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[2009] Girls’ Generation – Genie

GENIE - Yoona

Artist: Girls’ Generation / 소녀시대 / So Nyuh Shi Dae
Album Title: The 2nd Mini Album – Tell Me Your Wish / 소원을 말해봐 / Sowoneul

Release Type: 2nd Mini Album
Release Date: June 29, 2009
Record Label: SM Ent, Avex Trax, Seoul Records, Univerasl Records (Philippines)
Promotional Single(s): Tell Me Your Wish (Genie), Etude
Genre(s): K-Pop, Teen-Pop, Dance-Pop, Electro-Pop, Ballad


1. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) / 소원을 말해봐 (지니) / Sowoneul Malhaebwa (Genie) – this is the first promotional single from genie. as compared to gee, and their songs from their previous releases, the song is quite fresher, more matured and is more electronic. i heard the male voice in the intro is TVXQ!’s Micky Yoochun, but i’m not sure about that lol. anyway, the song is really good, if you heard it once, you’ll feel really surprised, it’s like SoShi has changed genre (which is not…Etude has the proof). the song is like a club or disco-sounding one… the fact that they are talking in the intro and laughing in the outro, and the car and how Tiffany says “DJ… put it back on”… but in the mv, though, my impressions wasn’t present…LoL you’ll be surprised to see the MV (if you haven’t, i have it in my YouTube Channel). the song is really great…

2. Etude / 에뛰드 – this would be Genie’s 2nd promotional single (like Gee’s Him Nae). and just like Him Nae again, they also sang Etude in MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo on 27th and 28th during their comeback stage (Not KBS Music Bank, because they san Oh My Love by SES instead, since it’s MuBank’s half of the year festival, in which Gee dominates…).Anyway, Etude sounds like Love Melody (from their SMTown Xmas Album), and Baby Baby…you could also imagine KARA singing this one LOL, like Honey…

3. Girlfriend / 여자친구 – this the third track…this song was composed by Kenzie…you know Kenzie? she composed Haptic Motion, Him Nae, Into the New World and several BoA songs, mixed Girls’ Generation and also worked for Super Junior… i wonder, why there’s no E-Tribe here in Genie… anyway, since I have known Kenzie for composing Rock-Mixed songs, i really thought that Girlsfriend would sound the same as her earlier compositions…but i guess i’m wrong… this song anyway, sounded like anime-ish soundtrack, especially in the intro, TaeYeon really sounded like a japanese singer…great song

4. Boyfriend / 남자친구 – ooohhh.if there’s Girlfriend, then there’s Boyfriend!!! xDDD nice one soshi… =) anyway, i like this song… it sounds like 80s are rebron… like madonna or kylie minogue or cyndi lauper song… really, you’ll be shocked on this one… you could hear their voices are really great, full of talents…also, the bass beat is like 70s, like Wonder Girls’ Nobody… anyway that should be enough to describe the song “GREAT”

5. My Child / 동화 –ohh… i liked this one too… in the intro, you would think it’s a ballad or something, but soon you’ll find out that it’s more of like a lullaby, like little boat… that’s why its name was My Child anyway xD the song is happy, graceful, with same beats and tunes, simple but colorful, like a children’s song…anyway it’s good to play this one when you’re going to bed =)

6. 1 Year Later (Jessica + Onew) / 1년 後 – nice one Onew… but i really feel bad about what happened to him during the MuBank incident. anyway, finally Sica had to sing duet! just like Teayeon and KangTa’s 7989, the song is great too… but this one is quite more of a ballad, than a romantic sounding one… Sica’s voice is really better now, more of like an angel… and with Onew, Shinee’s one good singer, the song turned out great… Also good when you’re sleeping with you’re iPod or something turned on =)


Ok, finally it’s here! the second mini-album of Girls’ Generation… it’s called GENIE!!! anyway, before, I really thought that Girls’ Generation will be back for the Vol 2 Full Album, I didn’t expect this one, although it’s really really cool seeing them, hearing their transformation…and also, I don’t know if it’s true but there are rumors about the 09.09.09 date… i wonder what it is, if it’s the second album, then thats great, or a world tour, then thats even better… or a project collaboration of Girls’ Generation with someone close to them (like Super Junior or Wonder Girls). oh, and I forgot to tell you… there are also controversies upon this release, about the cover art, the japanese aircraft was later changed to korean ones, and the emblems the girls are wearing, they later redesign it to avoid complications, and SM also apologized for this things, especially Jessica’s name written as “Jassica”…anyway, I dont care about those things now, what matters is that the girls are back…and this summer, is the clash of the girl groups: Girls’ Generation vs. 2ne1 vs. 4minute vs. T-Ara vs. KARA vs. Jewelry vs. Brown Eyed Girls (gosh, there’s no Wonder Girls)…atleast Girls’ Generation already sold 80k albums due to pre-order…i wonder if they can reach 200k this time..hwaiting everyone!!!

I recommend everyone to buy this album. though my korean copy does not have a poster included, the quality of every image is really that good, really promising. so, if you’re a real fan, a real member of SONE, the least that you could do fto support the girls is through buying their album and participate in online communities specially, SoShified, where the girls log-in in certain occasions. If You Love Them, Buy The Album.

My Rating: 9/5/10
My Comment: well, it’s really good to see Girls’ Generation is back, to kick the other girl groups and again…DOMINATE and RE-GENERATE!!! xDDD they DOMINATED! i recommend the 2nd Mini-Album to everyone who are sick of listening to Rihanna or Chris Brown’s songs… this Mini-album might help you refresh your minds and forget that nonsense Chris Brow-Rihanna arguments… Let’s Go SoShi Let’s Go!!! Hwaiting!!!
Download Link: 4Shared (Password: “imgenieforyouboy”) | MediaFire (Note: you could also DL each song by clicking on the titles…all through my 4Shared)
My Last Words: i’m looking forward to the performances (though their comeback stage turned out so great…) i hope they would sold 200k or more xD of course, dont forget to comment here… this album is a real change to the girls’ genre. a combination of electronic pop, rock and upbeat sound.
Credits: +

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[2009] Lamb of God – Wrath

All songs written and composed by Lamb of God.

1. “The Passing” 1:58
2. “In Your Words” 5:24
3. “Set to Fail” 3:46
4. “Contractor” 3:22
5. “Fake Messiah” 4:34
6. “Grace” 3:55
7. “Broken Hands” 3:53
8. “Dead Seeds” 3:41
9. “Everything to Nothing” 3:50
10. “Choke Sermon” 3:20
11. “Reclamation” 7:05

My Rating: 10/10
My Comment: Really, the best Lamb of God album i think…
Download Link: 4Shared

Girls’ Generation is Back!!!

They’re back again this 2009 for the second time, and still holding the name G or GE, coz’ they’re back with GENIE (applause everyone). I heard it from miica, so nice of her (I brought my pc to my repair shop, the mobo failed. I did a hiatus for 3 weeks)

OK, I guess this new album will show how the girls changed from cute ones to mature ones. So please standby.

They will be back with  the mp3 realease of Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) on 22, and 25 is the release date of the mini album. Can you wait? coz’ I can’t!

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HEC | Cougar 700CM

Cougar CM are a series of Power Supplies by HEC (High-Quality Evolution Commitment), a Taiwan-based company owned by the well-known Compucase Enterprise Ltd. The high-end among all the Cougar CM series is the 700CM which packs with 700Watts total power, enough to satisfy hardcore gamers like me, and is able to operate 2 GPUs (CrossFireX or SLI) of the current generation, with a stylish reddish-orange design to attract gamers. I bought the Cougar 700CM @ PCHub for PHP4,200, as part of my new Core i7 Rig build.

Features of Cougar 700CM:

Type: ATX12V V2.2 / EPS12V V2.91
Maximum Power: 700W Continuous @ 40°C
Fans: 1 x 140mm Ultra Quiet Thermal-Controlled Ball Bearing Fan
PFC: Active
Main Connector: 20+4Pin+12V Rails 2
PCI-E Connectors: 2 x 6Pin, 2 x 8Pin CrossFire Certified SLI NVIDIA HYBRID-SLI Certified – 9800 GX2
Modular: Yes
Efficiency: Up to 87% Efficiency
Energy-Efficient: 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified
Over Voltage Protection: Yes
Overload Protection: Yes
Input Voltage: 100 – 240 V
Input Frequency Range: 50/60 Hz
Input Current: 10A
Output: +3.3V@24A, +5V@20A, +12V1@30A, +12V2@30A, -12V@0.5A, +5VSB@2.5A
Approvals: FCC, UL (E199442), ROHS
Dimensions: 6.5″(L) x 5.9″(W) x 3.4″(H)

Connectors 1 x Main connector (20+4Pin)
1 x 8Pin EPS 12V
1 x 4Pin ATX 12V
6 x peripheral
6 x SATA
1 x Floppy
2 x 6Pin PCI-E
2 x 8Pin PCI-E
Features Dual independent and stable +12V rails promote the best performance to gamers
Supports the newest specifications of ATX12V & EPS12V
Extremely Low Noise Level at < 23dB NVIDIA SLI and CrossFire certified Ultra Quiet Smart Fan Design Modular cable design allows you to detach connectors freely and use only the cables you need Very high efficiency (> 87%) = better power consumption and less heat
Created for usage with current and next-generation multi-core CPU and GPU platforms


– Reddish-Orange stylish design that makes it attractive
– Ultra Large fan below the PSU Structure
– Safety switch in the rear part, accesible at the back of the PC
– Super durable Snake-skin-like cables
– efficient energy saving
– CrossFireX and SLI-Ready


None so far… this one died, very short lifespan. I don’t know if it’s a defect, or the manufacturing is really faulty (check this link).

Performance: 8/10 [ultra-quiet, large 700Watts power]
Value: 7/10 [it’s cheaper than Huntkey’s same 700watts PSU plus, it’s worthy]
Design: 9/10 [reddish-oranged colored theme attracts hardcore gamers]
Overall Rating: 9/10
My Comment: im giving it a perfect score since it fits really well for Black Honey…i’ll see if it fits again when i had another HDD and GPU.I recommend everyone not to buy it anymore, based on my experience.

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INTEL | Desktop Board DX58SO


Recently I have built my first ever custom rig with the newest micro-architecture called “Nehalem” on it. This means that I’m gonna use the new Core i7 CPUs and the new X58 chipset, both by Intel. Now I have my Core i7 920, one thing’s left, a motherboard. Came across a lot of options in choosing the finest motherboard for the i7 CPU that will fit in my budget, of course with all the nicest features.

Among my options for an LGA 1366 motherboard were:

– Intel DX58SO Desktop Board OEM [PHP10,999]
– ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 [PHP19,500]*
– ASUS Rampage II Extreme [PHP23,150]*
– ASUS Rampage II Gene [PHP17,000]*
– Gigabyte GA-E X58-UD3R [PHP14,110]
– Gigabyte GA-E X58-UD5 [PHP16,450]
– Gigabyte GA-EX58-EXTREME [PHP21,060]
– MSI X58 Platinum [PHP13,500]
– MSI X58 Pro [PHP9,999]*

And I’ve made up my mind. I ended up choosing the OEM version of the Intel DX58SO which PCHub offers at only 10,999 with 2years warranty (a year more than the competing brands). And since it is from Intel itself, I’m giving my trust on it more, that it will last longer with supreme durability. Technically, the DX58SO has the following specifications:

– codenamed “SmackOver”
– SKU code: DX58SO
– redesigned ICH10 South bridge chipset
– LGA 1366 or Socket B
– No memory controller [as it is embedded in Core i7]
– Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI)
– supports NVidia SLI and ATI Crossfire X Multi-GPU Technology [two x16 or four x8 PCI Express 2.0]
– Full support of next-generation ATI CrossFire* and Nvidia SLI*
– ATX Form Factor
– Four 240-pin DDR3 SDRAM Dual Inline Memory Module (DIMM) sockets
– Support for DDR3 1600 MHz, DDR3 1333 MHzς, DDR3 1066 MHz
– Support for up to 16 GB of system memory
– Intel® X58 Express Chipset
– Intel® High Definition Audio subsystem in the following configuration:
10-channel (7.1) Dolby Home Theater* Audio subsystem with five analog audio outputs and two S/PDIF digital audio outputs (coaxial and optical) using the Realtek* ALC889 audio codec
– Gigabit (10/100/1000 Mbits/sec) LAN subsystem
– Twelve USB 2.0 ports (8 external ports, 2 internal headers)
– Six Serial ATA 3.0 GB/s ports, including 2 eSATA port with RAID support supplied by a Marvell* controller
– Two IEEE-1394a ports (1 external port, 1 internal header)
– Consumer IR receiver and emitter
– One PCI Conventional* bus add-in card connectors (SMBus routed to PCI Conventional bus add-in card connector)
– One primary PCI Express* 2.0 x16 (electrical x16) bus add-in card connector
– One secondary PCI Express 2.0 x16 (electrical x16) bus add-in card connector
– One PCI Express* 1.0a x16 (electrical x4) bus add-in card connector
– three year limited warranty
– Intel Matrix Storage Technology
– Intel Rapid Recover Technology
– Intel Turbo Memory
– Serial ATA (SATA) 3 Gb/s
– USB Port Disable
– SATA Port Disable

More information can be found here.

As it is now in my hands, up and running, I have observed the key factors of this motherboard that might outperform the other competing brands. The good things were:

– Stable
– Clean-looking
– Lots of expansions slots
– CrossFireX-support
– easy to clean, unlike high-end boards with lots of heat spreaders
– 8 built-in USB 2.0 ports

And while it has a lot of good features, there were still things that makes it “lacking”, and that includes the following:

– since mine is an OEM version, definitely, there’s no Box inlcuded
– there’s no X58 Exprees Chipset sticker included
– no USB 3.0-support
– it has a maximum DDR3 support of 1066MHz, whilst my Corsair XMS3 is rated at 1333MHz (I can make it work only if I flash the system’s BIOS)
– pretty hard to OC

Anyhow, I am super satisfied with the current performance of this motherboard, together with my Core i7 920 CPU as well as the entire system. It will be funny to say that I can predict that this thing will last for more than 5 years, with regular cleaning and maintenance. Although it runs hot compared to common motherboards, it is safe to say that it is expected that Nehalem processors are hot by nature, but outperforms AMD Phenom in a million ways. Good OEM, though!

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