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DIARY | Meet Taylor Swift…

The end of October is here and almost all SM shopping malls in the city are offering low prices in selected items. Well, aside from SM shopping malls, I would like to add Trinoma mall on the list.

This sunday, me and my soon-to-be wife decided to go for a shopping at Trinoma mall. Money’s not a problem, though. As long as we are together, we can enjoy it ourselves. 🙂

We first ate at one of our favorite burger shops in the planet, Burger King, and ordered a pair of Whopper.

The real thing is that, we both just received our half-monthly salary just a few days ago and that’s why we’re both eager to go out and shop. What did we buy? I bought her some great ladies’ tops and also a cute t-shirt.

While shopping and looking around the beauty section, we just found Taylor Swift on an Ad for Covergirl, and took a picture of it. Oh, by the way, my baby loves Taylor Swift so much… 🙂

~ endofstory

|> Foo Fighters – The Pretender

DIARY | 99th Day

So tomorrow’s gonna be our 100th day and now we’re going to celebrate it. It’s so good to hear that we have overcome all the challenges and we are now preparing for another set. Hopefully, we can do it.

Today, we agreed to go to Quezon City Memorial Circle Park, with all the necessary items. Oh, before anything else, the 69th capsule finally come to an end. Cristina finished reading all of those for 69 days and she now received the ring I put inside that blue capsule. I also bring mine with me and here are they:

In the park, we decided to stay in a bench and play those dominoes I just bought recently. I even brought with me the Badminton racquet set last time but we didn’t had the chance to play longer because the shuttlecock included is a bit disappointing and that the weather is not normal. Anyway, we just spent most of the time with the dominoes.

While playing, we ate the food we bought from Jollibee and chitchat together about things…

Later on, we decided to take a walk, buy some food, and eventually we came across an area with a pond on it, some boats, and some more rides. It’s quite eye-catching so we decided to go inside and take some picture.

We both agreed to take a ride in the boat. For 60 pesos, we were inside that boat and together, the sun killed our skin! Both anyway, we still had a good time.

After that 30-minute-ride-in-the-boat, we were still hungry for more rides so the last thing we did was to go ride the go-kart ride… this time, we had our separate bikes and then we enjoyed that last few hours.

Unfortunately, some few minutes before we bring back the bikes, the rain came down and made me take out my umbrella inside my bag. We had no choice but to go now. I just bought her something she can wear later on and we finally got out of the park and go home.

Well, that’s our 99th day adventure. It feels sad that we will not be having our 100th day celebration because of work, but still we enjoyed that time very well. I am so thankful that Cristina finally finished reading the 1st month anniversary present I gave her, for the whole 69 days. I really wish she had a good time reading those 69 messages, and that the ring means “me” to her, always. I really wish that this 99th day will always be part of our memory, after 2… 10 decades… 10 centuries… as we grow older… still in-love together.

|> Lamb of God – Now You’ve Got Something to Die For

DIARY | Part 3

We’re both worried, I remember. But despite all those worries that made our minds feel so heavy, we still decided to go for a trip. Tomorrow, monday, it’s gonna be our 3rd months anniversary, and today we’re going to celebrate it. My present? You’ll know later…

We agreed to go to La Mesa EcoPark. We prepared so much, wore the appropriate clothes coz’ we already knew that the sun might be a problem. Firstly, I stayed at Jollibee Pearldrive while waiting for her to come. Later, she came, packed with all the necessary items. Oh, I remember, I even bought a new pair of Badminton rackets from Dunlop. Then we go eat breakfast inside.

After that, we came straight to an Ever Supermarket nearby to buy snacks. And then we ride a tricycle straight to EcoPark. Here we are now, full of excitement.

We go take a look around. It’s so fun to see these natural things around with my dearest princess…

We even took a picture with the horse staying somewhere.

We did became fond of taking beautiful pictures, take a look…

And the most important thing of all is the present I prepared. Well, not really a present but something we could do together. I bought a padlock and some pens and then we put paper on it together with the words we wrote. I’m sure my baby loved it, though it sounds corny…

What we wrote? I’m feeling shy now but here it is:

Here’s mine,

And here’s what she wrote for me,

And then up ahead, just a few steps, we decided to put the lock in one of the barricades.

I hope no one will make fun of it, but treat this eternal love as an inspiration.

Thankfully, there’s no rain today, but instead… It rained with so much happiness. The fact that I’m with my loved one, I really felt so happy. It’s our 100th day, quite fast, but quite feeling slow. It’s like we’re almost committed to each other for a year now, but the truth is, it is not. However, the truth keeps telling me how 100% in-love I am with her, Misiscomputer. ❤

|> Bruno Mars – It Will Rain

DIARY | Misiscomputer’s First Day at Work

The next day after last night’s Tiring Day, we ate together at one of our most favorite fastfood restaurant, KFC. My baby seems so tired that night that I feel so bad, so we ate together and cheered her up. I should do something, as a guy, atleast.

Cristina took the 69-medicine and picked one out of those 69-most-sincere-words-straight-from-my-heart. Well, I hope she’s happy being with me.

After all, we separate ways and go home. Back home, on the phone, we chitchat together until both get sleepy. Wonderful night. 🙂

|> Avenged Sevenfold – Unholy Confessions

DIARY | Tiring Day

It’s the 12th of October, exactly 7 days after my 20th birthday. It is indeed a very tiring day for me, as well as for my dearest princess. Even though it is, we still find a way to be together. That’s love. No matter how tired both of you, love has its own time and energy.

That night, we ate together at one of our favorite restaurant in the city, ChowKing. The most important thing is that, finally, my princess got accepted for job employment. Damn. I’m so happy to see her happiness inside and outside. That day, we just helped each other to accomplish some job requirements in order for her to start working. Tomorrow will be her first day and I really hope thing will work out, just like our little world.

Before we separate ways, she gave me some note worth a million thoughts to me.

Oh God, I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful princess… 🙂

|> Avenged Sevenfold – Blinded in Chains

DIARY | Suprises…

It’s the 5th. I know I’m kinda feeling busy because of work and small things around me, but besides that, it is my day. I should atleast enjoy the day like no other. I turned 20 since the morning and felt like everything’s changed. I’m no more a kid that my Mom keeps on teasing like a baby, no more ABCs, something like that. It’s time to look at things more seriously. I’m getting older. In fact, I’m old enough to do things like what a responsible person does. What makes these days different is that, I’m in love.

Although it’s a busy week at work, I am so proud of my girl. Surprises. That’s what I always want to do for her to make her heart softer like a pillow. However, this day, the surprise came straight from her. First time ko lang ma-surprise ng bongga. What makes it more interesting is that, sya lang ang nagiisang nilalang na nageffort sa araw na ito. I always thought that it will be just an ordinary day, same things to do, same routine. But things changed after she surprised me with a birthday cake plus a birthday letter, that I haven’t had since my 10th birthday.

I am so blessed having her in my life, specially this day that I’m leaving my teenage life behind and looking forward to a more serious one. Thanks to her, I am happy. I’m telling the world how thankful I am having you. I’m telling the world how thankful I am having her. I ❤ U MISISCOMPUTER.

|> Girls’ Generation – Let It Rain

DIARY | Goodbye Teenage Days…

19 years. I have done everything I wanted to, together with my friends and family, and I would like to say thank you to all of you. I am now 20 years old, a young adult man who wishes to be one good responsible model in our little world.

Now that I am 20, I started counting not only the fun in life but also the problems I have encountered, resolved and unsolved. I am human, indeed. I’m gonna be responsible, that’s what I always wanted to. Not just in my family, friends and career, but also to my loved one. I would want my dreams to come true someday through all my hardships. I want to build a strong foundation so I can start a family of my own. Well, that’s quite too fast to think of, but let’s just say I’m thinking of the long-term. I want to be ready before anything else, that’s all.

To my friends and family, thank you for spending your time with me, sharing your problems with me, having fun with me for another year. Now that that year had passed, let’s start a new one, but this time, meet the new, revamped Joaquin Angelito L. Dayapan II. Meet the new kenokenopi in his 20’s. Let’s all have fun and make my 20 a better one. Although it is my birthday, I want everybody to celebrate it like it’s their own. Happy Birthday People! Cheers!!~ 🙂

The greatest gift of all is having you this day.

The greatest gift of all is having you this day.

|> Metro Station – Shake Shake