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ASP.NET | Getting Started

In this part of the tutorial, you will be able to learn on how to setup your very first web application, up and running, with 2 default webpages, using the default template that came up with Visual Studio 2010, easily. This tutorial comes up with images you can refer to, and they can be viewed larger for extra details by clicking on them.


1. Download and install Visual Web Developer 2010 Express. (Click Here to Download, on the right side of the Microsoft website, choose “English” as your language and click the “Install Now” button below. You will start downloading Visual Web Developer web installer. It will download the necessary files so pause your other downloads for now. After that, find the installer file and execute the program so it will install VB2010.)

2. Start Visual Web Developer 2010 Express through Start Menu or Desktop Shortcut.

3. In Visual Studio, create a new Web Application. Follow the instructions below (refer to the images):

3.1. Click the File menu, New and then Project.

3.2. On the Installed Templates list box, choose Visual Basic (default), and choose ASP.NET Web Application on the list. Set the Project Name to your last name (let’s say “Dayapan”). Leave the rest of the options to default. You’re project will be saved to Documents\Visual Studio 2010\Projects\ folder. Refer to the image below:

3.3. After that, don’t forget to click the Ok button, so VS2010 will setup your website and environment.

4. Now that you are about to start building your ASP.NET web application, let’s start by familiarizing yourself on the environment of the project and the Visual Studio IDE.

4.1. On the upper right side of the IDE, you’ll see the Solution Explorer. Here you can manage and organize all the web pages, resources and files that ispart of your web app. An ASP.NET webpage file end with a .aspx file extension. You can add/remove/edit/rename .aspx files in Solution Explorer. Take note, one single .aspx file is equivalent to a single webpage. In our web application, there is only two .aspx files , namely, Default.aspx and About.aspx. The Default.aspx is the default page that will show up once we deploy our web application, works like a “Home page”. In fact, the Source code of Default.aspx will be shown automatically right after you first created your web application (shown in the center). The About.aspx file, on the other hand, should contain contact information of the web developer of the website. Later we will personalize them.

4.2. And below Solution Explorer is the Properties window. It is where we can modify certain options for a certain object we have selected, such as its filename, Name property, Text property and more.

4.3. On the left side of the VB2010 IDE comes the Toolbox, where you can add, drag and drop various Objects you can use in your web application, like TextBox, Buttons, Labels, and even Database controls.

4.4. Lastly, on the center of the VB2010 IDE, you can find the Design and Source window, in tabbed-form according to the current webpage/file you are modifying. By default, the Default.aspx page is automatically opened once we create our web application.

That’s it! Now you have created your very first WebApplication that you will be using from now until the very last part of this tutorial, as well as learn the different work parts of the Visual Studio IDE. For questions and concern, fill it in the comments section, just down-down-there! Midterm MP2.

—Tutorial by Joaquin Angelito L. Dayapan II
—Junior Computer Science Instructor (AMA Fairview)

|> Taylor Swift – Superman


TGIF-17 is not a code or something. Not a model of an Aircraft, not even a sports car or a hexadecimal value. It’s not also a movie, but it can be if I wanted to.

TGIF-17 means a lot. It’s a special friday where two lovers celebrate despite having quarrels just recently. TGIF-17 covers the whole week other than that “friday”, including Valentine’s Day. It stands for “Thank God It’s Friday the 17th”.

So today is TGIF-17, and I already had my surprise gift to my baby. I bought her a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s day. That night, we took pictures.

It was so fluttering. To me, even if I’m not the one who got surprised, it’s still fluttering. I just saw my girlfriend smile like 5 minutes in front of me, hugging me, without saying anything. She’s the first girl to do that. She was sparkling. She was so baby-like that time and I wanted to just see her and her beautiful smile and not return those hugs she’s giving me. It felt like I was floating. My heart’s floating, a different feeling. She is indeed beautiful. Much more beautiful than those petals. I can’t describe more coz’ those smiles were one of a kind. It was a night of something new.

And then on the night of the 14th, we decided to meet up in SM Fairview mall. There, we saw some booth that gives you the chance to write in a heart-shaped red paper about your loved one or something, like a love letter I think. So we grabbed for ourselves and write our messages for each other.


I love you so much, thank you for everything for the love and care and I am praying that you will never change. I can’t wait til’ we get married. Happy Valentine’s Day 017. 4ever ❤ lots. -mamey

My Cristina,

I’m so happy being with you and I’m looking forward to see you smile more, because of me. I won’t get tired of caring for you. I hope you too. I wanna say I Love You and You and I are meant to be. Happy Valentine’s Day. Wish you a lot of kisses <3.

Friday night, we were actually planning to see a movie starring Chaning Tatum and Rachel McAdams called The Vow. But since people in TriNoma were so in-a-hurry to see that movie, unfortunately, we failed. Instead, we just ate at Yellowcab, ordered pizza and some Meatball Spaghetti.

And then on Sunday, we headed to SM North Edsa. My Cristina went for a haircut. And then just before midnight, we finally got to watch The Vow. It’s really a good movie, I promise. It’s fairly romantic and both of them were good enough to play the role. After all, we went home and took a rest.

So that’s what TGIF-17 is. Do you have one? share yours… I believe it’s as romantic as mine 🙂

|> Michelle Branch – Everywhere

DIARY | What If…

What if.

What if you see me laughing together with some girl, and you don’t even know who she is?
What if you see me looking at some girl, and I can’t stop looking at her?
What if you see me texting someone you don’t know, and I was smiling like hell?
What if I hangout with a girl, and she was actually my ex?
What if I was given a gift, and that gift was from a girl?
What if I decided to go out alone, without you and I was actually meeting up girls?

Would you care? Would you be jealous? Would you get angry?

Don’t ask me. Coz’ I will be. I care for you a lot. And I know you know that. I’d be jealous, but I won’t get angry. I can’t get angry at you coz’ you’re my precious one. I would be really sad. I’ll just cry it out in silence without you noticing while talking to you in the phone. That’s how hopelessly I’m loving you.

|> Taeyeon – 만약에 (If)

DIARY | Untitled

Hi. I’m Ken and I’m trying to promote this video and this post. It’s a video I made for my girlfriend. They are real words made of love and sincerity. I just wanted to surprise my girlfriend and earn so much hits and views both in youtube and here in Please help me. I just wanted to suprise my girl. Comments, Likes and shares are much more appreciated. Thank you all in advance 🙂

DIARY | My Three Flowers..

Well… Not much to say. It just happened. This day happened and I’m so thankful for having a day like this once in a year.

Its just one morning, after I accompany my dearest Cristina off to work, I headed to the nearest flower shop to buy her, my mom and my sister, flowers for the valentine’s day. I bought one big bouquet of flowers for Cristina, and then the florist packed all three just before I go back home.

While I get inside the jeep, while walking, I saw a lot of the people passing through me, staring at those 3 flowers I’m carrying. Those glares. I believe, it’s some sort of amazement, sort of jealousy, and also curiosity. Things came up inside my mind. I wonder what they were thinking upon seeing them. Ladies were passing by so I wonder if they’re feeling jealous or something. Maybe they’re thinking things like, “kanino kaya yun?”, “ang sweet naman…”, “ang laki naman nung bouguet..”, “sana akin na lang…”, “ang swerte naman nung bibigyan nya…”. Well, I’m not in my best attire this morning, so I somehow feeling shy while holding them.

So it’s Valentine’s Day, and I really want to be sincere. Can I speak in my native language just for this day? 🙂

Ok, so I have three flowers below.

From left, there goes the bouquet for my Cristina, those yellow flower specially for my mom and lastly, the red rose for my dearest sister.

So let me explain one by one. I chose another flower bouquet for my Cristina. The reason is that, the fact that a bouquet contains more accessories, and flowers in nature, it just symbolizes how special for me is the person I’m giving it too. Plus, since it contains more flowers, it means that we, me and Cristina, have been through a lot of hardship already, and I know we’re gonna face more, as we continue and fight for this wonderful relationship. By the way, It’s beauty is just like what Cristina is. Innocent-looking yet, packed with mesmerizing smiles and cuteness, exclusively just for me.

To Cristina, please stay healthy and happy towards me. I’ll keep smiling just like what you love me too. Today’s our first Hearts’ Day and believe me, you’re gonna spend a million more with me. Just don’t hold back, we’ll be together forever. I Love You.

And here’s for my mom.

It’s yellow. Colorful. Just like how she is, the time she gave birth on me and even after some decades. Her beauty still glows in simplicity. With no doubt at all, the most beautiful yet best mom in the world. 🙂

And lastly to my Sister,

It is indeed petite, simple as it looks, yet helpful to the eyes of everyone. Just like my Sister, the one who always helps me at times of trials and sufferings, beauty and glamorous is inside without the need show it off. Thank you ate, for everything.

So there goes my three flowers. They differ in size. They differ as a whole but they all means a lot to me. I Love You all. Now people don’t have to be curious of who’s flowers are those. Its just for my three beautiful ladies. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day… 🙂

|> Christina Perri – A Thousand Years

DIARY | This Beautiful Tragedy

I wonder why we met.
Of all the people,
Of all the ladies out there,
Of all the places,
Of all the instances.

So you have a quite dark past,
and mine’s completely blank,
with no idea at all how true Love was, how it feels to be loved and being not loved.

It just happened…
I just happened to look at you.
For a long time I never had the real reason why I was looking at you.
And I know you weren’t aware of that, I can sense it,
coz’ someone’s already in your eyes the whole time.

But then things happened.
Unexpected ones leave you confused, neglected and heartbroken.

And then I came,
someone who could give you the strength you’re looking for,
someone who could give you hope to love again,
someone who could give you joy, even by just looking in the eyes,
someone who is always there to take care of you.

And then you came,
to me, you’re the one who could let me feel what real love is,
you’re someone who gave me joy and heal the wound my father left on me.
Someone who end up the suffering I’m feeling,
is also someone whose there for me to love me to death in the name of God.
.    .    .   It’s a Beautiful Tragedy.

It’s a Beautiful Tragedy to have you, Cristina.
For you were the one I’m looking for,
And I believe I am the one for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Maria Cristina..

This straight-from-the-heart post is inspired by the song “Beautiful Tragedy” by In This Moment.

|> In This Moment – Beautiful Tragedy

DIARY | I wish you’ll come out on my phone.

I’m at school.
Working my very best.
Yet, I can’t seem to take away the thought,
of missing you and your lovely smiles at me.

It was hard work.
On the other hand, it was a hard feeling.
Missing you is like the feeling
of being deprived of life.
You were my life.

Despite of that,
it was a good feeling.
The feeling of missing you,
proves how much I really am loving you.
I love you, so please keep on loving me too.
I love you, and I will just leave it like that.

I took a glimpse on my phone.
Our photos were there.
Although I’ve seen them many times, day by day,
it still feels like their fresh and new,
it feels like it’s captured just moments ago.
Truthfully not.
And I read those messages.
Messages from you.
I admit some of it weren’t that expressive,
and some were just plain normal messages answering my questions.
However, I really do appreciate those ones that are truly sweet,
those that soften my heart,
those that keeps on reminding me that you love me,
coz’ they give me strength so much.

I keep on looking at my phone, despite the students answering their exams,
I’m feeling so bored… I wish you’ll come out on my phone.
And kiss me like its forever…MCV

|> Taylor Swift – Ours

DIARY | Like a Baby…

Tonight, I watch you sleep.

Like a baby, you look so innocent.
Like you’ve been through a lot before lying in the bed.
And it’s true, you’ve been through a lot this day.

I was truly sorry for how it ended up,
but I want you to know that you will always be my everything.

I watch you sleep, taking some glimpse in you everytime a phrase comes in my mind.
You shine like a princess and you behave like a good daughter.
I was like your dad. I always wanted to act like a dad.
I always wanted that you’ll feel like a baby when I take care of you.
Yes, you are truly my baby, my one and only.
So please stop the crying, coz’ your prince hurts a lot too.

And now you sound like asleep already.
Soon you’ll face the day of happiness again,
but before that, you’ll see the face of the person who wants to take care of you always…
Always and forever, Cristina.

|> 에브리 싱글 데이(Every Single Day)- 노을(Sunset)

2011 | Need For Speed: The Run

Developer: EA Black Box, Firebrand Games (Wii/3DS)
Publisher: Electronic Arts, Sega (Japan)
Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Wii, 3DS, Mobile
Genre(s): Street Racing
Mode: Single-Player; Multi-Player
First Released: November 15, 2011
Played on: Microsoft Windows

2010 is done with Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and for 2011, we have EA’s street racing game Need For Speed The Run. In The Run, you play as a guy named Jack and you are a made-man, chased by some rich people for having so much debt, and there goes a racing competition that will take place from San Francisco until you reach the outskirts of New York city. Having heard of the competition, Jack decided to get in and settle all of his debts once and for all as his last resort, racing 1st. In the game, aside from driving, you will meet story sequences that will make you press something in your machine in accordance to what is shown on the screen. It is a Need For Speed Hot Pursuit game added with a story.

I finished the game just last week, and the number one thing I have noticed so far is that, the game is short, specially the Story mode. You race from San Francisco to New York from being the 200th placer and once you reach 1st, then you’re simply done. But anyway, before I tell you the real conclusion, let’s take a look at the graphics first. Below are some screenshots of the game while I’m playing Story mode, using none other than our favorite recording utility, Fraps.

Here is a screenshot of a Porsche 918 RSR in an ongoing Race:

If you have noticed, the car detail is quite impressive, a little better than how the cars in Hot Pursuit was presented. Lighting is quite nice too, making the terrain and the environment look much more captivating, also better than Hot Pursuit. If you have read my Hot Pursuit review, I told there that the game flawlessly works well, except the heavy loading times and the framedropping encounters during cinematic cuts. Well The Run loads faster but unfortunately, framedropping is still present and believe it or not, much more disappointing. There is also a large complaint by most hardcore gamers about the game.

The Run is heavily capped to render up to 30 frames-per-second only, so if you have Fraps installed and running, you’ll see “30” on your screen most of the time, plus the framedropping issue, even if you have the fastest GPU out there. Well, if there is a fix, then that could do but it sounds impossible for a release. Here is a video of a race with Mila and her sister (opponents in the game):

Anyway, going back to the graphics, there are so many cinematic cuts in the game. One is the presentation of the stages, let’s say San Francisco, wherein the game shows how the stages will look like, just like the picture below:

It looks good at first as it is just an image, but sadly, the real thing is that, when you are actually playing and watching the cinematic cut, you’ll experience a lot of framedrops, resulting for you to get annoyed and skip the scene (if you could, but there’s no way!). In fact, the scene is made in low resolution, lower than your native resolution, and I believe, lower than 1280×720 (coz’ that’s the resolution I’m using while recording with Fraps).

Next, other scenes like the ones below,

looks much better, with almost no framedrops and the likes. Good thing coz’ that’s a real rendering of your GPU, not a video being played in the game or something like that. Actually there are a few scenes like this in the game, so cherish every moment you’ll see heavy effects like this, ok?

Back to the cinematics, I am so sorry I haven’t had any Jack-moment videos. But why? Well, simply because those scenes are really made up of crappy rendering, heavy framedrops and… well, annoying storyline, so leave it just like that if you don’t wanna see a disappointment. Sigh, they even used Frostbite 2.0 for rendering the physics of the scenes, but looks like EA Black Box forgot about the quality of the PC port (good for you console gamers).

Sounds. I turned off the music and played my own playlist in Windows Media Player coz’ I thought EA messed up with the EA Trax since the release of Need For Speed Carbon, loaded with crappy music. Sound effects are satisfying. However, if you were watching the cinematics, because of the framedrops, you’ll end up with the word “disappointing”.

Other than Multiplayer, you can still play the game in solo in Challenge Series, which is also present in most recent Need For Speed games. There, you’ll race to complete lots of objectives and earn rewards or earn experiences so you can level up your profile.

All in all, the game is good, if you’re into a street racing game like me. Played the game first on my 2-year old custom Core i7 Rig equipped with a “still kicking former beast” ATI Radeon HD 4850, with very good performance (videos were taken using this machine), and then transferred all my savegames and finished story mode using my new 17.3-incher Core i5 and GT540m-equipped ASUS K73SV multimedia notebook (works flawless too!) the night when my girlfriend also finished the game called “Life Quest”. The contradicts are the 30fps limit, the heavy framedrops and very short Story mode, however, I still enjoyed playing the game for an estimated 3 days. It might sound like another disappointment to EA Black Box (after failing to attract audiences in 2009’s Need For Speed Undercover), but it’s a good attempt to try combining a racing game and an action game into one. Good game! Crappy features…

Again, here’s another video of the game, with Porsche 918 RSR and Shadows Fall playing in the background:

|> Shadows Fall – Redemption