Monthly Archives: September 2015

She’s sick

She was sick that day.
I was really worried I couldn’t do anything.
I decided to not tell her I’m going after her.
I gave her stuffed toy that she can hug whike she sleeps.
I brought a dozen of donuts, her favorite flavor is in there.
I cooked soup for her so she can feel better.


I’m glad she’s doing fine now. I’m glad I somehow made her smile and feel better.

I just Love her.

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I think I Love You better now..

Ed Sheeran. Lego House. Weird Song.

Yet, I’m weird as well.
Instead of distancing myself,
just as this weird song suggests,
I think I’m Loving You more now,
I think I’m missing you more often.

Weird. Really weird. 🙂


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