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DIARY | Seventeen II

It’s been 2 months.
It’s quite long and fast.
But all I know is I learned more about her,
and this priceless relationship we have.
I enjoy having her,
and will definitely enjoy being with her forever.

Thank you to the following people who made this “17” more memorable than what I could imagine. To our dearest professors in AMA Fairview, Mr. Kirk Alvin Awat, Mr. Albert Santiago, Mr. Don Corpuz, Mr. Oscar Halamani, Mr. Christian Ceballos, Ms. May San Pablo, Ms. Karen Boco, Ms. Imelyn Rose Salvador, Ms. Theresa Lazaro, Ms. Sarah Sarzaba, Ms. Cecilia Torella, and to these students, Anjel Calderon and Mark Riego, and also to my family, Jan Vincent, Jessavelle Ann and Jhanzen, who completed the number 17 with me and made her cry in happiness. Thank you so much and we will do our best while keeping all your advise in mind.

To my dearest Mamey, my one and only,
Please take care of yourself when I am not around.
Take your daily vitamins and go enjoy life to the fullest… with me.
More 17s to come and more places to explore! 🙂

|> McFly – It’s All About You


DIARY | The Heart…

The heart is really one Goddamn mysterious thing.
The brain told us that it was just a part of the body that you can’t live without it attached to your inner chest.
It is the red thing-y covered in blood and veins that beats every second or less.

In reality, the heart is the most precious thing that God gave to us.
No, it is not like brain that gave us the benefit to learn and widen the knowledge.
Heart is something that made us human.
To be human is to feel and get affected by the other human around you.

The heart might be your favorite part of being a human, or sometimes, it might be your worst enemy.
Not because it hurts you physically.
But affection towards the person you love the most can be as cruel and injustice to your heart’s feelings.
It is indeed very hurtful.
Have you ever had that feeling?
The feeling of being hurt?
Yes, you are.
When you were just a kid, didn’t you remember the time when your parents go to work while you are being left behind?
When you were told by your classmate that you lack in everything you do?

How about in a relationship?
You thought your partner is giving you his/her all but in the end, it’s not you who he/she wants to fall in love with?
The moment you heard a name that’s included in the past?
The time you were being ignored by him/her?
When everything’s down, you thought he/she can console you but nothing happened and it was you who cried all night?
So hurtful, isn’t it?

No matter what, that’s the nature of a relationship.
Being hurt is one favorite client of the heart, and it is you who can only deal with it.
It’s either to choose and decide what to do next or to ignore it and just keep being hurt.
But never give up.
As I’ve said, being hurt is part of a relationship.
Every second or less, it’s possible for you to get hurt.
Either it’s a small thing or not.

In my experience, I haven’t given up until now.
I keep on being hurt, just like every people.
But still I never let myself defeated by it.
It is not because I’m strong enough.
It is not because I know how to deal with it.
But the reason why I keep on standing straight
is because I LOVE HER to death,
I’m gonna fight for it
and I’m ready to risk my everything that’s why I’m giving her my all.

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BLOG | 60,000 Hits!!!

After almost 3 months of celebrating my 50k hits, I am now thanking everyone for making mistercomputer a great weblog for various media. I now achieved another 10,000 hits. Thank you everyone.

It’s pretty obvious that the author is quite inactive in blogging and the picture below explains it all.

It’s a photo of myself holding my girl’s pretty hand.

I am so happy having her around and I now have a lot of dreams I want to fulfill with her. I Love her.

By the way, I have plans for changing the domain name of mistercomputer to just mrcomputer. Do you agree? I hope it’s fine with you all.

More contents soon, so just sit back and relax. 60k FTW!

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