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My 17th Birthday Gift List

Ok, now here, I brought you guys the complete list of the items i got as gifts during my 17th birthday. But, looks like only 75% are being granted? It’s ok. I’m still happy, atleast I got those priority one’s, and btw, i’m also going to post my 2008 christmas wishlist soon, so keep checkin’. So, here’s the list i’m talking about:

  1. Samsung Tocco F480 – October 5, 2008
  2. Bunch of Colorful Everyday-Boxers
  3. Some Hoodies
  4. Vans Classic Slip-On – Bonefish
  5. Vans Tee-Shirt
  6. Lee X-Line Steel Gray Denim Jeans
  7. Lots of new cool & cute Tee’s…
  8. Bedtime Slippers
  9. Celfone Strap plus Key-chains
  10. Plaid-Patterned Short

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Ok, first of all, this would be my first and last review for my RIZR Z3, so i should put all the things   this gadget boasts. I’ve been using this phone for 1 year already, and this is the first time i managed a cellphone to last for atleast one year (hahaha very funny xD). I was actually always unaware of my earlier cellphones. Before having this phone, i do have a Nokia 3315, which was stolen by someone in my highschool days, the other one is a MOTO C651, which is very memorable because i lost it in a public transportation vehicle. In my Junior highschool, my mom bought me a MOTO E398, which is quite impressive coz’ it already has built-in mp3 player and is available for motomodding, too bad, i did not managed to mod it atleast one time coz’, it died. September 2007, I want to rush myself buying a new phone, so i can manage to text my college classmates. I even pursue my mom to give me enough money to buy one, about 11,000. Before, I was actually planning to buy another MOTO, which is the ROKR E2, coz’ it really made me obsessed of the “ROKR” name. But, seems like the ROKR E2 i’m wanting too is quite expensive, which costs about 14k in that time, and is acyually always been “out of stock”. I felt bad and hopeless upon knowing that the phone i’m wanting too is quite dislikes me. Soon, i just picked a phone with style. My sister knows me for being unaware in style in terms of choosing a cellphone, but this time, it changed me when i picked the RIZR Z3 (Whoa!!!). Well, the RIZR Z3 costs only 10k, quite inexpensive. Actually, it even impressed me more than the ROKR E2. Why? Because: 1.) RIZR has 2 Megapixels of Camera Resolution vs. ROKR’s 1.3 Megapixels. 2.) RIZR is quite newer than the ROKR. 3.) RIZR is a slide phone, so it’s a stylish phone, whilst ROKR is just candybar =(. So, i just picked the RIZR, for about 10k, with free 256mb of microSD, a stock earphone, free sim card, etc. It also has a good box packaging. After a few days, i tried modding the phone, and unfortunately, I bricked it. 😦

Now, i have to take it back to the store =(. Thank God, they didn’t mention anything about it and just replaced it to another handset. Oh, i remember, the headset is quite faulty, MONO!. But since my classmate Jeson, has a stolen SLVR L7, i managed to beg for his headset which is quite better, SSTEREO! Now, back to the “bricked” thing. After having the same phone again, i first made it last for about 2 months, 3 months, 4 months… Then, when i felt bored of the phone, i tried the MODDING again! Fortunately, it worked! 🙂

Firstly, I learned modding from Java Games…Then later, installing skins….then later and later….MONSTER PACKS! which made me brick my phone again. And i thought it would be my last time to have a phone. Thank God, with my very playful mind, i managed to revive it again, and it even turned my phone to a new look, better performing RIZR Z3!!! Soon and soon, later and later, i flashed better Monster Packs. Right now, i’m using ferdusinho’s Z3 mp, which is quite louder when playing mp3 songs, actually, same loudness as my big brother’s Nokia N95. I can now even capture and watch videos in mp4 format, view wordclock, play a lot of games (Guitar Hero 3, man!). This phone is really amazing. I don’t know hot to forget this phone and give it to my mom, while me having my new haptic phone, Samsung Tocco F480. huhuhu it’s quite sad. Atleast 1 year, it made me a cerified motomodder.

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