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DIARY | I keep hurting myself…

I’m really confused now,
crazy, maybe?
You did nothing to hurt me,
but why do I keep hurting myself?

I know it’s past.
I know.
But everytime I came across the past,
I start to feel so weak,
really weak…

Truth is, it’s just you who can always strengthen me,
who can make me forget those things,
and let go of it.

And I’m so sorry for being like this to you, to myself,
and to this relationship.
I didn’t mean to be like this.
I’m just a person and will always be, who fail and have feelings.
And your continuous patience of my ever-immature jealousy is what keeps me standing up again.
I Love You, and I know you do, too.

“I keep seeing the dark, when it’s bright. I keep seeing the wrong, when it’s all right.”

|> Hoobastank – If I Were You

DIARY | A month to go, baby…

Year 143 B.C.
In an epic battle called “Love”,
there is an alliance called “Sadness”,
and there is an alliance called “Happiness”.
Together they fight against each other and became the largest war on mankind.

The “Sadness” alliance fight as they believe that there is nothing on this earth but sadness, anger and every negativity.
The “Happiness” alliance, on the other hand, believes that happiness will lead us to unity, and that every mistake can be healed.

Just like in real world, we are onto two different feelings. Sadness and Happiness.
But despite them being different to each other, contradicting each other,
they are still part of the feeling called “Love”.

No matter how many sadness we come into,
I always believe that time will heal it,
and as we help each other move one,
we can make it,
we can make “Love” won our hearts together.

Love won’t be erased by an eraser.
It won’t be vanished unlike supernatural entities.
Your past Love will always have a deep meaning,
but I do believe that what matters most is who you Love at the present time
and who do you want to spend the rest of your life.
Love is always written.
In a paper, maybe?
In a stone?
In a wall?
In my heart. Yes. Period.

Happy 11th monthsary, Mimi. I LOVE YOU.

|> 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation)-TTS – Baby Steps

DIARY | If Ever He Lived…

He’s a great man.
Everyone knows that.
He knows how to be somebody’s friend.
He knows how to be everyone’s helping buddy.
He tries his best of what he could be.
He tries to do everything so life won’t be any regret.
He’s so kind to my Mom, as he treats her like a princess.
And I wish I could do so.

He is my idol.
He is my daddy.
After all, he’s not with me now.
If ever he lived, you’ll meet him.
I feel bad that you won’t be able to.
I just wished it did happened.
But that’s not as easy as it is. Sigh.
He’s at peace now.
And I know he’s happy for you and me.

|> Good Charlotte – Emotionless

TP-LINK | TL-841N Wireless-N Router

Good day everyone! I’m so excited this week as I’ve got my hands on my new TP-LINK wireless router, namely the TL-841N. Not to mention, I bought it yesterday, June 2, in PCHub SM Fairview branch, while I was with my girlfriend, for 1820 bucks. Check it out.

Along with the TL-841N Wireless Router, the box comes with its designated adapter, an RJ45/LAN cable, Setup CD and product manual.

The TL-841N is a TP-LINK Wireless-N Router product that is designed mostly for Home & Office use, or the so-called SOHO (Small Office/Home Office). Technologically, it packs with the latest Wireless-N or the IEEE 802.11n, which transmits data for up to 300mbps. A router that is capable of transmitting Wireless-N (IEEE 802.11n) data, which is up to 300mbps, is 6x better than a Wireless-G (IEEE 802.11g) which is capable at a maximum of 54mbps. Also, there exists routers that transmits 150mbps which is what they call as Wireless-N draft routers or Wireless-N lite.

300mbps is good enough in sharing media files and/or streaming HD videos. I have tried watching the latest Girls’ Generation-TTS – Twinkle music video that is stored in my desktop’s harddrive to my ASUS K73SV notebook. It streams the video flawlessly, considering that it is a 1080P mkv video with a file size of not more than 200MB. The TL-841N is still using the currently common 2.4GHz transmitting frequency. In my own test a while ago, it took me 12 minutes to copy a total of 7GB folder from my notebook to my PC, which is quite impressive. Seeing that, I was glad that I can utilize the 300mbps Wireless-N feature of my new TP-LINK router.

Photobucket Photobucket

Using Windows 7’s HomeGroup, I decided to connect all my devices, including my Desktop PC, my ASUS notebook, and even my older sister’s Toshiba notebook, so we can share files easily, or stream them on-the-go. I configured the router using my web browser and utilized the MAC Filtering feature so that, only our devices can access the router’s signal, that also includes my PlayStation 3 (I use the internet to access PlayStation Network, sync my trophies, download demos and stuffs, and also to stream my media files straight to my TV) and my older sister’s Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S Android Phone (so she can access the internet).


The router is placed on the 2nd level of my house, right next to my Desktop PC, near my ISP’s Modem device, and to my surprise, my PlayStation 3 (which is located in the 1st level of my house) can still receive the best signal from the internet. Thanks to the built-in Dual 5dbi Antenna. In a test I made together with my older sister, using her Android phone, we learned that she can still access the router even outside our house, near the residential highway. Take note that it also depends on the receiving device’ capability, and in our test, it was her phone. I wonder if a better device, like a notebook, can reach. Anyhow, we concluded that the router performs very well, more than what it should meet.

Photobucket Photobucket

The router is easy to configure, as it comes with a setup CD that can guide you to modify the settings of the router, based on your preference.


Alternatively, you can access the control center of the router and change the common stuffs, as well as perform advanced features of the device through your web browser, by typing the IP address:

The design of the TL-841N is quite simplistic, mostly made of plastic, but if you can notice, the designers of the product considered that not all countries has cold weather. It comes with light indicators, together with the corresponding symbols so users can easily understand. Check it out, lots of holes for ventilation!


At the rear part of the router, aside from the un-attachable omni-directional dual 5dbi antennas, comes the Power button, the Factory Reset button, the QSS button, a DC IN, a WAN port for connecting your ISP’s Modem, and 4 extra 10/100 Gigabit LAN ports for wired devices.


Before I conclude, here’s the Unboxing video of the TP-LINK TL-841N Wireless Router:

In conclusion, the TL-841N Wireless Router is a very good performing full Wireless-N router by TP-LINK. It wasn’t my first Wireless Router, by the way. My old one is a Wireless-G Edimax BR-6204WLG I bought as a bargain (and now I’m selling it) from an old student which is so hard to configure. In that experience, I became sensitive upon choosing which brand to buy, and which model. I wasn’t good in Cisco networking too, back in college days so I have less idea on the technologies used in networking (but learned a lot when I started configuring this device). I’ve been choosing between the 150mbps TP-LINK WR740N or this one. But I was relieved that there’s no regret, I bought a very good product, and TP-LINK also. Check this product out in the official website. Hope to get my hands on another TP-LINK product!

|> 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation) TTS (TaeTiSeo) – Twinkle