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What Should A True Gamer Look Like When It’s Friday The 13th???

What should a true gamer look like when getting obsessed??? yeah, getting obsessed to my new PlayStation 3, we rule!!! scary fuckin’ face…


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It’s Slim, It’s Beauty, and a Beast!!!

aryt now folks, finally i got my own PlayStation 3 Slim!!! yeah, it’s the slim one i got here and now i’m gonna introduce it to yah, my new gaming bestfriend (besides Black Honey, and the rest of my gaming gadgets)

ok, so we’ve got the new slim one. it’s slimmer than the originatl “phat” ps3 we’ve seen so far. the idea is that, it consumes less power, less space, but more enhanced “beasty” features such as improved CPU + GPU capabilities, more stable temperature control, and finally, lesser YLOD!!!

what i’ve got here is the CECH-2000A model, which is the 120gb version. this one’s an Asian version, so PlayStation Network Store should be in Hong Kong dollars, instead of USD or Japan Yen. PlayStation Store works for any region, just create another PSN account. Anyway, i don’t care about the currency etc etc… The only difference for me is the Cancel and Ok button which in US versions (X=Ok O=Cancel) while in my Asian version (X=Cancel O=Ok). Kind of different, as my PS2 is configured like the US version’s settings.

i bought the slim one on 110809, @ Datablitz Greenhills. Got it @ 16,800 bucks, my mom bought me as a late-birthday present, together with a copy of Tekken 6, which made me more addicted haha (It’s better to buy things with your mom thank just buying it alone, for her to see how happy you are). btw, this ps3 is equipped with the next generation GPU, called RSX, by NVIDIA, and a multicore CPU called Cell, by IBM. Honestly it’s so powerful, more powerful than today’s gaming PC, and the fact that it costs 299$ nowadays (compared to my Core i7 – Radeon HD4850 rig which cost me for 60,000bucks) and another fact that it has been released for 3 years already. It’s more powerful coz’ it has Wi-Fi, Ethernet port, Bluetooth, what else??? ahmm… the non-stop USB 2.0 action is still there, and the hundred dollar priced blu-ray drive that makes this console the beauty, the beast, and the best… better coz’, i can watch my favorite divx encoded avi, mp4, tp, ts and mkv videos of Girls’ Generation. actually i copied all the episodes of You Are My Destiny in the ps3 harddrive… yeah, it doesn’t suck… it’s wicked sick!!! coz’ i don’t have to place those dvd i burned just to watch them, i just need to navigate the system to the video option and BOOM!!! ok?

so, it comes with a piece of the new redesigned SIXAXIS and/or the never – ending series of the playstation controllers… what was it again? it’s dual shock… it’s dual shock 3!!! shocked? and we’ve got an AV cable, which is i prefer to use, since i don’t have any HDTV in my house at the moment. wait until mom bought one…or two? xD


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