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2010 | Medal of Honor

Developer: Danger Close; EA Digital Illusions CE
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows
Genre(s): First_person Shooter
Mode: Single-Player, Multi-Player
First Released: October 12, 2010 (NA)
Played on: Microsoft Windows
Ok first off, I want you to know that this review is just a collection of my thoughts, my opinion, comparison to other FPS games, and what I feel about it. Medal of Honor is the 2010 reboot of the videogame series of the same name. Honestly, I haven’t played any Medal of Honor game before, so it’s good to say it’s my first time to play this reboot. Also, I’m not really a fan of FPS games, I just love gaming and I think FPS games are fun to play if I’m getting bored or what. Before playing this game, I have played some FPS games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Both games are fine. However, we cannot say they’re in par, and we cannot say that there’s a top one. To give it a challenge, we have Medal of Honor.

The story of the game is set in Afganistan, just after the 9/11 attacks in 2002. You will control soldiers in different forces. Primarily, you control Rabbit, a DEVGRU operator, while alternating roles to the Delta Force sniper Deuce, to Dante Adams to AH-64 Apache gunner Captain Brad “Hawk” Hawkins. Of course, since it is set in the Middle East, most of your hostiles are the people there. In my opinion, I think MOH have the longest story mode of all the FPS games upon its release. Also, there is a sad part in the ending, which is I believe, the signature of Medal of Honor games. When you play games, and then you’re done, you’ll actually start to get fond of the supporting characters, like Dusty (the one who’s always with Deuce), just like in BFBC2. As you play, the game progresses the characters in moving from destination to another, as seen in most games. In addition to that, you’ll also have control to some WOMD, and that thing makes it cool. Another thing, the opening gimick tried so hard, and I think I can go with the flow.

The game does not offer an extensive time to learn the mechanics of the game, unlike in MW2, assuming that the player already know how FPS games work. On the other hand, you can actually take a glimpse of the controls from the menu. I did have a problem in terms of controls, specially when using Anti-Tank gunner. The controls were not present in the menu and during gameplay, so I end up guessing which is which. The part where you play as an Apache gunner is really fun to play, but I hope the developers made it more harder, like the player can control the movement of the aircraft itself. There is another notable bug in the game: objectives/mechanics does not run fine when you’re on foot. There are times you will notice that the game run out of objectives, and you will end up stucked, waiting for a few minutes. In terms of shooting, the game features a vast variety of weapons, and I think the game offered the same quality in shooting just like the other games.

The soundtrack seems a bit off. I’m slightly frustrated on how low the sound is. How boring. In anyway, the game still managed to give you high-quality sound effects, not a serious matter though.

This is what people are looking for nowadays. Graphics. I’m quite impressed with it and I think the developers did well to make a simple, not boastful game. System requirements are fair enough, you don’t need to have those monster rigs out there just to play it. In fact, I can see how careful and at the same time, humble, the game and the developer are. But still, I notice some bug in it. Dropping of frame rate is occasional, however, I saw Dusty move in a very “weird” position, too bad I forgot to take a screenshot of it. Environment seems fine and realistic.

Before reading out my final thoughts of the game, check out this YouTube video I made, consisting the game’s prologue:

Or watch it directly in YouTube here. Remember to consider hitting the “Favorite” button.

The Final Judgement:

Graphics: 8.5/10 – If you’re a simple gamer, MOH offers good and quality graphics, but if not, then I’m sure you notice the glitches.
Sound: 9/10 – It’s just too low, that I have to maximize the volume of my speaker.
Gameplay: 9.5/10 – Very fun to play. It’s not just an FPS game, but a full-packed action game.
Story: 10/10 – Longest story among all the current FPS game the time of its release. Realistic and controversial storyline.
Overall: 9.25

My Final Thoughts:

MOH managed to acquire my attention. Full-packed, you can play not just a soldier on foot, but as a warfighter, a soldier riding an ATV, controlling those funny Anti-Tank weapons, yet, the game still have a few notable glitches. I understand why EA released this game, its just that FPS games are very in-demand nowadays, and that they used this game to coincide with the next Call of Duty release. However, MOH still became the low-ly one, just behind the MW2 and behind BFBC2, making it the last while it is the latest among the three. Still, for me, it’s a good game, and I’m trying to consider buying the PS3 version of the game. I just don’t understand why IGN gave it a score of 6.0. It’s just too cruel to give that and I think the game deserves more points, like 7.5? IDK, atleast I gave it 9.25, and that’s just my opinion, period.

|> Metallica – Metal Militia


DIARY | Last day of October 2010

It’s the last day of October 2010, and tomorrow’s gonna be the ALL SOUL’S DAY. I’m sure everyone of you are busy preparing for something just for your loved ones who’re now in heaven. This day, we’ve gone to St. Peter Parish and paid a visit to my Dad and Grandma. There are a lot of people too. It’s kind of noisy because of the kids, but still you can feel the quiet and peaceful mind of the people, praying hard for their loved ones. For me, I say hello to my father and grandma. They’re now at peace. I’m just reminding them that no matter where and what I become, I’m still remembering them.

Later, we decided to take a shopping at SM Fairview with the kids. We ate, and we played ^^

|> 소녀시대 (Girls’ Generation) – 내 잘못이죠 (Mistake)

2010 | Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp

Alright so finally, T-Ara’s Park JiYeon’s recent movie is up on the internet, illegally. I was looking for it since september, waiting and waiting. Thanks to our dearest DVD rippers out there, the movie is now in our hands :]

Other Name: Gosa 2
Directed By: Yoo Sun Dong
Released: 2010
Genre: Horror; Drama
Cast: Kim SooRo, Park JiYeon (T-ARA), Hwang Jeong-Eum, Yoon Si-Yoon , Park Eun-Bin, etc.
Ripped From: DVD
Subtitle: English (.srt)
File Format: DivX (.avi) | approx. 700MB

Download Links:

Movie: Megaupload | MediaFire Folder (001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014)
English Subtitles: Megaupload | MediaFire

*Megaupload Links fully credited to Asianent’s effort.
*MediaFire links are uploaded by me. MediaFire links have password “iamsad”. MediaFire links are split into 14 files, 50MB each file. Use HJSplit to join all 14 parts. Please do not take out these links.

Off this topic, I am somehow sad about our T-Ara Jiyeon’s latest controversy. I know you guys you would say that Jiyeon really looked like the girl in the video. To be honest, I agree. I can’t deny it and it’s bothering me. Jiyeon is my favorite in T-Ara and she’s the reason why I started to love this idol girl group. Still, I’m waiting yet wishing that this controversy was just a hoax. I will still believe in Jiyeon. The fact that the company, Core Contents Media, T-Ara, Jiyeon’s family and friends, and even Jiyeon herself admitted that the girl in the video wasn’t her but a look-a-like, I feel more energy and hope to keep on believing her side. I hope this controversy will be resolved as soon as possible. We at TIARAdiadem are feeling depressed. 😦

Anyhow, please enjoy this horror movie from JiYeon and the rest of veteran actors/actresses present in this movie. As far as I know, this would be Jiyeon and Kim SooRo’s second project together. First being the KBS2 TV series, God of Study, which I have finished watching a while ago, back in May 2010. Please do thank the original uploaders and sources of this re-blogged topic. Thank you Asian ENT. I will watch this movie well 🙂

|> The Clash – Death or Glory

R.I.P.: Jenpoo – 2009-2010

Last night, I was able to illegally download all of my favorite K-Pop songs through this downloading site named, It wasn’t the first time I’ve been there. It was a great site and I would really recommend it to you, coz’ there, you will be able to browse all your favorite K-Pop artists and download each of their EPs and LPs. All are organized, except today, just right now, I tried to go there but all I’ve seen in my new-ly updated Mozilla Firefox (3.6.9) with Dante’s Inferno – Limbo persona, is this: is… DEAD

I have the feeling, even in the past, that this site will shut down in the near future. Illegal downloading is still illegal. Authorities still do their things, however, they’re still slow. Let us not include what Sony did to those black hat hackers who hacked the PS3 and released this so-called USB modchip. They did an awesome job. With just a quick firmware update to 3.42, the jailbreak have gone to hell, and I hope it will never ever go back to us.

Rest in Peace Jenpoo. I know you guys who are working on that site will be back with a new name, new layout and better environment. I’m sure I will be able to find the links myself, with just the help of my favorite Google search ^^

~End of Story~

|> Girls’ Generation – I Can’t Bear Anymore

A COMELEC-branded Pen, Anyone?

I was at school, well-seated and seriously listening when, out of nowhere, my ball pen ran out of ink. I was in the center of Jed and JM that time. I asked Jed to lend me his ball pen coz’ he’s so lazy copying the lecture, while I’m cool and fast in copying. Just in time, I suddenly found out the ball pen he lend me has a “very funny” name and story. It’s a COMELEC-branded pen!!! So what if it’s not Panda, Avanti, or even Pilot? At least it has a very funny story.

I got shocked for a while. Later on, I asked Jed, what’s up with this pen, what’s up with the name? He said, it was the pen he used during the election day. Quite funny but cool, though ^_^

|> Bullet For My Valentine – Tears Don’t Fall

[2010] Girls’ Generation – Vol. 2 Oh!


Artist: Girls’ Generation / 소녀시대 / So Nyuh Shi Dae
Album Title: Vol. 2 Oh!

Release Type: 2nd Studio Album
Release Date: January 28, 2010
Record Label: SM Ent, Avex Trax, Seoul Records, Universal Records (Philippines)
Promotional Single(s): Oh!; ShowShowShow!; 웃자 (Be Happy)
Genre(s): K-Pop, Dance-Pop, Ballad, Bubblegum Pop, Electro-Pop


1. Oh!
2. Show! Show! Show!
3. 뻔 & Fun (Sweet Talking Baby)
4. 영원히 너와 꿈꾸고 싶다 (Forever)
5. 웃자 (Be Happy)
6. 화성인 바이러스 (Boys & Girls) (feat. Key of SHINee)
7. 카라멜 커피 (Talk To Me)
8. 별별별 (☆★☆) / StarStarStar
9. 무조건 해피엔딩 (Stick Wit U)
10. 좋은 일만 생각하기 (Day By Day)
11. Gee
12. 소원을 말해봐 (Genie)

I recommend everyone to buy this album. Soon, it will be, of course, released here in the Philippines. I’m gonna buy it, and i’m sure they will include a poster, so there’s no loss here. so, if you’re a real fan, a real member of SONE, the least that you could do fto support the girls is through buying their album and participate in online communities specially, Soshified, where the girls log-in in certain occasions. If You Love Them, Buy The Album.

My Rating: 10/10

My Comment: the new album might become a new domination for Girls’ Generation “again”. i’m listening  to the tracks right now, and as i observe, i think Talk To Me is one cool song, a good jazz song. STick Wit U on the other hand is a super-bubbly song, that i really really like. hmmm… i’m gonna observe more, but as for now, i’m giving it a 10+ grade for the hype, design, creativity and effort of the girls and the company. Oh! is a recommended album!

Credits: + soshified

|> Girls’ Generation – Be Happy

and year 2010 has just begun…

Alright so everyone is living their lives for the new year -2010- i am so thankful that my 2009 is so satisfying, snsd there, computer here, grades that, games over there, etc. i am so thanful that my family is getting stronger that what it was the last few years. so, on the christmas eve, we did a lot of things, just like what we had on the christmas eve. bu this time, we’ve got the coupls fresh from tayabas, quezon – ate theng and kuya doy WITH baby Thea of course. any idea how cute she is? of course she is cute… she’ll be the next generation of dayapan-antonio hybrid bloodline.


Although there’s a lot more times that she resembles ate theng’s childhood appearance, in some other way, like her attitude, she shows a real dayapan characteristics. she’s so cute actually, and everyone’s eyes are stuck with her. and here’s a good story. the baby really loves her mother so much, that she really looks up on her and ignores everyone who touches her or hugges her… but that’s not the case. the point is, she doesn’t cry when i hug her… unlike when everyone does… cool =)

And here’s what we did before and on the christmas eve (Image Heavy):


Wonder why i have solo pics? i decided to take some quick random poses because I’m the camerman this time, so no one could ever ever get in my way… xD

And the family that takes together, ignores the others hahaha

Who says kiddos in south korea are the only one who can memorize the lines and dances of super junior’s sorry sorry???

so that’s what we did in the new year’s eve… it’s fun… hope you guys do spend yours too… =)

More PHOTOS –here-

More VIDEOS –here-

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