It’s a music show aired almost every day and features Korean Pop songs. Sometimes I got to see Rain once. That wasn’t a typical broadcast of the show, and you know what? Goddamit..! I saw Saebyuk dancing to this song with that repeating chorus (Tell Me, Tell Me, Te-Te-Te-Te-Te-Tell Me). She’s with other 8 girls. God, they’re so many. As in MANY. And they’re all so pretty. Pretty enough to make me froze for a while.

A few days later, I unintentionally got an insomnia. I was always up in the evenings, and feel so sleepy during daytime. No problem, KBS World does replays during 1:30am. I thought of searching Saebyuk, and the reast of the cast of You Are My Destiny, and also, where can I have photos of her, or download the whole drama. No luck. But I found out her name. It was actually an 18-year old Im Yoona, who plays Saebyuk. I also found out that she’s a part of a Korean Girl group called, Girls’ Generation. Then…

July 2008 (The 1st Days of the Fandom)

I immediately downloaded illegally their song called, Girls’ Generation. That time, I’m also fond of Wonder Girls, and their current song was So Hot. At first, I never liked the Girls’ Generation song. I thought to myself, Girls’ Generation sounds more like kids singing, while Wonder Girls sounds more contemporary RnB which is more ear-catching to many.  I kept both songs in my playlist together with a variety of songs by bands like Slayer, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, etc, until I get used to them. Also, the girls of Wonder Girls sang this song called Kissing You and I started to like this song too. I always thought Wonder Girls was the one who sang it. But later on, I found out that the Kissing You song was actually by Girls’ Generation. I was happy. Saebyuk, I mean Yoona’s group was actually the one who sang the song I really like. Since then, I favorited Girls’ Generation over any other K-Pop groups, although I still listen to them. At first, you’ll feel real awkwardness, that a guy like me listens to this kind of sound. Maybe for some, it’s a total crap, or it’s gay-ish thing to do. But sorry, I’m no gay. I just feel freshness and thought things like positive to relationship. Maybe this thing helped me move on from my previous one. It’s just that when I listen to it, I feel that there’s always a girl better than her, waiting for me, destined for me, singing about me. That’s just what I think.

August 2008 (Photo-Collecting? I’m Soshified!)

Now now, I tried collecting pictures of them, as they’re all so cute and pretty. Until I entered a site called (sounds a bit foody). It was actually a fansite of the girls. Right there, someone told me that I should register first and OMG! you could download YAMD for free! full of excitement, I registered. Posted like 50 posts, collected lots of photos and started downloading.  Hooked up to Girls’ Generation, even my ringtone turned to Kissing You.

September 2008 (The Result of the Phenomena)

My insomnia is gone now, and I can surf the net or download YAMD more comfortably. By the way, I also endep up downloading music videos of K-Pop artists from a blog with an address name Now I have all the music videos of SNSD. I showed them to my cousin. She liked it! And even both my sister and brother. They all end up hooked up to K-Pop too. That time, K-Pop isn’t popular in my country yet, and maybe to some countries too. But I could say that there are some fans of the genre already. However, in my environment, I could tell that I’m the only one who enjoys the genre, even over my school mates. Anyway, there’s this phone called Haptic. I saw the CF of Girls’ Generation with TVXQ. The phone is cool. I wanted one, but how? It’s a korean phone. Here in Philippines, we only have Samsung, and there’s no Haptic thing that they sell. Eagerly, I tried looking for an equal phone. I ended up with this Samsung SGH-F480. Touchscreen, Widgets, with Haptics! I told my mom about it, as she already arived from saipan a few days already. She told me she’ll buy me one on my birthday.

October 2008 (Haptic!)

As she promised, she bought me the phone! it’s cool. Excitedly, I put all of my Girls’ Generation pics on it, as well as videos and mp3. A few days later, our house needs to be renovated, for like 6 months? and that’s quite stressful! that’s it.

November 2008 (Spread like a disease)

Sometimes I borrow my older brother’s iPod, so I can watch Girls’ Generation music videos and listen to their songs with matching epic-sounding headphones. One time, one of my classmate caught me watching, and asked me who are the heck are those girls. I told my classmates about Girls’ Generation. Most of those interested are guys, except one whose a girl. They told me they’re all so pretty, like everyone chooses their favorites. It was like everyday, my phone started to be a movie device, where everyone watches their videos minute by minute. Oh and by the way, the news told the netizens that they should expect an album from Girls’ Generation on October, but it was postponed, later and later. Nobody was a huge hit in South Korea right now, while i’m watching MNet’s Factory Girl.

December 2008 (New Album Upcoming. Yuri and My Sister’s Birthday)

As everone knows, my sister has the same age as Yuri, and shares the same birthday. CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG, it’s December 5, 2008. My Sis is 19, and the same goes to Yuri. She also knew that, and loves Yuri very much. And also, the album! This time, it’s real! It’s called Gee, and it will be released on early Januray next Year. I spent my Christmas satisfyingly. I had a cold so I can’t get jollier.

Januray 2009 (Gee Wave…)

Yeah, the house is 40% complete. And Gee is released! When I first heard the trailer, I mean teaser, I think the song is cool, and better than their older songs. It’s sad, my computer is starting to get older and older, like a crap…

February – March 2009 (Gee wave all the way…)

Ok, Gee achieved 9x mutizen awards in Music Bank, and that’s so great. By the way, my 5-year old computer is dead, permanently. BUT! my mom gave me enough money to buy a new rig…as in a monster rig! A Core i7 Gaming PC!

April 2009 (Summer, Solo Activities, We Got Married)

Now i’m having my sembreak, as well as my summer break. Quite long enough to download things I’ve missed. And You Are My Destiny has finally come to an end, but I’m still watching it in KBS World while waiting for soshisubs to upload the subbed ones patiently. Yoona is now on a new drama from MBC called Cinderella Man, with Kwon Sang Woo. Taeyeon is casted in We Got Married with Kim Hyungdon (the fat but funny guy in Infinity Challenge). Yuri and Tiffany went on to MCing @ MBC Show! Music Core, while currently, Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry is dominating the charts.

May 2009 (Yoona’s Birthday)

It’s Yoona‘s birthday again that’s why I can’t think of anything to post here in this month.

June – July 2009 (Genie!)

Alright, SNSD got a new mini-album for us. It’s called Genie. This time they’ve changed a lot. But still, it’s the same old talented and dorky girls I know since then. Oh, and with this song, they got the highest Music Bank points in the history too! great great great!

August 2009 (Post-Genie)

Ok, SNSD is shooting for this reality show called Hello Baby. Of course, I’m downloading the show too. The show has a nice rating, where all they do is to take care of this cute baby named Kyungsan. BTW, SNSD celebrated their 2nd-year anniversary, as well as Tiffany‘s 21st birthday… Finally, I am celebrating my 1st year anniversary for being a SONE!!!

So, it’s a year now… oww… you don’t belive me aren’t you? just check out my account if you want to know…

I’m ending this now, I think i’m having a SoShi fever tonight… I’ll be right back for something new. Again, happy 1st SONE Anniversary to me!!! ^_^

|> Foo Fighters – Everlong

[2009] Girls’ Generation – Genie

GENIE - Yoona

Artist: Girls’ Generation / 소녀시대 / So Nyuh Shi Dae
Album Title: The 2nd Mini Album – Tell Me Your Wish / 소원을 말해봐 / Sowoneul

Release Type: 2nd Mini Album
Release Date: June 29, 2009
Record Label: SM Ent, Avex Trax, Seoul Records, Univerasl Records (Philippines)
Promotional Single(s): Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), Etude
Genre(s): K-Pop, Teen-Pop, Dance-Pop, Electro-Pop, Ballad


1. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) / 소원을 말해봐 (지니) / Sowoneul Malhaebwa (Genie) – this is the first promotional single from genie. as compared to gee, and their songs from their previous releases, the song is quite fresher, more matured and is more electronic. i heard the male voice in the intro is TVXQ!’s Micky Yoochun, but i’m not sure about that lol. anyway, the song is really good, if you heard it once, you’ll feel really surprised, it’s like SoShi has changed genre (which is not…Etude has the proof). the song is like a club or disco-sounding one… the fact that they are talking in the intro and laughing in the outro, and the car and how Tiffany says “DJ… put it back on”… but in the mv, though, my impressions wasn’t present…LoL you’ll be surprised to see the MV (if you haven’t, i have it in my YouTube Channel). the song is really great…

2. Etude / 에뛰드 – this would be Genie’s 2nd promotional single (like Gee’s Him Nae). and just like Him Nae again, they also sang Etude in MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on 27th and 28th during their comeback stage (Not KBS Music Bank, because they san Oh My Love by SES instead, since it’s MuBank’s half of the year festival, in which Gee dominates…).Anyway, Etude sounds like Love Melody (from their SMTown Xmas Album), and Baby Baby…you could also imagine KARA singing this one LOL, like Honey…

3. Girlfriend / 여자친구 – this the third track…this song was composed by Kenzie…you know Kenzie? she composed Haptic Motion, Him Nae, Into the New World and several BoA songs, mixed Girls’ Generation and also worked for Super Junior… i wonder, why there’s no E-Tribe here in Genie… anyway, since I have known Kenzie for composing Rock-Mixed songs, i really thought that Girlsfriend would sound the same as her earlier compositions…but i guess i’m wrong… this song anyway, sounded like anime-ish soundtrack, especially in the intro, TaeYeon really sounded like a japanese singer…great song

4. Boyfriend / 남자친구 – ooohhh.if there’s Girlfriend, then there’s Boyfriend!!! xDDD nice one soshi… =) anyway, i like this song… it sounds like 80s are rebron… like madonna or kylie minogue or cyndi lauper song… really, you’ll be shocked on this one… you could hear their voices are really great, full of talents…also, the bass beat is like 70s, like Wonder Girls’ Nobody… anyway that should be enough to describe the song “GREAT”

5. My Child / 동화 –ohh… i liked this one too… in the intro, you would think it’s a ballad or something, but soon you’ll find out that it’s more of like a lullaby, like little boat… that’s why its name was My Child anyway xD the song is happy, graceful, with same beats and tunes, simple but colorful, like a children’s song…anyway it’s good to play this one when you’re going to bed =)

6. 1 Year Later (Jessica + Onew) / 1년 後 – nice one Onew… but i really feel bad about what happened to him during the MuBank incident. anyway, finally Sica had to sing duet! just like Teayeon and KangTa’s 7989, the song is great too… but this one is quite more of a ballad, than a romantic sounding one… Sica’s voice is really better now, more of like an angel… and with Onew, Shinee’s one good singer, the song turned out great… Also good when you’re sleeping with you’re iPod or something turned on =)


Ok, finally it’s here! the second mini-album of Girls’ Generation… it’s called GENIE!!! anyway, before, I really thought that Girls’ Generation will be back for the Vol 2 Full Album, I didn’t expect this one, although it’s really really cool seeing them, hearing their transformation…and also, I don’t know if it’s true but there are rumors about the 09.09.09 date… i wonder what it is, if it’s the second album, then thats great, or a world tour, then thats even better… or a project collaboration of Girls’ Generation with someone close to them (like Super Junior or Wonder Girls). oh, and I forgot to tell you… there are also controversies upon this release, about the cover art, the japanese aircraft was later changed to korean ones, and the emblems the girls are wearing, they later redesign it to avoid complications, and SM also apologized for this things, especially Jessica’s name written as “Jassica”…anyway, I dont care about those things now, what matters is that the girls are back…and this summer, is the clash of the girl groups: Girls’ Generation vs. 2ne1 vs. 4minute vs. T-Ara vs. KARA vs. Jewelry vs. Brown Eyed Girls (gosh, there’s no Wonder Girls)…atleast Girls’ Generation already sold 80k albums due to pre-order…i wonder if they can reach 200k this time..hwaiting everyone!!!

I recommend everyone to buy this album. though my korean copy does not have a poster included, the quality of every image is really that good, really promising. so, if you’re a real fan, a real member of SONE, the least that you could do fto support the girls is through buying their album and participate in online communities specially, SoShified, where the girls log-in in certain occasions. If You Love Them, Buy The Album.

My Rating: 9/5/10
My Comment: well, it’s really good to see Girls’ Generation is back, to kick the other girl groups and again…DOMINATE and RE-GENERATE!!! xDDD they DOMINATED! i recommend the 2nd Mini-Album to everyone who are sick of listening to Rihanna or Chris Brown’s songs… this Mini-album might help you refresh your minds and forget that nonsense Chris Brow-Rihanna arguments… Let’s Go SoShi Let’s Go!!! Hwaiting!!!
Download Link: 4Shared (Password: “imgenieforyouboy”) | MediaFire (Note: you could also DL each song by clicking on the titles…all through my 4Shared)
My Last Words: i’m looking forward to the performances (though their comeback stage turned out so great…) i hope they would sold 200k or more xD of course, dont forget to comment here… this album is a real change to the girls’ genre. a combination of electronic pop, rock and upbeat sound.
Credits: +

|> f(x) – Danger

Girls’ Generation is Back!!!

They’re back again this 2009 for the second time, and still holding the name G or GE, coz’ they’re back with GENIE (applause everyone). I heard it from miica, so nice of her (I brought my pc to my repair shop, the mobo failed. I did a hiatus for 3 weeks)

OK, I guess this new album will show how the girls changed from cute ones to mature ones. So please standby.

They will be back with  the mp3 realease of Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) on 22, and 25 is the release date of the mini album. Can you wait? coz’ I can’t!

|> Slipknot – Vendetta

Cute SNSD Yoona Pics

I’m thoroughly exploring until I came up with this pics…

Isn’t she too cute? My Yoona noona really is!

|> Good Charlotte – We Believe