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Girls’ Generation X The Restless – I Love You

Audio Details:

Title: I Love You
Artist: Girls’ Generation (Tae Yeon)
Album: Athena OST (2010)
Genre: K-Pop; Ballad

Video Details:

Clips from the 2006 South-Korean fantasy movie, The Restless.

More Information about The Restless can be found here.

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In Flames X The Restless – Disconnected

Audio Details:

Title: Disconnected
Artist: In Flames
Album: A Sense of Purpose (2008)
Genre: Melodic Death Metal; Alternative Metal

Video Details:

Clips from the 2006 South-Korean fantasy movie, The Restless.

More Information about The Restless can be found here.

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2006 | The Restless

Movie Information:

Korean Title: 중천 (Joongchun)
Directed By: Jo Dong-oh
Produced By: Kim Seong-soo
Released: December 20, 2006
Genre: Fictional Fantasy; Romance

Storyline (Spoiler Warning):

중천 (Joongchun) or most commonly known by its english title, The Restless, is a 2006 fictional fantasy movie set in an unknown era wherein Angels and Demons continuously fight one another until the time the Demons decides to threaten both the human world and the purgatory. The human world, being chased by the Demons, were protected by Demon slayers. Although considered as heroes, one demon slayer named Yi Gwak (Jung Woo Sung) who’s considered to be a hero by a few, suffered from his job as the townsmen killed his lover Yon-hwa (Kim Tae Hee). One night, after a chase with the townsmen, he found himself in an unknown place called Midheaven. Midheaven is a place where dead people wander and spend 41 days before being transferred to either heaven or hell. To reach heaven, you must do good deeds to your fellows within that remaining days. However, Yi Gwak later found out that he is still alive, as people in Midheaven do have marks in their chest. Later on in the story, he met Midheaven’s hero, So-hwa (Kim Tae Hee). Being shocked by how So-hwa and his lover, Yon-hwa, resembles each other, he soon reached her only to find out that the girl does not remember anything. Still believing that the girl is in fact, So-hwa, he joined her during her quest/mission for protecting the people of Midheaven against the Demon and even the Demonhunters. Not being able to choose between following his demonslaying mentor Ban-chu (Heo Jun-Ho) or to continue chasing her lover, he soon decided to follow So-hwa after knowing from Ban-chu that she is indeed Yon-hwa.

Fighting against the Demons and Demonhunters, So-hwa later regained her memories until the day both of them defeat the Demons and most importantly, ended the Demonhunters’ faction. Both of them died, happily.

Main Cast of Characters:

Jung Woo-Sung as Yi Gwak

Kim Tae-Hee as So-hwa / Yon-hwa

Heo Jun-Ho as Ban-chu

So E-Hyun as Hyo

Park Sang-Uk as Yeo-wi

Kim Kwang-Il as Woong-Gwi

Yu Ha-Jun as Woong-gul

Most Appreciated Line in the Story:

What changes the world is the love for people and the world.” – Yi Gwak (Jung Woo Sung)

Movie Snapshots:

Recommended Goodies:

PlayStation 3 Custom XMB Theme
The Restless Music Video (In Flames – Disconnected)
The Restless Music Video (Girls’ Generation [Taeyeon] – I Love You)

Last Thoughts:

Overall, it is indeed a good fantasy movie. Considering that it is already 5 years ago, still the hype and freshness of the creativity the producer, cast and crew, are highly appreciated. In fact, both the lead actors, Kim Tae Hee and Jung Woo Sung, had an awesome chemistry. Atleast they made me cry for a moment. I’ll give it 9/10.

Credits: + (for some ideas so I can create my own words very well)

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XMB | The Restless

[P3T] My Princess (PlayStation 3 XMB Theme)

After watching this movie, I felt like doing something aside from the custom MV I made earlier. The movie is great, and I’m planning for a review of it. Jung Woo Seong and Kim Tae Hee is an Ok-couple.

Main Features:

– 10 HD backgrounds
– 1 SD background
– Poster-like icons
– Sub-icons from flOw (Official PS3 Theme)

Video Preview:


– Most Wallpapers and images are official ones. Eventually the one with all the cast is made by me.
– Sub-icons, as you can see, are extracted from flOw, an official free theme available from PlayStation Network.


– Recommended only for Legit Non-Jailbroken PlayStation 3 systems.
– Copy and Paste the .p3t file to a USB flashdrive, inside the directory G:/PS3/THEME/ (where “G” is the drive letter of the USB flashdrive, depending to your system).
– Turn On your PlayStation 3 System, insert the Flashdrive through one of the System’s USB ports.
– Navigate XMB to Settings -> Theme Settings -> Change Theme -> Install
– When prompted where to find your theme, choose your USB flashdrive.
– Find the theme and choose “Install”.
– Once installation completed, find the installed theme in the themes list, also in Theme Settings.
– For Themes with multiple backgrounds, just apply the theme many times.

Important Notes:

– Please do not modify/extract anything from this theme.
– This theme is not for sale. It is free. Please do report anyone selling my theme.
– Please leave a comment before/after downloading. I appreciate comments very much.
– Do not take out the link.

Additional Notes:

– Check out some more PlayStation 3 XMB themes here.
– Email me:
– Follow me:
– PSN ID: kenokenopi

Download Instructions:

– Click and download the file from MediaFire (link below).
– If MediaFire asked for a password, input “mistercomputer” and continue downloading the file.
– After downloading, extract the .rar file using WinRaR. If asked for a password, input “” and continue extracting.
– Passwords are also noted below.

Download Link:

Download: Mediafire | Password: mistercomputer | WinRaR Password:

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2010 | Death Bell 2: Bloody Camp

Alright so finally, T-Ara’s Park JiYeon’s recent movie is up on the internet, illegally. I was looking for it since september, waiting and waiting. Thanks to our dearest DVD rippers out there, the movie is now in our hands :]

Other Name: Gosa 2
Directed By: Yoo Sun Dong
Released: 2010
Genre: Horror; Drama
Cast: Kim SooRo, Park JiYeon (T-ARA), Hwang Jeong-Eum, Yoon Si-Yoon , Park Eun-Bin, etc.
Ripped From: DVD
Subtitle: English (.srt)
File Format: DivX (.avi) | approx. 700MB

Download Links:

Movie: Megaupload | MediaFire Folder (001 002 003 004 005 006 007 008 009 010 011 012 013 014)
English Subtitles: Megaupload | MediaFire

*Megaupload Links fully credited to Asianent’s effort.
*MediaFire links are uploaded by me. MediaFire links have password “iamsad”. MediaFire links are split into 14 files, 50MB each file. Use HJSplit to join all 14 parts. Please do not take out these links.

Off this topic, I am somehow sad about our T-Ara Jiyeon’s latest controversy. I know you guys you would say that Jiyeon really looked like the girl in the video. To be honest, I agree. I can’t deny it and it’s bothering me. Jiyeon is my favorite in T-Ara and she’s the reason why I started to love this idol girl group. Still, I’m waiting yet wishing that this controversy was just a hoax. I will still believe in Jiyeon. The fact that the company, Core Contents Media, T-Ara, Jiyeon’s family and friends, and even Jiyeon herself admitted that the girl in the video wasn’t her but a look-a-like, I feel more energy and hope to keep on believing her side. I hope this controversy will be resolved as soon as possible. We at TIARAdiadem are feeling depressed. 😦

Anyhow, please enjoy this horror movie from JiYeon and the rest of veteran actors/actresses present in this movie. As far as I know, this would be Jiyeon and Kim SooRo’s second project together. First being the KBS2 TV series, God of Study, which I have finished watching a while ago, back in May 2010. Please do thank the original uploaders and sources of this re-blogged topic. Thank you Asian ENT. I will watch this movie well 🙂

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