Monthly Archives: August 2015

I made the right decision…


Love is full of risks, they say.
It is full of surprises that we might be familiar today but tomorrow, it’s no longer the same.
It is a game of happiness and pain, and you wouldn’t know which side you will remain.

Although it is troublesome to get hurt when you Love, remember that it is always part of the package.
Feelings might get hurt sometimes, but mostly we are captivated by the joyness it can bring.

I made up my mind recently. I took the risk. I’ve decided that I will try to keep moving on and continue what I’ve started, regardless of the pain I’m feeling inside. I’m giving all I’ve got. I will continue to be who I am and I guess that’s the start.

Indeed, Love is worth fighting for.
It’s only us who can judge if it’s still right or wrong.

..and I say, I made the right decision. I chose to be happy.

-quote of a broken happiness

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