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DIARY | Part 5

So December 17, 2011, our 5th months anniversary, we headed to SM Fairview to hangout together with my brother and sister, as well as my cousin. Tomorrow’s gonna be my girlfriend’s day and my sister Jessavelle invited her for a Nail-a-holic experience that moment.

Nail-a-holics is a fun place for anything that has to do with your nails, your feet and your hands. Cool thing is, the atmosphere is surely friendly to the clients. Pillows and bedtime-themed arrangement were present and all you have to do is to feel relaxed and comfy, even if you’re just like me, waiting for them to get finished.

Nail-art is the point why these beauties are busy. My girlfriend chose the Hello Kitty one together with the red and white polka dots design. Check it out below:

While my Sister had an exotic custom design she found in the internet.

I’m sure my girlfriend had a good time, bonding together with my sister and my cousin. I hope she’s happy.

I had a good time too while watching them getting done, but also for having snack time and trying out my sister’s new android phone, the Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S. Later on, my Aunt came.

There should be next time, surely. 🙂

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VANS | Vans X Hello Kitty Classic Slip-Ons

Tonight, me and my girlfriend decided to go shopping despite the heavy schedule at work. Exams are on-going at school and everyone’s pressured right now. Tomorrow’s gonna be misiscomputer‘s 20th birthday and I came up with the idea to buy her the shoes she’s wanting to have as gift, but no more a surprise (unfortunately). The Vans Hello Kitty Slip-on. That’s it, we rushed together at the nearest SM Department Store and tried one.

Cristina’s feet is sized 7 so a slip-on with a size from 6 to 7 would probably fit into hers. The Vans Hello Kitty we’ve chosen was the black classic Slip-on with the big Hello Kitty print on it.

As it is a classic slip-on, everything in the structure itself is completely the same as what Vans used in their old and recent slip-on series such as the Killswitch Engage, the Iron Maiden, the Motorhead and even the Slayer slip-ons. In anyway, the Hello Kitty slip-on is different in terms of visual elements, as compared to the authentic and band classic slip-ons which has a black-colored linings around the white canvas, the Hello Kitty slip-on sports a pink-colored linings, also with a pink/white-colored Vans logo on its rear part. The insides, the sole, is also colored pink/white, a good color combination I should say.

Want some taste of pink cupsoles? Check it out! The Vans X Hello Kitty has it!

The slip-on, just like other Vans shoes, comes out from the box with an included Vans logo sticker, but this one includes one fancy Hello Kitty sticker too!

Overall, everything about this project shoe by Vans is completely identical to earlier models, but as long as you’re a fan of Hello Kitty, or somehow like the shades of pink, the won’t matter. Start grabbing one now!

|> Arch Enemy – Yesterday is Dead and Gone

DIARY | Taylor Swift turns 22!

The future of Country Pop, Taylor Swift, is turning 22 today, December 13, 2011, and I’m sure everybody, most specially her fans, the Swifties, are all offering their Tuesday to her birthday. Forums flooding, new youtube uploads saying “Happy Birthday Taylor”, gifts coming from Philadelphia or any part of the continent to Nashville, huge banners around the outskirts of the town with photos of Taylor, and so much more. That’s what I think fans are doing right now. As for me, I am celebrating her birthday at work, and with my girlfriend whose really into Taylor’s music.

I admit, I really wasn’t a fan before, until I had my girlfriend with me now, whose really a big fan of Taylor Swift. Well, atleast I do know and admire Taylor already before. The fact that those hits, “Love Story”, “You Belong With Me”, rocked my world while playing Band Hero on the PS3, I already enjoyed her music. And now, I’m becoming one bigger casual fan of hers, trying to stay updated on events about her. Eventually, I just attended an official event which is the Album Launching of her latest release, Speak Now World Tour, with my girlfriend last week, and I’m about to blog about that later.

Well, it is true Taylor’s an amazing artist. I love her songs = that’s given. I love her as a public figure = that’s a plus. I love her for being my girlfriend’s inspiration = without a doubt. I love Taylor, and will surely love her future releases. I hope to see more Taylor Swift appearances next year, and the coming year, and the decade, and until the time Taylor becomes a legend, a Barbra Streisand-like figure, in the face of the universe.

Sometimes, I get sick of those screaming, screeching, down-tuned heavily-distorted guitars of bands with evil-like imagery. Taylor Swift, just like other musicians with Bubblegum Pop attitude, specially Good Charlotte (my very favorite band) and Girls’ Generation (my very favorite girlgroup) helps me not to get overdosed from Heavy Metal and Punk Rock. Thanks to them, and thanks to my girlfriend, I wasn’t a fan of music of the Trolls and Pagans.

One good thing about Taylor is that, she keeps mentioning God as a savior in her music. Really a good thing, atleast to me. And I hope she’ll continue spreading good songs in her next albums.

By the way, IT IS TAYLOR’S BIRTHDAY today, that’s why I’m being like this, talking about her all day. Happy Birthday, Taylor. -from me and my girlfriend.

|> Taylor Swift – Long Live

EVENT | Taylor Swift – Speak Now World Tour Album Launching

So, Taylor Swift just finished invading the world singing “Sparks Fly” everywhere, and now it’s time for us to witness the tour in our own TVs! Now I present the Speak Now World Tour Album launching in Gateway Mall.

My girlfriend and I decided to go and at around 10am, we were already there, waiting for the program to start. “First 200 gets the chance to win Taylor Swift premium merch”, that’s what’s in our minds that time, the reason why we came so early. So we hurriedly grabbed a copy of the album and registered our name so we will have the chance to win.

Luckily, we get the number 20. While waiting, we decided to take some pictures first to fight off boredom.

Well, it looks like the show will start after lunch and it looks like we will have to wait for a couple of hours more! No worries. We ate first and came back until the show start off with Tricia Garcia as an opening act. Later, the Taylor Swift-wannabe contest started and we both fascinated by their awesome performances. Great Filipino talent, I should say.

I almost forgot that we both had the chance to take a picture in a cool photo booth hosted by the event, as well as Cristina’s make over by the COVERGIRL team. Well I won’t exploit it but I caught her a video. 🙂 What matters to me is that, she was extremely looking gorgeous after that make over…promise!

At 7PM, we came home and took pictures of the album and what we have won. I don’t really want to mention it but what we won is a Taylor Swift ballpen. Well, thanks to Covergirl, we took home 3 different Taylor Swift posters and a Covergirl Natureluxe Lip Balm.

That day, I saw my girlfriend’s smile like it was everything to me. It’s so awesome to see her smile like that. I hope I can see it more often. 🙂 Thanks to the Lord for guiding us, by the way.

|> Taylor Swift – Ours