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1st Trimester… Done…!

Ok, so today was the last day of the final exams, and the last day of the 1st trimester in my 3rd year degree. And since it’s the last day, that we will be having our semestrial break later on, me and my kuyas (Jeson, John Michael, Jed, Jay, Darren, Carlo, Earl, Ivan, Jeff, Erolin) decided to have a great time today. we did… @SM. SM City Fairview is having a great deal with everyone, since they offered a 3-Day plus another Day sale. Looks like people who just recently got their income will be spending their money for good. There’s a lot of people so it’s a bit dizzy to lure around, and a bit more dizzier outside the mall, coz’ the sun sucks…

The first time we did, of course, is to walk around like there’s no tomorrow, until we reached our destination. What is it? it’s Gamer’s Site. It’s located in the upper ground floof the the new Annex extension. Why are we there? Oh, yeah? of course, to play our games! I did RockBand with Jeson. Earl and Darren played Resident Evil 5 again. Erolin, Jeff and Carlo, the three of them played on another PS3 slot for a Naruto game. Well, looks like i’m gonna have a good time today since i’ll be the drummer. We played Flyleaf’s I’m So Sick… Oh yeah, we rocked! and did the Metallica thing! it’s Enter Sandman… and guess what???

“I finished Enter Sandman on Drums in Medium difficulty!!!”

“I finished Enter Sandman on Guitars in Hard mode!!!”

really, the song made me stand up for a while, coz’ it’s fun to play it! we practiced and practiced until we nail those hard solos, and repeating drum beats… sadly, i didn’t captured any moment, picture or video) coz’ i’m really excited… i even wore my dustin dollin shoes…

til then, we go home safe and sound… I guess we will not be seeing each other for a while… well, i’ll just give my time to anyone who needs it… annyeong =)

DIARY | 1 Year of being a S♥NE…!

This week is my school’s celebration for the Linggo ng Wika, me and my classmates thought that it would be boring for us to go to school and just watch those freshmen and sophies participate in the program, and besides, there’s no classes. Tomorrow and friday, we also have no classes. We’re wondering if we’ll go to school on thursday, it’s laboratory day. Thinking of those things made me bored a lot. I’m tired of playing Grand Theft Auto IV. I told myself, I wanna try something new…. 2nd Anniversary of Girls’ Generation already passed, and I thought to myself, Isn’t it today? my 1st annivesary of being a S♥NE?.. That’s it!!! I have to do something… and this is what I did…

“It’s 1 year already. It’s so fast.”

I remember myself, very addicted to Girls’ Generation when i first saw them… They’re all so pretty

March – June 2008

I was a real K-Drama Addict before and ’til the present time, and everyone knows that. Since the Philippine TV Premiere of the Endless Love series, me and my family enjoy these dramas a lot. There’s a cable channel I also love to watch, it’s KBS World. They do broadcast encore dramas, as well as current shows. During that time, I recently broke up with my girl, and decided to try something new to move on. I love to watch Likeable or Not every 7PM, and I’m watching it like a year already. I was curious why this drama is too long. But even if it’s that long, it’s one of the greatest drama i have watched. Some days, I missed some episodes. And one day, I told myself, “Where’s Baekho now?” and “Did they cut it? or is it finished already?”. Dammit! I haven’t had the opportunity to watch atleast the last episode. But strange, I can’t keep my eyes off our big-junky 34″ Philips SDTV. They are currently airing this new drama called You Are My Destiny. I told myself, “Hmmm… seems interesting. Well, let’s try this, since it’s new, maybe it’s better and the fact that it’s the first episode“. Since then I got addicted to that drama, more addicting than Likeable or Not. I always go home earlier, like before 7PM, only to watch the drama. A week later, now I could say, I’m really addicted to Saebyuk already. One time, I got home early. It’s friday, and got an opportunity to watch the 5PM sitcom in KBS World, it’s Unstoppable Wedding. I really love to watch this sitcom since the other guy was also the character in the well-known drama Coffee Prince. There’s these 2 school girls (later on, I found out, they’re actually Sooyoung and Yuri) who loves to tease this guy, as in always. And @ 6PM, it was Music Bank. It’s a music show aired almost every day and features Korean Pop songs. Sometimes I got to see Rain once. That wasn’t a typical broadcast of the show, and you know what? Goddamit..! I saw Saebyuk dancing to this song with that repeating chorus (Tell Me, Tell Me, Te-Te-Te-Te-Te-Tell Me). She’s with other 8 girls. God, they’re so many. As in MANY. And they’re all so pretty. Pretty enough to make me froze for a while.

A few days later, I unintentionally got an insomnia. I was always up in the evenings, and feel so sleepy during daytime. No problem, KBS World does replays during 1:30am. I thought of searching Saebyuk, and the reast of the cast of You Are My Destiny, and also, where can I have photos of her, or download the whole drama. No luck. But I found out her name. It was actually an 18-year old Im Yoona, who plays Saebyuk. I also found out that she’s a part of a Korean Girl group called, Girls’ Generation. Then…

July 2008 (The 1st Days of the Fandom)

I immediately downloaded illegally their song called, Girls’ Generation. That time, I’m also fond of Wonder Girls, and their current song was So Hot. At first, I never liked the Girls’ Generation song. I thought to myself, Girls’ Generation sounds more like kids singing, while Wonder Girls sounds more contemporary RnB which is more ear-catching to many.  I kept both songs in my playlist together with a variety of songs by bands like Slayer, Metallica, Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, etc, until I get used to them. Also, the girls of Wonder Girls sang this song called Kissing You and I started to like this song too. I always thought Wonder Girls was the one who sang it. But later on, I found out that the Kissing You song was actually by Girls’ Generation. I was happy. Saebyuk, I mean Yoona’s group was actually the one who sang the song I really like. Since then, I favorited Girls’ Generation over any other K-Pop groups, although I still listen to them. At first, you’ll feel real awkwardness, that a guy like me listens to this kind of sound. Maybe for some, it’s a total crap, or it’s gay-ish thing to do. But sorry, I’m no gay. I just feel freshness and thought things like positive to relationship. Maybe this thing helped me move on from my previous one. It’s just that when I listen to it, I feel that there’s always a girl better than her, waiting for me, destined for me, singing about me. That’s just what I think.

August 2008 (Photo-Collecting? I’m Soshified!)

Now now, I tried collecting pictures of them, as they’re all so cute and pretty. Until I entered a site called (sounds a bit foody). It was actually a fansite of the girls. Right there, someone told me that I should register first and OMG! you could download YAMD for free! full of excitement, I registered. Posted like 50 posts, collected lots of photos and started downloading.  Hooked up to Girls’ Generation, even my ringtone turned to Kissing You.

September 2008 (The Result of the Phenomena)

My insomnia is gone now, and I can surf the net or download YAMD more comfortably. By the way, I also endep up downloading music videos of K-Pop artists from a blog with an address name Now I have all the music videos of SNSD. I showed them to my cousin. She liked it! And even both my sister and brother. They all end up hooked up to K-Pop too. That time, K-Pop isn’t popular in my country yet, and maybe to some countries too. But I could say that there are some fans of the genre already. However, in my environment, I could tell that I’m the only one who enjoys the genre, even over my school mates. Anyway, there’s this phone called Haptic. I saw the CF of Girls’ Generation with TVXQ. The phone is cool. I wanted one, but how? It’s a korean phone. Here in Philippines, we only have Samsung, and there’s no Haptic thing that they sell. Eagerly, I tried looking for an equal phone. I ended up with this Samsung SGH-F480. Touchscreen, Widgets, with Haptics! I told my mom about it, as she already arived from saipan a few days already. She told me she’ll buy me one on my birthday.

October 2008 (Haptic!)

As she promised, she bought me the phone! it’s cool. Excitedly, I put all of my Girls’ Generation pics on it, as well as videos and mp3. A few days later, our house needs to be renovated, for like 6 months? and that’s quite stressful! that’s it.

November 2008 (Spread like a disease)

Sometimes I borrow my older brother’s iPod, so I can watch Girls’ Generation music videos and listen to their songs with matching epic-sounding headphones. One time, one of my classmate caught me watching, and asked me who are the heck are those girls. I told my classmates about Girls’ Generation. Most of those interested are guys, except one whose a girl. They told me they’re all so pretty, like everyone chooses their favorites. It was like everyday, my phone started to be a movie device, where everyone watches their videos minute by minute. Oh and by the way, the news told the netizens that they should expect an album from Girls’ Generation on October, but it was postponed, later and later. Nobody was a huge hit in South Korea right now, while i’m watching MNet’s Factory Girl.

December 2008 (New Album Upcoming. Yuri and My Sister’s Birthday)

As everone knows, my sister has the same age as Yuri, and shares the same birthday. CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG, it’s December 5, 2008. My Sis is 19, and the same goes to Yuri. She also knew that, and loves Yuri very much. And also, the album! This time, it’s real! It’s called Gee, and it will be released on early Januray next Year. I spent my Christmas satisfyingly. I had a cold so I can’t get jollier.

Januray 2009 (Gee Wave…)

Yeah, the house is 40% complete. And Gee is released! When I first heard the trailer, I mean teaser, I think the song is cool, and better than their older songs. It’s sad, my computer is starting to get older and older, like a crap…

February – March 2009 (Gee wave all the way…)

Ok, Gee achieved 9x mutizen awards in Music Bank, and that’s so great. By the way, my 5-year old computer is dead, permanently. BUT! my mom gave me enough money to buy a new rig…as in a monster rig! A Core i7 Gaming PC!

April 2009 (Summer, Solo Activities, We Got Married)

Now i’m having my sembreak, as well as my summer break. Quite long enough to download things I’ve missed. And You Are My Destiny has finally come to an end, but I’m still watching it in KBS World while waiting for soshisubs to upload the subbed ones patiently. Yoona is now on a new drama from MBC called Cinderella Man, with Kwon Sang Woo. Taeyeon is casted in We Got Married with Kim Hyungdon (the fat but funny guy in Infinity Challenge). Yuri and Tiffany went on to MCing @ MBC Show! Music Core, while currently, Super Junior’s Sorry Sorry is dominating the charts.

May 2009 (Yoona’s Birthday)

It’s Yoona‘s birthday again that’s why I can’t think of anything to post here in this month.

June – July 2009 (Genie!)

Alright, SNSD got a new mini-album for us. It’s called Genie. This time they’ve changed a lot. But still, it’s the same old talented and dorky girls I know since then. Oh, and with this song, they got the highest Music Bank points in the history too! great great great!

August 2009 (Post-Genie)

Ok, SNSD is shooting for this reality show called Hello Baby. Of course, I’m downloading the show too. The show has a nice rating, where all they do is to take care of this cute baby named Kyungsan. BTW, SNSD celebrated their 2nd-year anniversary, as well as Tiffany‘s 21st birthday… Finally, I am celebrating my 1st year anniversary for being a SONE!!!

So, it’s a year now… oww… you don’t belive me aren’t you? just check out my account if you want to know…

I’m ending this now, I think i’m having a SoShi fever tonight… I’ll be right back for something new. Again, happy 1st SONE Anniversary to me!!! ^_^

|> Foo Fighters – Everlong

2007 | Guitar Hero 3: Legends of Rock

– Ok, now I’m bringing you one of my all-time favorite multi-platform game, Guitar Hero 3. it’s been 3 years already when i first took my dualshock 2 controller off of my PlayStation 2 console, just to play the very first Guitar Hero game. Before, guitar hero 1 and 2 and 80s games, the setlist songs were recorded by a group of guitar heroes called, the Wavegroup. it was okay, though i really hate the singer when they covered Laid to Rest, which is one of my favorite song in the Guitar Hero series, and one of the best Heavy Metal song for me. With the departure of Harmonix (including the Wavegroup, to create RockBand), Activision then settled a new path for the series, putting master recordings on the next installment instead of cover songs. Aspyr Media, Vicarious Visions, Budcat Creations and Neversoft (a subsidiary of Activision, just like RedOctane), took a break in making Tony Hawk games, and started to work in the next installment, that is, Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock… so, the basic infos first…

Box and Box Cover for European Release (PC)

Developer(s):Neversoft (Xbox 360 & PS3)
Aspyr Media (PC & Mac)
Vicarious Visions (Wii)
Budcat Creations (PS2)
Publisher: Activision
Platform(s): PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X
First Released: October 28, 2007
Genres: Music & Rhythm
Modes: Single-player, multiplayer
Played on: Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 2

The New Features…

Guitar Hero 3 offers a fresh new setlist, all in master recording, different genres, from classic rock, to death metal. there’s still this bonus tracks just like in gh1 and 2, BUT, this time, these bonus tracks are also all master recordings and being contributed by the bands themselves. Guitar Hero 3 competes with Harmonix RockBand. in RockBand, they use, not only guitar, but drums and mic as well. quite competitive… but GH3 manage to take on the sales, with it’s new features like, animated characters like Slash (of Guns n’ Roses, Velvet Revolver, Slash’ Snakepits), Tom Morello (of Rage Against The Machine, Audioslave, The Nightwatchman) and Bret Michaels (of Poison)… lots of new guitars are also available xD and! a new Co-Op and multiplayer mode, lets you battle with a friend like a versus game… nice… and returning characters like our very favorite, Johnny Napalm looks better now..

The New Setlist…


the easy-medium-hard-expert difficulty is back, and more challenging… well, we have metallica on it, slayer on it, social distortion on it, guns n’ roses on it, dragonforce on it, inflames, killswitch engage and rise against on it… what’s more? DLC! for the complete setlist, Click Here.

honestly, i already finished this game in my old PlayStation 2, using a DualShock 2 xD… i don’t have a guitar controller so it sucks… can’t perfect Through the Fire and Flames, but really, i did always enjoy it… and now, i have it in my PC, using keyboard hahaha… but let’s see, if my mom will buy me a PlayStation 3 and Guitar Hero World Tour… can’t wait to play that…

here’s some screencaps:

Custom Setlist
The Custom Setlist I Made

and a glimpse to one of my custom songs…

My Comment: All in all, this release is a very good follow-up to the last game. understandable graphics, since the main focus of the game is the entertainment and the frets. less lags, and great collection of rock songs. very high system requirements made other windows users dissappointed, but excluding me. plug and play guitar controller for pc is quite nice… no Eddie Knox, Pandora and Clive Winston, BUT features God of Rock xD
My Rating: 9.3/10

Official Sites: Aspyr | Activision

|> Rage Against the Machine – Bulls on Parade

[INFO] 2009 Seoul Dream Concert

– finally, every K-Pop fangirl/fanboy can sleep now… the setlist is now arranged, there’s the venue, the idols, the date, what’s more? just come and get starstrucked to Girls’ Generation’s Gee again! so, here’s the final info for the event, just take a look:

Venue: Sangnam Stadium (Seoul World Cup Stadium)

Current Roster:

– Super Junior (without Kangin)
– Girls’ Generation
– f(x)
– 2PM (without Jaebum)
– 2AM
– SHINee
– T-ara
– MC Mong
– Park Hyo SHin
– Wonder Girls
– Lee Hyo Ri
– SS501
– Jewelry
– Brown Eyed Girls
– Davichi
– Son Dam Bi
– 4minute
– Wheesung
– Epikhigh
– Chae Yeon
– Taegoon
– Baek Ji Young
– Kim Jong Kook
– K.Will
– 2NE1
– Big Bang (without Daesung)

– looks like this is the biggest Dream Concert huh. and there’s no TVXQ!? how sad… anyway, i hope sm artist will do fine here…i guess i will update this post if the official one’s will come soon. but i find this list a bit funny, since all my favorite K-Pop artists are here… what’s more funny is to imagine that No Brain and Crying Nut will perform too xD

i just hope that this coming Seoul Dream Concert would run fine, unlike last year’s… no more Anti’s please??? they’re killing my joyfulness!

2009 | Prototype


Developer: Radical Entertainment
Publisher: Activision
Engine: Titanium Engine
Platform(s): Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
First Released: June 9, 2009 (NA)
Genre(s): Action (Sandbox-Style)
Mode(s): Single Player
Played On: Microsoft Windows

– Okay, I don’t have PS3 nor X360, but sooner or later, i’ll buy one of the two… the game is actually made by Radical Entertainment, the one responsible for my non-stop addiction to the newer Crash Bandicoot series… basically, the game looks a lot like spiderman, for climbing buildings, jumping like there’s no tomorrow, and the incredible Hulk, for doing a lot of destructive things in the city of new york… but really, it’s more than just those comic heroes you always knew. Alex Mercer is more of a cyborg i guess? or something like a human, experimented by a science laboratory and Ta-Da! “I Don’t Kill People” says Alex… to be honest, i don’t really understand the story/plot of this game… thats what it lacks… so it’s more of like a psychological action, since the main focus is Alex Mercer’s suggestions only. He even said that he don’t want to kill people, but, duh? he even destroyed the city xD ehh? the graphics? yeah, it’s realistic, with Titanium Engine… similar to Grand Theft Auto IV, they’re both Sandbox-Style Action game. Meaning, you could do a lot of free-roam in the city, ignoring those missions, and accept those other mini-games available, or just hang-out in the city, kill groups of people, shape-shift anytime, destroy the military bases, or help them kill the infected… oh, the games’ progress is based on the what-the-day-is-now-already, and how-many-percent-of-the-population-is-infected… one of the greatest things in this game is Alex’s skills… lots and lots and lots of upgrades… sadly, no multiplays, but it doesn’t matter anyway, since im not interested… also, this game is being compared to SCEA’s InFamous… i havent played that game, dont have ps3 as of now, but honestly, i don’t think i will get that game when i have a ps3. i guess, i got hooked up to prototype for some reason. but GTA IV is still the best sandbox-style action game for me, in terms of plot, graphics and customizations… anyway, atleast i got addicted to this game, still playing right now. so, let’s move on to some of my screencaps:

What Are You Lookin' At?

That’s Alex Mercer, looking’ at you xD i screen capped that since it’s great to post something funny here in my site. In the pic, you’ll see that two black guy on the front before alex, the other one is looking’ at the camera, and the other one is just walking synchronizely to the other one. So what’s the point? what’s the point? yeah, the point is, they’re identical… hahaha that’s the strategy in making games, as of now, to make lots of people that looks a lot like the other, or let’s say a “copy” of the other pedestrian of the other pedestrian of the other pedstrian and so on. funny right?meaning, there is actually only one original model for that guy, then they copied a lot of it to make lots of groups of people… anyway i understand, this is a sandbox game, and i think it’s hard to make things like this, or else, it’s just that the developers are lazy enough *laughs… it’s still funny coz on the right side, you”l see that other black guy, another twin of the two ahahaha… just with the different bottom pants, you’ll see another far from alex’s back… xD

Upgrades Menu

in this image, you’ll see lots and lots of alex’s skill upgrades available… to be able to use an unlocked skill, you have to use EPs (not Extended Play in Music huh…) you obtain when playing missions or killing military, doing mini games… with that, you could extend alex mercer’s unbelievable skills, like gliding, higher jumps, use hammer-like arms, etc.

You Suck!!!

this is a “YOU SUCK!” pic i took… really funny, like The Undertaker’s. anyway, pressing “E” in your keyboard will make anyone near you look like this hahaha… Click your mouse and alex will throw that person away just like in the next pic:

just like our spiderman, our alex mercer can jump and jump like doing some exotic mother fathering suicide… you won’t die… alex could only die when he is being attacked by the infecteds or the militaries…


and “glide” to destroy or avoid the helicopters, or just glide for fun, like surfing xD… what’s weird is that, i find alex, is afraid of the water? am i right? i tried to go swim in the nearest bay, but when i do, alex immediately jumps back to the land, can’t even control it… weird?

and so, the graphics… here are pics with lots of distortions for destructions… let’s take a look…

so the quick story is finally done… now, is time for the final judgement…

My Comment: one of the best sandbox style action to date, just beside GTA IV. very realistic graphics, for explosions and other elements, for a very unrealistic plot/story. lots of character skills, but “null” customization features. no multiplayer…
My Rating: 8.7/10

Official Site:

|> Girls’ Generation – Run Devil Run (Japanese)