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She’s sick

She was sick that day.
I was really worried I couldn’t do anything.
I decided to not tell her I’m going after her.
I gave her stuffed toy that she can hug whike she sleeps.
I brought a dozen of donuts, her favorite flavor is in there.
I cooked soup for her so she can feel better.


I’m glad she’s doing fine now. I’m glad I somehow made her smile and feel better.

I just Love her.

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I made the right decision…


Love is full of risks, they say.
It is full of surprises that we might be familiar today but tomorrow, it’s no longer the same.
It is a game of happiness and pain, and you wouldn’t know which side you will remain.

Although it is troublesome to get hurt when you Love, remember that it is always part of the package.
Feelings might get hurt sometimes, but mostly we are captivated by the joyness it can bring.

I made up my mind recently. I took the risk. I’ve decided that I will try to keep moving on and continue what I’ve started, regardless of the pain I’m feeling inside. I’m giving all I’ve got. I will continue to be who I am and I guess that’s the start.

Indeed, Love is worth fighting for.
It’s only us who can judge if it’s still right or wrong.

..and I say, I made the right decision. I chose to be happy.

-quote of a broken happiness

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A Gamer and a Bookworm’s little Love story…

Our hobbies might not be free but we’re glad we understand and love each other’s “me-time” and feel free. We Love each other, indeed.


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Late night, I’m posting about the now showing The Fast and the Furious 7 which brings back the crew of Dominic Toretto and Brian O’Conner in action. This is Paul Walker’s last appearance in the series and possibly the last installment in the long-running saga. Everybody knows that Paul was killed in an accident while in an appointment related to helping the typhoon survivors in the Philippines.


With that in mind, it is too sad a man like him will not continue the journey. I don’t consider Paul Walker as an idol but he is one good inspiration to many people. The movie ended so well with each of the crew’s last words to Walker. It ended well and short. This post is dedicated to him and his greatness he left for us. #ForPaul

[DIARY] 17 at its best…


Another milestone to celebrate,
It’s still the same you and me in this page.
Don’t go change for the worst,
Let’s put God in the center and be good, of course.

Let’s make sure to do our best baby,
We’ll succeed, that’s not a maybe.
Keep loving me coz’ I’m yours already. Warrant – Cherry Pie

[DIARY] Chillin’ at Starbucks


Just had frap this afternoon with my sweetie... 🙂


|> Black Flag – My War

[DIARY] Go away, Flu!


|> Killswitch Engage – A tribute to the Fallen

[DIARY] Music gets you connected to your Love one


Music is everything.
It connects you and your Love one like a magic.
Whether it’s a Taylor Swift melody or the aggressiveness of Killswitch Engage,
it’s still a matter of how you both enjoy each other’s company,
so no worries on whatever the tunes you’re listening.

It’s Love when you also listen to what your Love listens – Period!

|> Jason Mraz – Wordplay

[DIARY] Love is in the Air…


Love is in the air,
Yet we’re not together this day.
I may be sad but we need to hold on,
keep walking and we’ll be strong
We’ll face those hardships but we will learn to survive,
You and me in an eternal life.

I Love You and I know you do too,
Let’s continue to always be true.

Happy Hearts Day my Dearest 🙂

|> Killswitch Engage – My Curse

[DIARY] Pre-Christmas Date


Yesterday, we had dinner together after the holiday shopping spree!!

|> Bullet For My Valentine – Hand of Blood