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Lesson 2: Ethics in IT

Why Fostering Good Business Ethics?
1. To gain the goodwill of the community.
2. To create an organization that operates consistently.
3. To produce good business.
4. To protect the organization and its employee from legal action.
5. To avoid unfavorable publicity.

Ethics in Information Technology:
1. Today’s workers might have their email and Internet access monitored while at work.
2. Use networks to download music and movies at no change.
3. Hackers break into databases of financial institutions and steal customer information.
4. Student downloading material from Internet.

Lesson 1: Introduction to Ethics

What is Ethics?
– is a set of beliefs about right and wrong behavior.
– is the study of what is right and wrong.
– comes from the latin word “ethos”, which means characteristic way of acting; and “logos”, which means study.

Virtues habit that incline people to do what is acceptable.
Vices habits of unacceptable behavior.
Morality quality of goodness and badness in human act.
Human Actsis an act which proceeds from deliberate free will of man.

Elements of Human Acts:
1. Knowledge
2. Freedom
3. Voluntariness

Modifiers of Human Acts:
1. Ignorance
2. Conscience
3. Fear
4. Violence
5. Habit

Netiquette Rules:
1. Do not use other people’s resources without permission.
2. Respect other people’s privacy and security.
3. Your profile reflect who you are.
4. We’re on cyberspace but we’re still humans.
5. One of the limitations of communicating electronically is the difficulty in communicating emotions, so use emoticons.
6. Avoid using captial letters.
7. Respect other people’s time.
8. Know where you are in the virtual world.
9. Know hot to handle flames.

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Code of Ethics of the Filipino IT Professionals

I will promote public knowledge, understanding and appreciation of Information technology.

I will consider the general welfare and public welfare and public good in the performance of my work.

I will advertise goods or professional services in a clear and truthful manner.

I will comply and strictly abide by the intellectual property laws, patent laws and other related laws in respect of Information Technology.

I will accept the full responsibility for the work undertaken and utilize my skills with competence and professionalism.

I will make truthful statements on my areas of competence as well as the capabilities and qualities of my product and services.

I will not disclose or use ant confidential information obtained in course of professional duties without the consent of the parties concerned except when required by the laws.

I will strive to atain the highest quality in both the products and services that offer.

I will knowingly participate in the development of the Information Technology.

I will uphold and improve the IT professionals’ standards through continuing profession in order to enhance the IT profession.


This is the “Code of Ethics of the Filipino IT Professionals”

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