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[PHOTO] Girls’ Generation’s Eyes?

Came across a post in Facebook. Check out SNSD’s eyes below, per member. lsn’t it cool?



Girls’ Generation X My Princess – Hoot

Audio Details:

Title: Hoot
Artist: Girls’ Generation
Album: Hoot EP (2010)
Genre: K-Pop, Dance-Pop, Electro-Pop

Video Details:

Clips from MBC My Princess’ first episodes and a performance video of Girls’ Generation in SBS Inkigayo with Hoot. This is my first creating a video using Sony Vegas Pro 10. First, I made the My Princess clip in Windows Movie Maker 6.0 together with the Hoot mp3. And then I re-timed and finalized the video (including the video movement of the 2nd video) in Vegas Pro 10. I hope you guys enjoyed, and please leave a comment or hit the “Like” button if you’re satisfied with it. 🙂 I will provide a download link of the source file in HD 720P soon.

|> Vanessa Carlton – Ordinary Day

NEWS | Mr. Taxi full Music Video released!!

A few days ago, I did some report about the release of Girls’ Generation’s Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run single, and then the Dance Version of the highly anticipated music video of the new Japanese single, Mr. Taxi. Finally, just right now, SM Entertainment released the full version of the internet-sensation music video.

The news came out from Twitter, via Soshified’s tweet:

Our friends from Soshified spread the word, along with an attached link which re-directs to the music video uploaded in YouTube. Here its goes:

[Credits to: yuri0sss]

Now, now, what can you say about it? As for me, just like what I expected from the dance version, I believe the all-kill status SNSD is expecting will no wonder come true. Re-tweet this post now by hitting the twitter button below, and spread the word!

|> f(x) – 피노키오 (Danger)

Mr. Jeepney!

It’s the 19th of April today, almost less than a week until the release of Girls’ Generation’s very first Japanese double A-side single which is Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run.

A few weeks ago, SM Entertainment released the teaser photo the new single, and a week ago, the Music Video of the japanese version of Run Devil Run came out in YouTube.

Just some days ago, I decided to visit the unified SNSD thread in local tech forum, TipidPC. I came across a photo with the SNSD Mr. Taxi teaser photo edited in a very awesome way. I was laughing out so hard, the idea is just so cool. It was a Photoshop~ed image. Instead of the black-colored taxi in the background, it has a jeepney!

I would like to praise the person behind this creative image. Very awesome idea!

Credits to: The owner of the image.

|> Bullet for My Valentine – Watching Us Die Tonight

NEWS | Mr. Taxi teaser photo revealed!

Girls’ Generation is aiming for another all-kill comeback in Japan, despite the current situation due to the tsunami crisis. Here, we have the teaser photo of the new double A-side single Mr. Taxi/Run Devil Run. What do you think?

Of course, they rock. There’s also an announcement earlier that SNSD will donate their income to Japan and to the victims of the tsunami crisis. Good work SM Ent. Good work SNSD. 🙂

|> Bullet For My Valentine – Road to Nowhere

EVENT | Girls’ Generation Into the New World The 1st Asia Tour Live Album Launching

Last Wednesday there’s my favorite band Good Charlotte hitting the stage of Glorietta and having my opportunity to see them and shake hands with them in person. Now, we have my favorite South Korean girl group, Girls’ Generation, having their 1st Asia Tour concert album launched in various music stores.

SM malls generally opens at 10AM so I came at that exact time and there, in SM North EDSA‘s The Block, Astroplus to be particular, SONEs and non-SONEs gather for the album launching. They also managed to have a public screening of some important video clips of the girls, including some fantaken videos from the said concert, as well as their music videos.

For P550.00, you have your copy of Into The New World Live Album, a big-sized poster, a random SNSD fan, some K-Pop photocards and a chance to take photos with those gorgeous SNSD standees. Originally I managed to have a Sooyoung fan, however a guy asked me if we could trade and he has a Hyoyeon one. Well, it’s not that I do not love Sooyoung, I’m okay with anyone from our 9 angels. I was just trying to be friendly.

Outside comes a mini-contest wherein you have to take a jump-shot picture for a chance to win all those SNSD fans. However, I’m feeling hungry, that’s why I went out and eat my lunch first. It’s so sad to go out alone. My older sister went with her highschool friends for an overnight swimming, that’s why no one can go with me. Sigh. Still, I keep on shopping a bit by myself.

I came back later on, and taking a glimpse of SNSD-cover group Nine Flames’ short performance. After that, I went home. Still, a great lonely day. 🙂

|> Good Charlotte – Where Would We Be Now (Troublemaker Remix)

Girls’ Generation X The Restless – I Love You

Audio Details:

Title: I Love You
Artist: Girls’ Generation (Tae Yeon)
Album: Athena OST (2010)
Genre: K-Pop; Ballad

Video Details:

Clips from the 2006 South-Korean fantasy movie, The Restless.

More Information about The Restless can be found here.

|> Ozzy Osbourne – Paranoid (Live)

DIARY | A proof of SNSD’s stardom

Yesterday, we’ve been to Harrison Plaza just after taking the Sunday Mass, together with my mom, stepdad and siblings. Around 11am, we shopped together at SM Makati’s Department store and while waiting for mom, my stepdad said that he feel tired and the two of us should get back at the hotel (Century Park Hotel). While inside the room, I let my stepdad rest and I decided to read the newspapers lying in the table while watching the greatness the sky offers to my eyes.

A few moments later, I scanned a page with a headline “Asia’s Icons” wherein, Girls’ Generation is featured together with South Korean figure skater Kim Yuna. What the article says, you can read it below:

“Korea’s idol group Girls’ Generation, meanwhile, packed a punch by debuting in the Japanese music scene with flair. The nine-member female group is the only foreign Asian band to top the Oricon charts back in October. Just before that, their debut album, Genie, claimed the fourth spot in the Oricon charts, another first for a female group’s debut album.”

It was written by Robert Lee of The Korea Herald for the first week of January’s realease of Philippine Daily Inquirer. Good to hear? As an SNSD fan, of course it is good to hear. Check out the girls on September this year, as a rumor is spreading that Girls’ Generation will hold a concert at the said date (Septmber 24).

|> Children of Bodom – Are You Dead Yet?

DIARY | Show me your 2011 Calendar!!

It’s the new year, and the number one thing to prepare first is having a calendar in your room. If there’s a “Show Me Your RIG!” thread in TipidPC, why not “Show Me Your Calendar”?. As for me, I managed to have a 2011 poster-slash-calendar of Girls’ Generation, I took it as a freebie back when the Japanese Gee and Genie were released.

I placed it near on top of my computer table, as this picture shows:

Now, now, this is enough to have a fully-motivated year 2011, with the girls in my wall.

So, that’s what my 2011 calendar looks like, how about yours?

|> Metallica – Blackened

EVENT | Girls’ Generation and BEAST album launching @ SM North EDSA

This day, I’ve gone to SM North EDSA just to buy my very own copy of the Japanese versions of Gee and Genie. It was not just for Girls’ Generation fans, but also for BEAST as MCA/Universal Records are also launching the boys’ new album. I came around 10AM, just the moment the mall opened for that day. There, I saw BEAST and the girls’ picture-friendly standees, awaiting outside, just in front of the entrance of Astroplus.

As expected, I saw lots of fanboys and fangirls out there, hanging out together. Sadly, I am alone, and I can’t stand it when everyone has their own company. I took some captures of the standees first.

Man, it’s so embarrassing to take a solo pic of myself together with these pretty ladies’ standees, with everyone watching you at that moment T_T. I wish I invited someone, atleast my sister, so I have company.

I find it hard to take photos of the girls’ standee. Everyone’s in there and I can’t get in easily. Anyway, at the back of BEAST’s standees, lots of SNSD calendar posters lies. Those will be given once you buy both single albums.

I rushed to the counter and asked the saleslady/cashier for the Girls’ Generation bundle, so I can go home earlier (my other plan is to look for window-type aircon and a fridge). Gosh, lots of CDs…

Now that I’m home, I’ve checked both CDs, the poster and the 9 promotional cards. No, I did not open the CD, that’s a thing I will never do. I find it useful to not open the CDs, even my older CDs are still sealed.

|> The Ramones – Sheena is a Punk Rocker