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EVENT | Intel Digital Showdown

After attending the launching of Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run Run and Hoot albums in Odyssey, on my way I spotted an Intel booth. I decided to check it out coz’ I’ve seen the music video of Girls’ Generation’s Visual Dreams playing straight from Intel’s HDTV. There, a woman in white Intel T-shirt spoke to me and asked me to register, and if I do, I’ll get a free Intel fan. And so I did it. The woman also asked me if I can give them a minute to participate in an activity called “Director’s Cut”. She told me that all I have to do is to become a director for a minute by asking the Mime what to do. And again, no doubt, I did it.

After that, they burned the video into a blank DVD, and later I watched it at home, and here you go:

The time I finished directing the Mime, had a picture with him and they gave another freebie, which is a tumbler. (Good for me coz’ I am so depressed that time not receiving the SNSD tumbler freebie from GG Revolution). Thanks to Intel Philippines!

By the way, the woman in an Intel T-shirt is cute. 🙂

|> 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation) – Visual Dreams (Pop! Pop!) – Intel Collaboration Song

EVENT | GG Revolution at SM Megamall

Despite the windy and depressive dark sky and atmosphere because of Falcon, and my busy schedule, I still had the opportunity to buy the album and take part with the launching of Mr.Taxi/Run Devil Run and Hoot albums in Odyssey in SM Megamall. It was really worth the hassle. Freebies here and freebies there, so I decided to go and buy both.

I came around 10AM, and there I saw a lot of filipino SONEs. Also, a lot of SNSD standees, to be raffled and given away free. I hope I can have those. 🙂

It’s too bad, they run out of SNSD tumblers. I will have to wait for my reservation, I just hope that the time they are giving them away, I have no work schedule. Oh well, atleast I got a free tumbler from Intel after participating with their even, also in SM Megamall. Anyway, here are the goodies:

|> 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation) – Visual Dreams (Pop! Pop!) – Intel Collaboration Song

NEWS | IM YOONA and SONEs are the trend!

Yesterday, we saw a lot of hollywood singers and artists names together with their respective fanclubs trending in The list includes Justin & Beliebers at #3, Taylor & Swifties at #4, Gaga & Monsters at #5, Demi and Lovatics at #6, and more.

Some K-Pop fanatics became really frustrated (including me) bacause the the day after that night is Girls’ Generation Yoona’s birthday, and of course, it’s a must to make Yoona up in the trends list. I did not sleep early because of this, trying to help other SONEs and non-SONEs. However, as I’ve checked right now, I can see IM YOONA in the 5th spot.

Surprisingly, SONEs is also trending. This is a very good news for K-Pop fans. I hope IM YOONA can make it to the number 1 spot. On the other hand, let us greet Yoona a happy birthday. 🙂

BTW, here are some of my posts last night:

That’s all, and please keep Yoona noona in the top trends.

|> Trivium – Throes of Perdition

Girls’ Generation X My Princess – Hoot

Audio Details:

Title: Hoot
Artist: Girls’ Generation
Album: Hoot EP (2010)
Genre: K-Pop, Dance-Pop, Electro-Pop

Video Details:

Clips from MBC My Princess’ first episodes and a performance video of Girls’ Generation in SBS Inkigayo with Hoot. This is my first creating a video using Sony Vegas Pro 10. First, I made the My Princess clip in Windows Movie Maker 6.0 together with the Hoot mp3. And then I re-timed and finalized the video (including the video movement of the 2nd video) in Vegas Pro 10. I hope you guys enjoyed, and please leave a comment or hit the “Like” button if you’re satisfied with it. 🙂 I will provide a download link of the source file in HD 720P soon.

|> Vanessa Carlton – Ordinary Day

NEWS | Mr. Taxi full Music Video released!!

A few days ago, I did some report about the release of Girls’ Generation’s Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run single, and then the Dance Version of the highly anticipated music video of the new Japanese single, Mr. Taxi. Finally, just right now, SM Entertainment released the full version of the internet-sensation music video.

The news came out from Twitter, via Soshified’s tweet:

Our friends from Soshified spread the word, along with an attached link which re-directs to the music video uploaded in YouTube. Here its goes:

[Credits to: yuri0sss]

Now, now, what can you say about it? As for me, just like what I expected from the dance version, I believe the all-kill status SNSD is expecting will no wonder come true. Re-tweet this post now by hitting the twitter button below, and spread the word!

|> f(x) – 피노키오 (Danger)

Mr. Jeepney!

It’s the 19th of April today, almost less than a week until the release of Girls’ Generation’s very first Japanese double A-side single which is Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run.

A few weeks ago, SM Entertainment released the teaser photo the new single, and a week ago, the Music Video of the japanese version of Run Devil Run came out in YouTube.

Just some days ago, I decided to visit the unified SNSD thread in local tech forum, TipidPC. I came across a photo with the SNSD Mr. Taxi teaser photo edited in a very awesome way. I was laughing out so hard, the idea is just so cool. It was a Photoshop~ed image. Instead of the black-colored taxi in the background, it has a jeepney!

I would like to praise the person behind this creative image. Very awesome idea!

Credits to: The owner of the image.

|> Bullet for My Valentine – Watching Us Die Tonight

NEWS | Mr. Taxi teaser photo revealed!

Girls’ Generation is aiming for another all-kill comeback in Japan, despite the current situation due to the tsunami crisis. Here, we have the teaser photo of the new double A-side single Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run. What do you think?

Of course, they rock. There’s also an announcement earlier that SNSD will donate their income to Japan and to the victims of the tsunami crisis. Good work SM Ent. Good work SNSD. 🙂

|> Bullet For My Valentine – Road to Nowhere

DIARY | Happy 300th page TPC GeeGeeGee Boys!!

It’s Tuesday right now, and I’m sure your kids or you kids are enjoying your time at home coz’ there’s no classes today. Actually, what you’re thinking of right now isn’t what I, and certain netizens are celebrating about. We, TipidPC users are happy celebrating the 300th page of the unified Girls’ Generation thread.

Born in the hands of Sir lawliet on November 16, 2009. The thread started the time the girls are currently promoting the LG CYON Chocolate Love song, and I’m sure as a guy you enjoy the Music Video. As every TipidPC memebers can join the thread, it is now flooded with photos of the girls, YouTube video sharing, file sharing and most commonly, the talks. Most posts are from Sir hobbes (the one who’s very good in korean), sir ahdouken, sir RENDERMAN (who always flood the thread with pics and downloads), sir harhar, sir makubexXx and many more (I’m sorry to the other guys, it’s just a proof we’re too many in the thread now). I can say I already have atleast 50 posts of the thread.

July 11, 2010

I remember those days when I first saw this thread, I was so grateful and tweeted it in my Facebook, that even in TipidPC, there is atleast a group composed of filipino SONEs and soon-to-be-SONEs, active and all stuck in the beauty of Girls’ Generation. I even compared it to the 2NE1 thread (and I’m sorry for that, I’m starting to love 2NE1 now). Well, that’s already months ago.

And now we’re happy celebrating its 300th page, while yesterday’s the 1st anniversary.
I hope the TipidPC admins won’t give us any of those *
Long live TipidPC SNSD unified thread!! ❤

|> Girls’ Generation (Jessica) – Sweet Delight (SPC Ver.)

[2010] Girls’ Generation – Hoot (009)

Artist: Girls’ Generation / 소녀시대 / So Nyuh Shi Dae
Album Title: The 3rd Mini Album – Hoot (009)

Release Type: Mini Album
Release Date: October 27, 2010
Record Label: SM Entertainment
Promotional Single(s): 훗 (Hoot)
Genre(s): K-Pop, Teen-Pop, Dance-Pop, Ballad, Pop Rock, Bubblegum Pop, RnB


1. 훗 (Hoot)
2. 일어나 (Wake Up)
3. 단짝 (My Best Friend)
4. 내 잘못이죠 (Mistake)
5. 첫눈에 (Snowy Wish)

Finally! The girls are back in South Korea to dominate the charts again. And with this, their new EP titled Hoot, I’m sure fangirls and fanboys will be excited again. Released just 22 days after my birthday, they are also currently number 1 in the J-Pop market with their recent J-Pop single -slash- remake of Gee! I’m looking forward to their comeback stages for Music Bank this friday on KBS2, Inkigayo on SBS and Music Core on MBC. Anyway, I’m giving the links to you now, just click every song above or download the full album below, through MediaFire. Remember to buy the album once you’re able to. SNSD Fighting! Remember to leave a comment ^^

EDIT: If you want to listen to the title song Hoot, don’t bother and check the video below. I made it just now (101028) with PS3 game Bayonetta clips and using the new Windows Live Movie Maker 2011:

or watch it directly in YouTube.

My Rating: 9.5/10 – Very good new comeback from the girls.

|> In This Moment – Prayers

2010 | Rhythm Zone

Are you disappointed with Bandmaster? Looking for another simple music/rhythm video game for you computer? Now try Rhythm Zone. I have tried playing this game for a while and believe me, you’ll get addicted to it in your first tries. It wasn’t that great but atleast it has a decent Online capabilities. It does have a great interface and graphics effects but for for this game, forget the crappy online community/tambayan that you’ve seen in Band Master. Honestly, that feature doesn’t have sense in anyway, you just can see your character to show of with the other players, apart from it, non anymore.

The biggest thing of Rhythm Zone is the ability to load your own songs, yes, your own songs, your own mp3 collection. You can also have a song library categorized by artists, albums or genres. That’s it but there’s more. The songs you load can actually be detected automatically by the online radio Last.FM. However, not all songs can be discovered, but atleast, almost all songs, so thanks for that feature. Upon playing the game, I did tried K-Pop songs, SNSD Yoona’s latest single “Innisfree Day” in particular. It was cool. I love how the visualization works. I can see some similarities of the game engine of Rhythm Zone and another music/rhythm game I’ve been playing last few months called “AudioSurf”. Still, there is some large differences between the two. Controls are just one thing. You just have to watch out for 4 color-coded speaker-looking thing-y that is similar to RockBand’s 4-piece-drum-notes. Beats are what the game is about, similar to the ever-popular iPhone game Tap Tap Revenge, so follow the beat, hit the notes and you’re all set.

The Online capability of the game is to upload your score for a certain song and compare it to the other players worldwide through the leaderboards. One more thing is that, it does not take a lot of your harddrive space and is playable with almost all computers that can play videos. Other than that, this game is simple. If you’re curious on how the game looks like, check out this videos and screenshots I uploaded so far.

BoA – Hurricane Venus

4MINUTE – I My Me Mine

f(x) – NU ABO

Girls’ Generation – Oh!

T-ARA – I Go Crazy Because of You

Yoona – Innisfree Day (Eco Song)

T-ARA – Bo Peep Bo Peep

All videos credits to my YouTube channel: joaquinangelito

…out of 10s:

Gameplay: 8 (The game is fun at first, but just like BandMaster, Tap Tap Revenge, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, AudioSurf, you’ll get bored after a month or two. Atleast in this game, you have lots of songs to play to!)
Sound: 9.5 (The game’s sound effects is somewhat almost perfect, however, I found a bug just before you start any song…)
Graphics: 10 (I’m giving it a perfect score because it has a very appealing textures and background animations that weren’t present in some games and in my opinion, can be very attractive to girls. Also, it does not require a lot of your videocard’s resources, even your old notebook’s Intel GMA 950 can run this game flawlessly)

Overall: 9.16

~End of Story~

|> Foo Fighter – Learn to Fly