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I’ve known you before, and you were the apple of my eye. I didn’t know your name, your meaningful past, a complete stranger. But all I know is I’m curious about you and your innocent looks.

The sight of me glows when you pass by in front. Curiosity comes in adrenaline rush. Thinking of who you are or what are you up to is non of my heart’s business, but what and why am I following you and your graceful walks.

I forgot I’ve come to this school to study. I have my own duty and you have too. We once became classmates but never had that chance to speak with you. I finished my studies and yet you had fallen in love when I have no idea coz’ we’re not friends nor acquaintance.

I came back at school to have my first job then I see you with some guy I don’t even know. Still, I don’t care, coz’ we still aren’t friends or something. I just recall you from my past.

Now I became your professor, which I really don’t have an idea I would be to you. It was a surprise to me, but my mind keeps on telling me “what’s up with you, dude?”. I tried to be normal but things can’t hide. My eyes keeps on following you. I still don’t get it why I am being like this. Maybe that time you have an idea.

You helped me figure it out. I want to take care of you. Now I’ve fallen for you. Time To Love.

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“Never forget you, I remember you”. This post is inspired by the song TTL (Time To Love) by T-Ara and Supernova, based on my own sweet experience.

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INEXTRON | X-IN GMC 1530T Gaming Chair

Ever wonder where to buy affordable but fully working and quality Gaming Chair for your gaming needs? Here I present to you the gaming chair I’m using up until now. It’s the X-IN gaming chair by INEXTRON. For roughly 10,000 philippine peso, you get this black/red-colored gaming chair to sit in your floor. Bought it last January 2011 and still kicking my ass.

The design of the 1530T is truly intended for hardcore gamers out there. It is equipped with stereo speakers, left and right, placed near where your head rests whenever you start playing. The greatest thing of all is that the bass knocks you down inside its house, pumps at the back of your body and lets you feel the intensity of the game you are playing, whether it is Need For Speed Hot Pursuit or Call of Duty Black Ops.

The 1530T comes out from a big box while being “folded” into two parts (refer to the pictures below). It is bundled together with a user’s manual, a typical adapter, a 3.5mm jack extension and of course, wrapped in a large plastic.

On its side lies all the controls you can modify for your preference and some jacks to use. You can adjust the sound with the up and down buttons, as well as the intensity of the bass. Thanks to its 3.5mm port, you can pair it together with any of your favorite gaming console (PlayStation 3, Wii, XBOX 360, not to mention any older gaming consoles), any portable gaming systems (PlayStation Portable, NDS), your iPod or any MP3 players, your iPad and any other Android machines, that is equipped with 3.5mm jack too.

Check out myself trying out the gaming chair last year (coz’ this is a late post, sorry) while playing Need For Speed Hot Pursuit and listening to Children of Bodom, below:

Now I can play video games at any position. Well, if I like to play Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception on my PlayStation 3, if I want to play Battlefield B3 on my Core i7 Rig, if I wish to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on my ASUS Core i5 K73 series notebook, or even if I wish to play TapSonic on my sister’s Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc S Android phone, I could!

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ASUS | K73 Series (K73SV-DH51)

One of the leading manufacturers in computer hardware, ASUS, brings us a new notebook model from their K series line. ASUS surely makes it more durable as it is equipped with the company’s latest technology as well as technology from the industry’s leading manufacturers of semiconductors and software, like Intel, Nvidia and even Microsoft.

The K series notebooks from ASUS are targeted mostly for daily computing, multimedia and mainstream to heavy gaming. Unlike the RoG or the G-series notebooks that is aimed for hardcore gamers and equipped with GPU cards that can run the latest games today as well as future ones flawlessly, K-series notebooks are mostly equipped with mainstream GPU cards that can run all games today but it cannot guarantee to run the future ones in max settings. And unlike the N-series notebooks, which are designed by David Lewis and equipped with SonicMaster speakers by Bang & Olufsen to provide the best audio experience with users, K-series notebooks, on the other hand, are equipped with just the mainstream but reliable speakers by AltecLansing. The recent models of the K-series notebooks are the K43, K53, K73 and K93, all of which are equipped with different hardware, as well as varies in size, depending on the consumer’s preference.

The newest addition to the K73 series notebooks is the K73SV-DH51 which is now on my hands and ready to conquer my computing needs.

I’ve got this powerful notebook from my stepfather, on Christmas Day. It wasn’t actually my choice. My real choice was the Toshiba Satellite P755 series with the Intel Core i7 CPU and 3D Technology on it. However, I was surprised upon the arrival of this item. It does a lot and looks promising.

The package arrived with just the notebook itself, covered by the usual plastic, together with its battery, some manuals and warranty coupon. The box, I believe, was disposed by my stepfather to reduce tax.

This notebook ships together with a Mobile Intel HM65 Express Chipset, able to do 64bit computing on its roof. And since it is the HM65 chipset, expect powerful 2nd generation Intel Core processors which are Sandy Bridge ones. The K73SV-DH51 is equipped with a Dual Core, outperforming Intel Core i5 2430M that runs at a clock frequency of 2.4GHz in a 3MB Cache. Thanks to the Intel Turbo Boost Technology, the 2430M can run faster at a 3.0GHz clock frequency. Also, despite being just a Dual-Core processor, with the already introduced Hyper-Threading Technology, the 2430M variation of the Mobile Intel Core i5 series will join your computing world like it is a Quad-core processor. That’s real technology from Intel.

Aside from its already outperforming Core i5 processor, the board of the K73SV-DH51 notebook, there attached a total RAM of 4GB DDR3-1333 memory, which will give me enough ability to multi-task from my daily programming-use and my gaming-needs. And not only that, you can always add more as it has an extra slot for memory upgrades, with a limit of a total of 8GB of system RAM. Cool, isn’t it? And I have plans of upgrading it later.

In terms of storage and media, the K73SV-DH51 is equipped with a single 5400RPM S-ATA harddisk drive with a total of 750GB storage, partitioned, so you can store system/program files on the first 350GB drive, and your personal files on the other 350GB drive. Also, one good thing about it is that it also boasts a DVD writer that can also read Blu-ray Discs, which is placed on the left part of the chassis of the notebook, next to its exhaust area. That’s right, Blu-ray Discs! a 3-in-1 card reader is also present at this model, so you can read and write files to your SD/MMC/MS cards. Unfortunately, the K73SV-DH51 doesn’t have an extra slot for another harddisk drive, so if you are planning for another drive or an SSD (if you have enough money), the only way to do this is to remove the optical disc drive and use its connectors.

Graphically-speaking, the K73SV-DH51 is armed with a mobile Nvidia-powered GeForce 500 series GPU, the GT540M. The said GPU gives you 1GB DDR3 Video RAM, making it possible to play the latest graphically-intensive games like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, and games I love to play like The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Although not as powerful as my Desktop’s 512MB ATI RADEON HD4850 in a few aspect (specifically in DirectX 9 games), thanks to its DirectX10/11 specifications. I can now play Saints Row The Third in Medium settings in DX10/11 mode.

Below are recorded gameplay videos of Skyrim in K73SV-DH51. Take note that it is recorded using Fraps and saved in the same physical harddrive that’s why framerate drops are consistent and mostly below 50fps. However, if it is played without fraps, it will result to a consistent 60fps in most areas in the game, even in combat.

The settings of Skyrim is on Ultra High mode at a resolution of 1366×768, instead of its native 1600×900. Can’t remember the exact details, but Anti-Aliaisng is set to 4x and FXAA is set to 8x.

As you can see, the K73SV-DH51, despite being just a multimedia notebook, performs Skyrim very well. Graphically-speaking, aside from the equipped Nvidia GeForce GT540M, the K73SV-DH51 by default, is also equipped with an Intel HD Graphics (particularly Intel HD Graphics 3000), that sits inside the Intel Core i5 2430M processor. It is fast enough to do all your multimedia needs, like watching HD videos, or editing them, do photoshop and some selected few games. The Intel HD Graphics is efficient enough so you can save battery life. And thanks to the Nvidia Optimus technology. The K73SV-DH51 can switch between the Intel HD Graphics or the GeForce GT540M automatically, depending on the required video-processing power so you can save battery life or conserve energy more than you could imagine.

The boastful graphics technology of the K73SV-DH51 sits on a HD+ 1600×900 resolution LED-backlit LCD Display. It is a glare-type LCD panel, which means that viewing angle is pretty bad but privacy is what’s prioritized. Up ahead sits a 0.3megapixels web camera that can be used for video-chatting, picture-snapping or for security authentication.

Physically, the K73SV-DH51 is a large 17.3inches “Desktop Replacement” that consist of all the latest ASUS technology. The IceCool Technology that ASUS introduced was one of the best reason why I do not regret this notebook over the Toshiba one. With it, you don’t have to worry about your notebook’s warm body and your palm will not absorb it either, as opposed to the conventional notebooks. How did it happen? ASUS uses the so-called Aluminum Tough Technology in which, instead of the useful plastic body of the notebook, ASUS uses aluminum body to keep the insides and outsides of the notebook warm-free. So, say goodbye to overheating!

The 17.3incher notebook offers a very good ventilation as it placed its exhaust on the left part of the chassis of the notebook, next to the Blu-ray/DVD-RW drive. Also, next to it is a single USB2.0 port.

On the right part of the chassis, there lies another 3 USB2.0 ports, Microphone and a 3.5mm jack, an HDMI port for external media viewing, the 3-in-1 card reader, a VGA or D-SUB out for monitors and projectors, an RJ45 port for 10/100 LAN. Next to these goodies were the DC IN for external power, as well as a built-in Kensington Lock. One negative feedback of this notebook is the lack of USB3.0, which should be offered based on the manufacturing date of it. Anyhow, for me, it isn’t a big deal, atleast for now.

The K73SV-DH51 notebook gives you the metallic-like feel, thanks to its so-called Metallic-Chic texture. The notebook offers a super-compressed keyboard that comes with the numpad. The keys can be easily pressed with just a slight effort. Using the Function key (Fn key), you can perform shortcut keys like Sleep, WiFi On/Off, Brightness Low/High/Dim, Sound Low/High/Mute, Media keys, eliminating the need to provide additional physical keys that takes up space in its body, making it stay simplistic. Also, on its body, lies the SonicFocus AltecLansing speakers that are strong enough to give you theater-like feel when watching movies, listening to music or playing video games. On its side is the Power Button which is quite simplistic.

The touchpad of the K73SV-DH51 gives you the ability to perform multi-touch gestures, for extra operations, like scrolling, zooming in and out, etc. Below it are light indicators for Power, Battery, CPU, WiFi, NumLock and CapsLock.

All of these runs the latest Service Pack 1 of Windows 7 Home Professional, together with the Office 2010 Starter, as well as some bloatware from ASUS. One useful built-in bloatware from ASUS is the so-called Power4Gear, which lets me use pre-defined configuration on how much power I will use to save battery life.

The K73SV-DH51, according to some sources, can sit on your lap for 5 hours. But based on my test, it can last more than 5 hours, just keep it in battery saving mode and with the WiFi turned off.

Here’s my Youtube unboxing video of K73SV-DH51 (captured using a Sony Arc S 720P Camera):

What’s missing? The K73SV-DH51 lacks Bluetooth, Blu-ray Writer, 3D capabilities and USB3.0, all of which isn’t necessary for me as of now. Take a minute for the summary of the specifications of K73SV-DH51:


Processor: Intel Core i5-2430M
Clock Frequency: 2.40GHz
Turbo Boost Technology: Yes, 3.0GHz
Processor Family: 2nd Generation Intel Core Processor Family (Sandy Bridge)
Chipset: Intel HM65 Chipset
Intel Smart Cache: 3MB
Num. of Cores: 2 (Dual Core)
Hyper-Threading: Yes, 4
Integrated Graphics: Yes, Intel HD Graphics 3000


Display: 17.3″ HD+ (16:9) Super Clear Glare-Type Screen (1600×900)
Graphics: nVIDIA® GeForce GT 540M GDDR3 (1.0GB) w/ Optimus Technology
PCI-Express: PCI-Express™ 16X


Memory: 4096 MB DDR3 1333MHz (Upgradeable – 8GB 1333MHz Max)
Number of SODIMMS: Two 204Pin SODIMM Sockets


Standard Hard Drive: 750GB 5400RPM Hard Drive
Standard Optical Drive: 4x Blu-Ray Reader + 8x DVDRW/CDRW Super Multi Combo Drive


Network/Communication: Built-in Gigabit Ethernet LAN; Integrated 802.11 b/g/n wireless LAN


Card Reader: 3-in-1 Card Reader (SD / MMC / MS / MS-Pro )

Input / Output Ports:

– 4 x USB 2.0 Ports
– 1 x HDMI
– 1 x RJ45 LAN
– 1 x VGA Port
– 1 x Microphone
– 2 x Headphone Out Jack (S/PDIF)

—–Power System—–

Battery: 6 Cells – Smart Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (4800 mAh)
Power Supply: 16 V DC, 4.7 A, 90W | 100~240 V AC, 50/60 Hz Universal

—–Cooling System—–

Standard Cooling:: Copper CPU Heatsink
Optional Cooling: IC Diamond Thermal Compound


Size: 16.50″ (w) x 11.02″ (d) x 01.44″ (h)
Weight: 6.9 lbs with 6-cell Battery

—–Keyboard/Point Device—–

Keyboard: 19.02mm Size 88 Key Full Sized Keyboard with Numeric Key Pad
Point Device: Integrated Touchpad with Scrolling Function

—–Additional Features—–

Extra Features: Built-in 0.3M Digital Video | Kensington® Lock


Standard OS: Genuine Windows 7® Home Premium 64-Bit SP1


All in all, it is one heck of a notebook. It is my first notebook, but compared to my older brother and sister’s Toshiba Satellite A665 with an AMD Phenom II X3 and ATI Radeon HD5650-equipped 15.6inches notebooks, this one is 40% better in all aspects. It defines the words “Desktop Replacement” and “Multimedia Notebook”.

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