Monthly Archives: February 2014

[DIARY] Go away, Flu!


|> Killswitch Engage – A tribute to the Fallen


[DIARY] Music gets you connected to your Love one


Music is everything.
It connects you and your Love one like a magic.
Whether it’s a Taylor Swift melody or the aggressiveness of Killswitch Engage,
it’s still a matter of how you both enjoy each other’s company,
so no worries on whatever the tunes you’re listening.

It’s Love when you also listen to what your Love listens – Period!

|> Jason Mraz – Wordplay

[DIARY] Love is in the Air…


Love is in the air,
Yet we’re not together this day.
I may be sad but we need to hold on,
keep walking and we’ll be strong
We’ll face those hardships but we will learn to survive,
You and me in an eternal life.

I Love You and I know you do too,
Let’s continue to always be true.

Happy Hearts Day my Dearest 🙂

|> Killswitch Engage – My Curse