Girls’ Generation HaHaHa Widget

This is Girls’ Generation HaHaHa Widget.

I installed this first in my pc (BLACK S♥NE) back in 2009, around the same time the HaHaHa campaign was made public. The widget itself is useful, specially if you’re korean. You can see the girls out there right on your desktop. This is good for student fans and/or full-time working fans. I find it adorable, specially when I’m working on my program on either Visual Basic or Netbeans, I can gain so much strength ^_^

The downside is that, it would be better if you’re operating system, say, Windows 7, is set into korean language so you can fully use the reminder widget. Too bad, I’m not korean, I’m just a guy who loves and envies the hallyu wave.

If you notice, this post has been revised and updated. I have reviewed my “not-so-good” words and made them simpler.
By the way, if you want to download the file, just follow my instructions below and don’t hesitate to ask. Also, don’t forget to leave a comment.


Clock Widget

Clock Widget

Idle Widget
Idle Widget
Reminder Widget

Reminder Widget

Dance Widget

Dance Widget

Compatibility Note: The widget app is compatible with Windows Vista 32/64-bit and Windows 7 32/64-bit. Right now I’m using Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit.

Installation (Applies to the untouched installer only from SendSpace):

1. Download the file from SendSpace. The file is named “install_premium.rar”.
2. If You’re unsure, scan the file with your favorite anti-virus.
3. Unzip the file. It’s a .rar file so use WinRaR.
4. Locate and run the file “install_premium.exe”. It will download the files needed (approx. 106MB, so pause your downloads first and quit your facebook games).
5. After downloading the setup files, Installation will run automatically. It’s in another language, you’ll see “?????” or “/” a lot of times since it’s in korean. There are 2 buttons and always choose the first ones (as usual… it’s Next, Back, Cancel and Finish)
6. Once the installation is finished, the Widget will run by itself, and run everytime you start windows.
7. Configure and play with the widget. For configs, follow’s procedure (link below, in credits)

Tip: To disable it from startup, press “Windows Key + R” or simply “Run” command. type in “msconfig” then click the “Startup” tab. In the Startup tab, you’ll see an entry named “hahaha”, uncheck it. Then press Ok/Apply. That should do it.

xtunix told me that the installer doesn’t work anymore, or that the installer doesn’t download the required components to make it work. So, to his suggestion, I decided to upload the installed-already .rar files… However, I’m not really sure if the SendSpace installer doesn’t really work anymore since I haven’t tried it myself. If you want, you can still download it at your own risk.

Full Credits to SNSDKorean
-You guys should also check it to read more about the widget (if you’re not satisfied with my instructions and wants to make it clear.)

Installation (Re-uploaded “Installed-already” version):

1. Download the two files from my 4Shared account here: 4Shared: .001 | .002 | 106MB
2. Place both files (.001 and .002) inside a single folder (example: My Documents\HAHAHA\)
3. Join the files using HJSplit
-Open HJSplit.
-Click “Join”.
-Click “Input File”.
-Locate “hahaha.rar.001” and click open (Don’t bother locating “hahaha.rar.002”, HJSplit automatically finds it for you if you really put both files together inside a single folder).
-Click “Start” and wait.
-Once done, exit HJSplit and navigate to the folder (in this example, we used My Documents\HAHAHA\)
-Once you’re there, you will notice a new file named “hahaha.rar”. This is the file I have installed and backed-up. Open it using WinRaR, and extract it inside the same folder.
-Once done, navigate to the new file and run the “hahaha.exe” file.
-If you want to automatically run when you start windows, just copy and paste it to your syatem’s Startup folder (in my case: “C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Startup“)

just a reminder, the re-uploded files are uploaded by myself, not anyone else, not a hotlink or what… and also, please remind me if it work, coz’ it’s important for me to know if it will work…

Last Edited: Sunday, September 19, 2010

|> Girls’ Generation – HaHaHa

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  1. heh dude i have been waiting for 12 hours ady and the setup stucks at 0%. any idea?

  2. whats your system btw? running xp or vista or what?

    • woah.. xp.. im not sure coz im using vista x64… but from what i know, it runs on xp, i mean, it’s actually for xp, but i tried it in vista and it worked… are you sure you have a stable connection? whats your speed? coz’ it depends on you dl speed. honestly, when i first intalled this, i thought it’s not dling… so to make sure, try installing it while browsing the net, that’s what i did…

  3. 100.0mbps umm my connection is pretty fine.. isit? well hw long did yours take? well by the way, i saw from forum that they had officially stopped this widget download bcs it exceeds the free limit. Does it linked? I m just curious

    • woah… im not sure… and if thats true, then it’s sad… i wont be able to reinstall it again once i reformat my drive… are you sure about that mister? try installing it again while browsing the net… mine worked like that… i think it took mo like 1 hour something?

  4. well yeah tats d point man unless you backup the whole folder. Well i give it a try once more… oh isit?… wow tats fast … Despo for their widget, T-T
    well dude, i m just asking if by chance, if i cant install again this time, would you send me the file instead?(if it doesnt trouble you )

  5. Sob ty dude hwaiting ~ ! ^^

  6. heh dude it is confirmed. I just checked jus nw the forums and yeah i think they had stopped the free download from server and ppl are nw demanding for off9 installer T-T

  7. umm do you actually still have the widget with you ?

  8. Can you re-upload the file into .rar format in this webpage? Don’t mind trouble you. I shall keep touch with this page.

  9. Ok. Thanks alot. 🙂

  10. Don’t mind reupload your part 002 .rar file. It’s corrupted. I’ve downloaded twice, still the same results. Is there a way to upload the whole file instead of separating into 2 parts?

  11. heh dude, i used the hjsplit; combined them and it seems hahaha2.rar is corrupted.

  12. heh dude ok done i settled my prob ady

  13. ty so much again ^^

  14. -=thedeadlysin=-

    waaaaaaaaaaaaa duguan ng pla d2 ng ilong kausap mu p ken international huh ^_^ ….hehehehe nc nc …congratz s site gnda…brillante

  15. yeah mistercomp ^^ it worked perfectly Oo wat kind of language are you using ? OO by d way, where are u from ? ^^

    • really? then thats great… does it run automatically when you start-up windows? im really curious… im planning for a fresh install of my os before christmas and i think i can’t sleep without this widget on my dektop…

      my OS is set to english, but for real, my language is tagalaog or filipino… im from philippines, and here in philippines, we prefer both english and filipino language… nice to see you again dude…

  16. yeah it does ^^ lolz snsd fanatic !! hwaiting~! ^^
    ohh isit? well great to hear a philippines snsd fan .. snsd fans are growing massively hehe XD well same here pan ba sumida ^^

  17. me? from malaysia – malacca in specific ^^ yeah man ty so much . I haven been searching for this widget for quite some time ady ^^ lolz no prob. Anyway, could u change this widget’s set of language?

    • i just actually found this app in snsdkorean, just searching like you… it’s been 3 months actually when i posted this… oh, malaysia? i heard girls’ generation will come visit you guys there sometime soon? nope, dude, that’s the only thing, you couldn’t and cannot change the language, unless, you installed the korean language pack in your os…

  18. ohhh isit ? lolz well searching like hell yeah.. isit? u gotta be kidding me Oo where u heard it from? if there is, i definitely will go and watch their performance GEE! ^^ ohh thats too bad.. but nvr mind, i m currently doing self-learning for korean lang bit by bit hehe XD

    • im not so sure but, isn’t the smtwon will go there? i guess… just suju… anyway, it’s easy to learn basic korean language if you watch a lot of their broadcasts… you have an account in soshified???

  19. ohhh i see… SM town yeah? well that’s something big..Well i could speak a little bt having trouble with recognising the letters and vowels. umm yeah just registered but hardly log in bcos i m sticked with snsd korean word press haha ^^

    • sitcha? (really?) xD but honestly, youll find more and more stuff for snsd in soshified, from subbed vids, to HD perfs, to HQ pics, plus a lot of friends to meet… thanks to you, my blog, this post hits 90 right now… thanks =)
      always come visit this blog… add me up in soshified too…

  20. lolz really ? it seems complicated with everything but i think i will check up on it. Ty for info by the way. XD lolz no prob dude ^^ my pleasure ~kam sam nida for the widget once more~ hwaiting~!

    • no… it’s not really that complicated… just take a time to look around the site. you just need to post atleast 25posts before you can access the So Nyuh Video Downloads, and atleast 50posts to access SoShi Subs Downloads Area… then that’s it, you’re set! oh yeah, you’re welcome… thanks for the suggestion btw. don’t forget to visit me here anytime… =)

  21. sure sure ^^ ty again

  22. Hey dude!
    Youre so amazing ! ;o

    I got help from reading the comments and your information.
    So i got it running on my pc! ;o
    I think snsd is soo amazing! ;o

    But ive got a lil problem.
    i just joined hahaha.rar.001 or something like that
    and just didnt use the 002 is that a problem?

    Also i want to use my email from that widget but it gives an error?
    little bit weird i hope you can answer my questions ;o

    xoxox ;o

    • there’s no problem with that. once you used HJSplit, and clicked on the .001 file, it automatically detects the other one…

      and you’re email for the widget? how come? i havent done that…

      anyway, congratulations for running it fine. sone or what? i’m sure you are… thanks for all the compliment…. take a look back on all other snsd stuff here in my blog…

  23. yo tol, astig. haha. sna mapagana ko. =P ssf member ka rin? anu uid mu? geh thnxthnx

  24. tol.. napuputol ung sa 4shared mu n link.. pde ba pa reupload sa mediafire? thanks!! sna makuha ko na to.. tgal ko na hinahanap eh. thanks ulit..

  25. SNSD also pop in Taiwan, thanks for your share.
    the files still working.

  26. Still working, still awesome.

  27. Thanks^^
    It’s working with the rar.001 & rar.002 file
    I have been trying to download in snsdkorean but it wont work 😦
    the download bar is not moving
    but this is working
    cutest widget X)

  28. Thanks for sharing the link to the widgets. It’s still working!!

  29. taengoo saranghae

    hi~wat da name that u used in soshified?

  30. hey thanks a lot! btw you have a very nice desktop wallpaper. where did you find it? can you send it to me via mail?

  31. hey i joined both files but its still not working it keeps saying open or save file

  32. so wat do u do after u join both files?

  33. when i try to open it up, it say windows need to know what im going to open it up with.
    what do i open it up with?

  34. run HJsplit… browse/locate .001 file (.001 and .002 file must be together in the same folder, any folder)
    after that, click join… explore to the folder… you’ll see a .rar file… open it with winrar and extract it to any folder. locate the extracted folder then run the .exe file… easy!

  35. finally!!
    after 1 year from 1st release i can use it now!
    a lot of thanks for uploading the final exe so i can install it!!


  36. hey…mine is stuckk…0%….i’m using window 7….any idea?

  37. okay~ i installed it last night…..but how to run everytime i start windows???

    • ^ did you download the one I uploaded in 4Shared?
      well, to make it run every time you start windows, just move it to the folder named “startup”, it can be seen in ORB > All Programs…

  38. i waited for a very long time but the step 3, the downloading part, its stuck to 0%… pls..

  39. Is This Still Working Sir? 🙂

  40. to off the dancing 1?? i only want the clock to show…

  41. Erm dude you mind sending me the split files to my email cos i kinda cant download through 4 shared it seemed like dun let me save

  42. haha, my mga kuya and ate’s pla ako na pnoy d2. btw, anu po gender and age nyu?

  43. no shinee widget for this?

  44. I join it…but i says choose program to open with…

  45. i am using window xp. so is it possible for me to use the “hahaha widget”?

  46. wow thx very much~ i was kind of frustrated when the first file didnt work
    and then i found the installed version! my saviour!

  47. so good .Thx very much.

  48. Normally I don’t read post on blogs, however I would like to say that this write-up very forced me to check out and do it! Your writing taste has been surprised me. Thanks, quite nice article.

  49. When its uploaded on the desktop, only the backround will be in Korean right? Not the whole computer…?

  50. fearless-jester

    sorry for puttin my 2 cents in but this is the gayest S$%T ive ever heard if i was a dude and i claim this music as my favorite i would surely question my sexuality

  51. This post is very usefull thx!

  52. mikezaoldyeck

    Help me
    I’m using Win 7 32 bit and downloader stuck atw 0%

  53. hey bro can’t download la><

  54. i can’t download the 4shared thing .001 n .002

  55. how to fix the notification and time problem? help needed please 🙂

  56. eer the reupload cant extract….

  57. Hey your re-upload/pre-installed version works. I’m so glad because without it I wouldn’t be able to have this widget. Thanks so much ^^

  58. wow this is great….it’s working perfectly fine but how can i change the language???

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