Monthly Archives: March 2013

[DIARY] Her Sparkling Nails…

Her Sparkling Nails…
Tries not to fail..
Those nails were like her smile,
every glimpse of it makes my heart fly.

|> Motorhead – Ace of Spades

[DIARY] Sweetspicydinner

Howdy! It’s dinner time now,

Let’s eat people!

|> Killswitch Engage – Holy Diver

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[DIARY] Gorabels…

Where do we go?
We’re going to go hangout and have fun…!


Check out my new Carribean outdor slippers!


|> Green Day – American Idiot

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[DIARY] Sundayness…

Sunday is leisure day,
And today is our monthsary, again.
I’m so happy celebrating this day with her,
We’re going out today to see the beauty of life.
Looking forward to see how it goes.


I Love You Misiscomputer..


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[DIARY] Going strong…

In Love,
There’s only a yes or no.
If you say yes,
That means you’re ready for it.
You’re wanting to feel happiness,
And you’re ready if tomorrow brings sadness.
It’s quite risky, but that’s how it is.
And that’s how I keep fighting for it.
That someday, this love will be my forever.
I can feel it.

My 17 is forever…


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