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Features various EPIC computer Rigs and their specifications exclusively for Pinoy PC Enthusiast.

The Pinoy Rig Show Vol.3

Here we go again, for another rig story to feature. This time, we’re going to have a closer look at sir ronkx‘s “white-outside, colorful-inside” rig.

This monster rig was unveiled on the SMYR thread in TPC on November 16, 2010, just 3 days ago, by sir ronkx. This one isn’t the type you can show off for having the latest components. Instead, I would prefer it calling a “humble but versatile” one. White and clear. Almost like a Pimp-my-Macintosh. I believe this neat chassis is an NZXT Phantom, and yes, it’s cool. If you have the time to look at what a Phantom can give you, do it. You’ll see a bunch of awards grabbed by this one in the NZXT website. If you’re wondering, the front and upper part of the chassis are the plastic ones, the rest are all heavy metal \m/.

Those black/white system fans are included in the chassis. Sir ronkx did not managed to cope up with the color combination. I think he did that on purpose. If you look at it, we’ve got a blue colored CPU fan mounted on the motherboard and a red-colored-line in system’s gpu. It’s good having that black GIGABYTE power supply, matches the color.

As I’ve said above, this one’s the simple type of rig, not those for hardcore guys. I’m not sure what components are installed in this one. But to be honest, having an NZXT Phantom’s enough. I’ve gone to the website a while ago, and to the webpage of the Phantom. Hmm… It’s interesting to see that the Phantom have built-in fan controller and I’m getting jealous. I’m pretty sure the plastic parts of this chassis are durable enough, even if you drop it like many times, it may not break. There’s still a lot of drive bays empty, and yes it can handle more than 8 HDDs, if you’re files are mostly Bluray ripped movies. I’m not pretty sure if this one’s equipped with an optical drive but if you think of it, most systems have, agree? Also, looks like you can install separate system fans just below those HDD containers, cool.

STYLE – 8.5
SPACE – 10

This one’s pretty reminiscent to sir tsakoyy’s “Assassin’s Creed” rig huh. But if you think of it, this one’s more neat. If I have to NAME it myself, it would be… “Assassin’s Creed II” rig 😀 But wait, where’s the Brotherhood one? ^_^

Before we put an end to this article, I would like to personally thank sir ronkx for this wonderful creature he just built.
Thanks for reading!

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The Pinoy Rig Show Vol.2

Today, another all-hail rig will turn your eyes into ice. This rig by sir Urfantasyguy of TipidPC just caught my eye. I swear, you have to take a look at it now.

Honestly, it does not give you the good impression at first, especially if you’re eyeing to the outer appearance, but when you start to take some glimpse on the inside of the box, you’ll see what I was talking about.

As you can see, this monster rig is wearing a MSI GTX460 hawk, firmly equipped in an MSI P55 GD55 motherboard, with an Intel Core i7-870 as the CPU while the stock cooler disregarded and instead, plugged an aftermarket Xigmatek Balder. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about those 4 gigs Corsair RAM sticks speeding up to 1600. All of these power-hungry components connected to a Corsair HX750, and weared by an AeroCool CyborgX, a pretty awesome choice.

Here you see the MSI GTX460 card and the red-black-colored thing-y on the right side below, I think it’s a customized Western Digital Caviar, matched with the customized Corsair HX750.

Generally, sir Urfantasyguy intended to make this rig in a color-concept combining Red and Black, as opposed to sir tsakoyy’s Assasin’s Creed rig. It’s a plus that this rig doesn’t use any water-cooling system, and that the cables inside are arranged very well. If I could define this monster rig in a single word, that would be “Infernus”, because of those HOT and SEXY components inside and the fact that it is a combination of Red and Black. Cool, isn’t it?

STYLE – 9.0
SPACE – 10

Thanks for reading the second part of TPRS. I would like to thank sir Urfantasyguy for the awesome-ness of this rig, and to guys of TipidPC!

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The Pinoy Rig Show Vol.1

Hey guys! It’s the first edition of The Pinoy Rig Show! Are you excited? Yes I am, I’m writing it as much as I can and I already saw some EPIC-looking Rigs all the way from TipidPC. Sometimes I feel jealous, uhh, I think that’s how getting poor is… That’s what the world anyway. If you haven’t read my introduction about this new segment, click here. So much for that, we’ll start off with Sir tsakoyy‘s new repainted Rig. I’ve seen this from the “Show Me Your RIG!” thread from TipidPC:

Honestly, I can’t seem to recognize what components he used when you look far. Let’s look a little more.

Sir tsakoyy told me the right specs this rig is equipped with, the morning after I published this article. Finally, I’ve learned that this is a Cooler Master CM Storm Sniper, originally colored black, and recently repainted in white. Internal components include a Core i5 750 mounted to an Asus Maximus 3 Formula, armed 2 gigs of DDR3 Arctic RAMs, an Asus GTX 280 (connected to the water cooling system), a humble 160 gigs of Western Dgital HDD, all powered by a 620 watts Enermax PSU.

Anyhow, I can see he’s using a water-cooling formula to cool his CPU as well as his GPU. Looks good with the white theme. I can describe it as “an Assassin’s Creed-inspired rig”, with all the CPU casing parts repainted from black to white. It’s a good thing he also did repainted his Power Supply, and the cable modules also matched the white-themed interior. Here’s a summary of what water cooling system he used:

Swiftech 360 Radiator
Swiftech 240 Radiator
Corsair 655 Pump
Ek 250ml Reservoir
Ek GTX 280 GPU Water Block
Heatkiller CPU Water Block
2pcs Bitspower 90deg Rotary Elbow
4pcs Bitspower 45deg Rotary Elbow
10pcs Feser Compression Fitting 3/8×5/8
Danger Den UV White Tube
5pcs DK Fans 90 CFM

As for the exterior, I’m a bit intrigued at why this CPU doesn’t have any optical drive installed. Anyhow, because of the removal of the optical drive, the Rig as a whole look pretty simple, classy and sexy. It’s even more sexier with the addition of those Red-colored drive-bay locks. You can see on the upper part of the image that there’s a fan controller installed. Hmmm… coold 😀 I cannot see what GPU card he’s using but I’m sure it’s a high-end one and it’s pretty long. Anyhow, I assure this rig is able to replace new GPUs that are coming up like HD6800 series.

STYLE – 9.5
SPACE – 10

So that’s the final score. I’m sure Sir tsakoyy of TPC would be happy and satisfied with his customized Rig. Thanks for reading this article. Thank you Sir tsakoyy. Thanks TipidPC!

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The Pinoy Rig Show

Dear Bloggers,

Ok, so now you’re viewing my newest segment here in my blog entitled, The Pinoy Rig Show. Basically, what we do here is to feature our filipino friends’ most-beloved Rigs. When I say Rig, we’re definitely talking about the Style among personal computers. Whether it’s a BEASTy rig or a CASUAL rig, or even just a SIMPLE student rig, just whatever it is, you’re in!

The Pinoy Rig Show will judge these rigs by the following:

STYLE – If you’re rig seems to be unique or trendy, you’ll get a high score all the way.
UPGRADE – If you’re system is able to take future upgrades.
SPACE – If you’re system can be operational in any condition and is not messy.

That will be the 3 criteria. I know you guys will insist why the heck I did not include any criteria that will measure the system’s performance. Here’s my explanation: I will never ever have the opportunity to try out the featured rigs. I’m just gonna praise and criticize there systems through how they look in the images and what hardware components they use. Honestly, it’s like I’m more promoting and featuring these systems to my blog.

Most Rigs featured and will be featured here will be TipidPC users, and together with their Rig’s image, I’ll include their TipidPC name. On the other hand, The Pinoy Rig Show will operate weekly.

-Mister Computer

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